China prepares mission to land spacecraft on moons far side

first_imgBEIJING — China is preparing to launch a ground-breaking mission to soft-land a spacecraft on the largely unexplored far side of the moon, demonstrating its growing ambitions as a space power to rival Russia, the European Union and U.S.With its Chang’e 4 mission, China hopes to be the first country to ever successfully undertake such a landing. The moon’s far side is also known as the dark side because it faces away from Earth and remains comparatively unknown, with a different composition from sites on the near side, where previous missions have landed.If successful, the mission scheduled to blast off aboard a Long March 3B rocket early Saturday local time will propel the Chinese space program to a leading position in one of the most important areas of lunar exploration.The Associated Presslast_img read more

AntiIslam Movement Angers Muslims by Roasting Pigs Near Mosque in Holland

Rabat- Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (Pegida) disrespected Muslims during Ramadan. The anti-Islam movement recently roasted pigs in front of Laleli mosque in Holland’s Rotterdam city at the time of breaking fast.Pegida took advantage of Islam’s restriction on the consumption of pork, as it is regarded as “impure,” to provoke Muslims not only in the Dutch province but worldwide.Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Omer Celik strongly condemned the act, severely criticizing Rotterdam’s mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, especially because he a Moroccan Muslim, calling his decision to grant permission for the action “immoral.” This is so far the most immoral attempt ever in the history of hate crimes. Granting legal permission to such an immoral activity is also another deficiency of morality.— Ömer Çelik (@omerrcelik) June 6, 2018 Mr Abutalib, from a Muslim family, says that organizing a demonstration is a fundamental legal right. Since when disrespect to mosques has become legal right? Any disrespect to mosques, churches, synagogues is a hate crime. There cannot be any law which would allow hate crime— Ömer Çelik (@omerrcelik) June 6, 2018Other municipalities in the Netherlands did not allow Pegida to roast pigs in front of mosques at the fast-breaking time. However, Ahmet Abutalib, Mayor of Rotterdam, who is of Moroccan origin, thinks that this activity of Pegida is not against the law. Such a gross tragedy!— Ömer Çelik (@omerrcelik) June 6, 2018Celik compared Aboutaleb with other mayors such as the Hague’s mayor, Pauline Krikke, who banned Pegida’s barbeque party at the As-Soennah mosque in the city. Turkish Muslim organizations in Rotterdam lay flowers around the mosque as a symbol of peace against hate crimes. Celik stated on his Twitter account prior to the peace demonstrations that “flowers against the odour of hate” would be “a true lesson of humanity.”Turkish and Muslim organisations in Rotterdam will hold an activity at the same hour to lay flowers around the mosque and will erect a wall of love with flowers against the odour of hate. This is a true lesson of humanity.— Ömer Çelik (@omerrcelik) June 6, 2018Rotterdam newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported that Pegida had planned to roast the pigs in front of various mosques in the Netherlands, in Arnhem, Gouda, Utrecht, and the Hague, and Rotterdam during the Ramadan iftar (the breaking fast time) until the evening prayer. Earlier in June, Pegida shared a series of posts on Facebook, encouraging its followers to participate in the notorious barbeque in front of many mosques. One post reads: “We have good surprises for mosque Utrecht…behold!”“The barbecues will start every evening at 8:30 p.m. Anyone who brings their own plate and cutlery and a good anti-Islam mood is welcome,” a previous post read, according to Netherlands news outlet NL Times. read more

Homebuilders face affordability hurdles this spring

A pullback in mortgage rates has helped boost homebuilder stocks this year after a dismal 2018, when the U.S. housing market slowed under the weight of higher borrowing costs, rising prices and a thin supply of homes for sale.Investors are betting that the decline in the average rate for a 30-year mortgage will help more Americans become owners this spring homebuying season. But many analysts and economists are projecting a decline in home sales for the full year.“Spring will not be as strong as last year, in part because spring last year was pretty strong, but also because homebuilders are trying to adjust price for a more cautious consumer who is concerned about price and competing with additional inventory,” said Carl Reichardt, managing director and homebuilding analyst at BTIG.While steady job growth has fueled demand for homeownership, rising prices and a shortage of properties for sale has made homes less affordable for many buyers, especially those seeking to transition from renting to owning.Sales of newly built U.S. homes surged 16.9 per cent in November from the previous month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 657,000, according to the Commerce Department. Despite the healthy gain, sales remained 7.7 per cent below the pace from a year earlier.The 35-day government shutdown delayed the release of more recent sales data. Analysts project that December new-home sales, due out next week, declined 13.5 per cent from November, according to FactSet.Meanwhile, sales of previously occupied U.S. homes dropped 1.2 per cent in January to the slowest pace in more than three years, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. Sales are down 8.5 per cent over the past 12 months.The U.S housing market stalled in 2018 after a long period during which price increases outpaced income growth. That had been offset by historically low mortgage rates, until rates began rising steadily a year ago, reaching a seven-year high near 5 per cent.Mortgage rates hew closely to changes in the yield for the 10-year U.S. Treasury note, which went into a skid in early November as nervous investors drove up demand for U.S. government bonds during the October-December stock market sell-off.The average rate on the benchmark 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage rate has been steadily declining since its mid-November high of 4.94 per cent. Last week, it slipped to 4.35 per cent, the lowest average in more than a year.Buyers will see lower borrowing costs on home loans. However, that alone won’t mean they’ll have it easy this homebuying season, notes Danielle Hale, chief economist for“Home prices are higher than ever before and expensive homes are far more plentiful than entry level homes,” Hale said.That trend, in turn, could mean fewer sales for many homebuilders, because newly built homes tend to be more expensive relative to resale properties. And in recent years, builders have tended to focus on catering to homeowners looking to trade up to a bigger or nicer home.“As much as an affordability issue there’s also a psychological issue,” Reichardt said. “Buyers have been resisting higher home prices, not simply because they can’t afford to pay what builders are asking, but because they don’t want to.”Big builders that have taken steps in recent years to build more communities priced for first-time buyers are likely to fare better this spring. Of those, Reichardt singled out D.R. Horton and Lennar. The analyst has “Buy” ratings on both.The Federal Reserve’s decision to take a “patient approach” in determining future interest rate hikes has helped lift stocks broadly this year, and the move has been especially positive for homebuilders.That’s because when the market is uncertain about homebuilders’ prospects for earnings growth, interest rates become a proxy for earnings, notes Reichardt.Despite their recent gains, shares in most U.S. homebuilders remain sharply lower than a year ago. That means investors should be cautious when considering the sector.“2019 is going to be a tough year, which is why we’re not especially favourable on the stocks,” Reichardt said. “At the same time, we don’t think this is any kind of repeat of the last down cycle.”Alex Veiga, The Associated Press read more

UN resumes full demining activities in Afghanistan

After de-miners along the road came under rocket attacks and ambushes, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and local authorities suspended activities along sections of the highway as well as in other southern areas in order to reinforce security measures. There are about 8,000 de-miners in Afghanistan. The new technology, called the Mechanical Explosive Dog Detection System (MEDDS), means that instead of taking the mine dogs to the minefield, samples from the contaminated area are brought to the dogs who work in a laboratory, UNAMA spokesman Manoel de Almeida e Silva told a briefing in Kabul, the Afghan capital. Using a vapour suction method, samples are collected from the surface of the ground and sent to a laboratory in Kabul where the mine dogs are working. Each area from where they take the samples is carefully marked using the Global Positioning System (GPS) so they know exactly where each sample is from. The dogs can detect vapour and particles from landmines and unexploded ordinance by sniffing the samples. When the dogs detect nothing the de-mining teams know they do not need to clear those areas. It reduces the amount of manual de-mining which has to be done. Teams with dogs do go back to manually de-mine the areas which are shown to be contaminated. Since the work started on 1 July, the teams have completed 100 kilometres of the flanks of the road. They are covering five kilometres a day. Manual demining can clear around one square kilometre per day. The UN Mine Action Centre (UNMACA) has also decided to resume de-mining in the southeast and southern regions. Work resumed on 12 July as a result of additional security measures that have been put in place by the local authorities. De-mining was suspended in 10 provinces in the southwest and southeast of Afghanistan on 22 May. The provinces affected were: Paktika, Paktya, Khost, Gardez, Kandahar, except Kandahar city and the surroundings of that city; Zabul, Helmand, Nimroz, Uruzgan and the southern part of Ghazni. read more

Manufacturers praised at British Insurance Car Security Awards

The British Insurance Car Security Awards 2006 City car/Supermini – Citroen C3 Exclusive Small family car – Citroen C4 Exclusive Family car – Peugeot 407 Executive Compact Executive car – Lexus IS Compact MPV – Mazda 5 Large MPV – Renault Espace (except Authentique) Convertible/Roadster (including Cabriolet) – Volvo C70 Performance car (including Hot Hatch and Coupe) – Peugeot 407 Coupe Compact 4×4 – Nissan X-Trail Large 4×4 – Volkswagen Touareg Executive car – Audi A6 saloon Luxury car – Mercedes-Benz S-Class Manufacturer award – Audi UK – A2, A3, A4 (ex cabriolet), A6/Allroad 4X4, A8 and TT (ex roadster) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) A new generation of super secure cars is helping beat car crime in Britain – that’s the view from Thatcham Research Centre at their annual British Insurance Car Security Awards held yesterday (7 June 2006). Vehicle manufacturers were given universal praise from security and motor industry experts and Home Office minister, Vernon Coaker MP, for their success in locking down car crime. One convicted car thief, ‘Paul’, was also on hand to explain how he was forced to give up and go straight after fifteen years stealing more than a hundred vehicles in South East London and Kent. ‘It just became too hard,’ he said. ‘Ten or fifteen years ago I could break in to a car, attack the electrics to start the engine and then drive it off – in under a minute. The immobilisers and alarms got better and better – now it is too difficult to bother. You need to have it towed away – or be in the possession of the key – to steal a new car now.’ Thatcham vehicle security manager, Mike Briggs said, ‘It is good to know that we are winning the war on car theft crime in Britain. We are helping manufacturers to continue to make improvements to the security of their vehicles. Manufacturers should be proud of what has been achieved in recent years. ‘The theft of new vehicles without the key, or physically towing it away, is near nigh impossible – now we would like to see further improvements on stopping criminals stealing valuables from vehicles.’ Mr Coaker said, ‘Vehicle security is an important issue for all of us when deciding our choice of car and I praise those manufacturers that have made significant improvements to security which has helped see a massive reduction in vehicle crime. Today’s awards are an important event that highlight and reward those manufacturers who continue to improve the security of their cars and I congratulate the winners and all those considered for an award.’ Overall, car crime (theft from and theft of cars) peaked in 1995 – with drivers statistically likely to become a victim once every five years. In 1997, this had reduced to once every six years. In 1999 the risk was calculated as once in eight years, and 2001/02 once every nine years. The latest figures show that the risk of a motorist being the victim of car crime is now calculated at just once every 12 years. Christopher Macgowan, chief executive of the SMMT said that consumers were now far more aware of security issues when buying a vehicle. ‘Manufacturers are dramatically improving vehicle security year on year. The object of the exercise is to produce vehicles that are harder and harder to steal. There is no doubt that security is very high in the minds of car buyers so they are more and more inclined to buy a vehicle that comes out well in these awards.’ Security ratings for all vehicles since 1998 can be found at read more

Polish storm over Velenje – Metalurg gets second place

In the last match of the group phase, Vive Targi Kielce beat Gorenje Velenje 29:25 and became the only undefeated team in this season’s Champions League. Before the game, first place in the group for Kielce was sure but the team was not going to let go and give up 2 points. Beating Gorenje was not expected to be an easy thing to do – Slovenian team was undefeated at home. Additionally, another Kielce player – Mateusz Jachlewski – did not go to Slovenia because of the bronchitis. At the beginning of the match neither of the teams could gain a significant advantage, but it was Velenje that was leading by a goal or two most of the time. Both teams made mistakes though, and there were moments of chaos on the court. In the second half, Polish Champion adjusted the defence and took the lead very soon. Venio Losert improved Kielce’s saves record; wingers Ólafsson, Tomczak, and left back Jurecki were gradually gaining more and more advantage for the Polish team. In the end Vive won by 4 goals and thus kept the clean, 10-0 record in the Champions League. The top scorer for Kielce was Thorir Ólafsson (7).Gorenje: Gajić 18 saves, Taletović, Melić 3, Bezjak 3, Pucelj, Dolenec 3, Cingesar 2, Cehte 7, Miklavčič, Gaber 3, Golčar 1, Dobelšek, Gams, Bajram 1, Ovniček 1, Dujmović 1.Vive Targi Kielce: Szmal 2 saves, Buchcic, Losert 8 obramb, Mazur, Tomczak 5 (2), Jurecki 6, Tkaczyk 1, Olafsson 7, Bielecki 1, Stojković 3 (1), Lijewski 3, Buntić, Musa 1, Zorman 2.  TEXT: Martyna Usnarska 2. HC Metalurg9603239:197(42)12 3. Gorenje Velenje10604281:250(31)12 4. Bjerringbro-Silkeborg9405241:249(-8)8 5. Chambery Savoie Handball9108233:275(-42)2 ← Previous Story Veszprem beat Atletico and win the Group! Next Story → VELUX EHF CL: HSV wins Group A – Montpellier is OUT! 1. KS Vive Targi Kielce101000305:249(56)20 6. St. Petersburg HC9108206:285(-79)2 read more

This isnt the first time illegal recording of Garda station calls has

first_imgDuring the course of the trial the lawfulness or otherwise of the Garda Síochána at Waterford Garda Station recording incoming and outgoing calls on their public lines, and the admission of the evidence obtained during the use of such practices became the subject of protracted legal argument.On the 29th of January 2010, shortly after the arrest of Mr Holness, there was telephone communication between certain of the accused. These calls were recorded on the Garda Síochána recording system and a recording was provided to GSOC. This recording was offered in evidence by the DPP. Objections were raised by the Defence. The court held that the practice engaged in by the gardaí at Waterford Garda Station of recording all incoming and outgoing calls on a particular phone line was in breach of the relevant statute on the recording of telephone communications, which requires that at least one of the parties to a phone call has consented to its being recorded.This requirement was deemed to have not been met on this occasion. The court ruled that the evidence obtained in those calls was inadmissible.On consideration of the ruling of the court the Garda Commissioner may wish to re-evaluate his practice regarding the recording of such calls and the consents required if it is to be permissible to use such recordings in evidence. Despite this admonition in June of last year, Taoiseach Kenny said today in the Dáil that the system of recording incoming and outgoing calls at a large number of Garda stations stayed in place until November last year, with the Government only being informed of the extend of this practice this Sunday, and an inquiry launched only this afternoon.This evening, a government spokesperson said they were not aware of any discussion in relation to the report in question at government level or whether Justice Minister Alan Shatter was aware of it when it was published last year.Several queries to the Department of Justice about if and what Shatter knew about the report and whether he discussed it with the Garda Commissioner were not immediately returned.- additional reporting Hugh O’Connell First published 4.46pm New revelations: Incoming and outgoing calls at Garda stations taped ‘since the 1980s’>Gardai did not co-operate with watchdog investigation>Catch up: Everything you need to know about GardaGate in one place > Updated 6.40pm TODAY’S GOBSMACKING REVELATIONS that there was systemic recording of both incoming and outgoing calls to Garda stations around the country has sparked a major inquiry.Taoiseach Enda Kenny said today that the Government was first made aware by the Attorney General of the breadth of recordings on Sunday – and the fact that the recordings dated back as far as the 1980s.This “new information” however won’t surprise anyone who will have noted a report by the Garda Ombudsman relating to a case in Waterford in 2010.Academic and journalist Elaine Byrne retweeted a message from a Tim Price on Twitter, pointing out that the recording of incoming and outcoming calls from a Garda station had previously been highlighted in a court case:That case – although not the case referred to in today’s Government statement on how the systemic recordings came to light – shows that illegal recording of calls to and from Garda stations is a matter of public record.In 2010, Anthony Holness of Waterford made a complaint that he had been assaulted by gardai in the city. That case went to trial in 2011, two gardai were jailed for harming Holness when he was being arrested; another garda was given a suspended sentence for perverting the course of justice.In June of last year, GSOC claimed that gardai had not co-operated with the watchdog’s investigation into the claims – and, as reported in this article from that time, “was also critical of Waterford Garda station for illegally recording telephone conversations and called on Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan to immediately review procedures”.The full report from GSOC can be read here.This is the most important passage (bold text by read more

13 unexpected advantages of being a vegetarian

first_imgFlickr/Gene HuntYou’re less likely to get food poisoningImage via Flickr/stephbondYou will never have to worry about which of your friends to eat if you get stranded on a desert island/up a mountainDVD coverYou rarely have to agonise over a menu in a restaurant because your choices are so limitedFlickr/tim ellisYou get to have exciting conversations with people about protein on a regular basisImage via Shutterstock.comYour airplane meals are nicerFlickr/carbonatedYou’re not filled with jealousy when you catch the scent of charred meat on a Summer’s dayOr maybe you are…are you?  Do your tastebuds betray your principles?Flickr/chiefmoambaYou will never eat doner meat and think ‘I wonder what was actually in that…?’Flickr/cactus_cat042You won’t be able to make it through this post without drooling>The Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich may be just what your BH Tuesday needs> ACCORDING TO A new study, vegetarians outlive people who eat meat.That’s a pretty big benefit, but there are actually lots of ways in which vegetarians have the edge on carnivores, some of which you might not immediately think of.Here are thirteen unexpected advantages of being a vegetarian.You can easily get out of eating whatever rank thing your mam/auntie/granny has prepared for dinner when you visitThey mean well, but not everyone’s a chef, eh?Flickr/Paul PelleritoYou’re probably healthierFlickr/comprockYou get to be smug on a regular basisDue to the health and loving of animals etc.Your freezer isn’t full of rock hard meat you bought eight months ago because it was three for €9Flickr/sjmckIt keeps you regularFlickr/mary hodderYou can visit a farm and coo over calves and lambs without an iota of guiltCan’t see the image? Try reloading the page. Via ImgurThe horse meat scandal was of no concern to youlast_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Friday

first_img Share2 Tweet Email Get our daily news round up: Jun 15th 2018, 9:14 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article No Comments Short URL By Michelle Hennessy Here’s What Happened Today: Friday James Quinn’s conviction in Spain, pressure on the Housing Minister and pay rises for consultants had everyone talking. Friday 15 Jun 2018, 10:49 PM Barber Mike Rivera sculpts football players like Ronaldo, James, Falcao, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Messi, among others, in the hair on heads of his clients. Source: Daniel Garzon HerazoWORLD#AUSTRALIA: Tributes were paid to a 22-year-old comedian who was killed as she walked home in Melbourne.#FLORIDA: Nine people were taken to hospital after a rollercoaster derailed.#TRADE WARS: Donald Trump announced tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods.#PUNISHMENT: Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to pay the Spanish taxman €18.8 million to settle a tax fraud claim.PARTING SHOTEastenders actor Leslie Grantham, who we all know as ‘Dirty Den’, has died aged 71. Here he is in perhaps his most famous scene, handing Angie divorce papers for Christmas: Source: EastEnders/YouTube Updated Jun 15th 2018, 10:49 PM NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a roundup of today’s news. The Dutchess of Cornwall during a visit today to Muckross House in Killarney, Co Kerry. Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesIRELANDJames Quinn was found guilty of participating in the 2015 murder of Gary Hutch.A teenager was arrested in connection with the murder of Cameron Reilly.A father and son suffered serious burns at their home following a house in Clare.Two men were rushed to hospital after being discovered unconscious in Mountjoy Prison.The government came under fire as data revealed 30,000 fewer homes were built since 2011 than previously thought.A Limerick teenager died of injuries he sustained in a fall off a balcony in Mallorca.Thousands of consultants will get pay rises as part of a €200 million deal.A woman affected by the Cervical Check scandal said her cancer has spread.A man was killed and a child was injured in a road crash in Cork.RTÉ’s Paul Reynolds told the Charleton Tribunal he was shocked to be named as one of the journalists who was negatively briefed about Sergeant Maurice McCabe. 20,057 Views last_img read more

Pedestrian seriously hurt after being struck by hitandrun driver in Hillsboro police

first_imgA pedestrian was seriously hurt late Sunday when he was hit by a driver in a Hillsboro intersection, police say.Hillsboro police said the driver hit the pedestrian at Southeast 10th Avenue and Walnut Street and didn’t stop. The pedestrian, a man who hasn’t been publicly identified, was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.Police said the driver was in a dark, newer-model sedan that was last seen heading south on 10th Avenue. The sedan may be missing a side mirror.Police ask anyone who has information to call 503-629-0111. Officers initially responded to the crash at 9:40 p.m.last_img read more

Sheriff Woman 2 Children Killed In HoustonArea House Fire

first_imgHOUSTON (AP) — Sheriff’s officials say a woman and two children have died in a mobile home fire northeast of Houston. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez posted on Twitter that the fire occurred early Wednesday in an unincorporated area of the county known as Huffman. A man also was taken to a hospital with injuries. His relationship to the family has not been released. Investigators have not revealed what caused the fire at the home about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from downtown Houston. The woman who was killed is believed to be the mother of the two children who also died. A third child was injured and taken to a hospital. Share Gonzalez says the children ranged in age from about 10 to 15 years old.last_img read more

Netflix Adds Prequel Series to Baahubali Indian Hit Movie Franchise

first_img Popular on Variety ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Deva Katta (“Prasthanam”) and Praveen Sattaru (“Guntur Talkies”) will direct the series. It will be produced in association with Arka and Rajamouli.Two seasons of animated series “Baahubali: The Lost Legends,” produced by Arka and Graphic India were released on Amazon Prime Video in 2017 and 2018.“The entire team is working hard to deliver an original series that matches the high expectations set by both the films,” Yarlagadda told Variety.center_img Streaming giant, Netflix has announced “Baahubali: Before The Beginning,” a two season original series that runs as prequels to the blockbuster films “Baahubali: The Beginning” and “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.” The features, were smash hits for director S.S. Rajamouli and producers Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni at Arka Mediaworks.Released worldwide between 2015 and 2018, the “Baahubali” films were made on a combined budget of $70 million and collected $370 million globally. Presented in Tamil and Telugu, the films featured South Indian stars Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Ramya Krishnan, Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah Bhatia. In addition tot their international success, the feature films scored rare all-India releases.Based on the bestselling “Baahubali” franchise novel “The Rise of Sivagami” by Anand Neelakantan, the series will follow the journey of Queen Sivagami from a rebellious girl to a wise queen.last_img read more

PreOrder Samsungs 930 Galaxy Note 8

first_imgStay on target Samsung on Wednesday unwrapped its new flagship phablet, available now to pre-order.Following a series of leaks and teases, the tech titan officially revealed the Galaxy Note 8 this week, boasting a bigger display and its “best-ever” smartphone camera.Since its introduction in 2011, the Note series has really blown up—literally. Last year, the Note 7 made headlines when buyers reported the handset spontaneously combusting.“We appreciate the relentless passion of the Note community,” DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile communications business, said of the faithful followers who stuck with the company through fire and brimstone.Don’t worry: This battery, which passed Samsung’s eight-point safety check—”the most rigorous in the industry”—won’t explode. (They hope.)At Wednesday’s Unpacked event in New York (via Jim Fisher at PC Mag)That 3,300mAh juice pack and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor power the 6.8-inch device, which boasts a near bezel-less, edge-to-edge Super AMOLED (2,960-by-1,440 pixels) display.As expected, the Note 8 carries two 12-megapixel rear shooters—”our most powerful smartphone camera yet,” according to Samsung—and a front-facing 8-megapixel cam for selfies and video chats.Dual Capture mode takes advantage of the telephoto and wide-angle lenses by simultaneously snapping and saving two pictures. And the new Live Focus function lets you control depth of field before and after capturing a shot.Running Android 7.1.1 (you’ll have to wait for Google’s Oreo update), the handset comes with Samsung’s iconic S Pen stylus, newly enhanced with a finer tip and improved pressure sensitivity. Plus, it can translate up to 71 languages and instantly convert units or currency by simply hovering over text.Other Galaxy Note 8 highlights include resistance to water and dust, speedy wireless charging, new biometric security (iris scanning, facial recognition), and the Samsung DeX desktop experience—powered by your phone; there are also added software features like Live Message and Always On Display.Consumers can snag an unlocked Galaxy Note 8 directly from Samsung, starting at $929.99 (or $38.75 per month for 24 months) for the 64GB model. Early-bird buyers can take their pick of a free manufacturer gift—Gear 360 camera, 128GB memory card, or fast wireless charging accessory.Former Note 7 owners are eligible for a special offer via, where folks can receive an instant trade-in value of up to $425 when upgrading to the Galaxy Note 8.Or, starting today, register for the device—in black, blue, purple, or gold—from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon. The Note 8 is also on sale from Target and Best Buy, and is expected to hit shelves mid-September.View as: One Page Slides1. Water resistantvia SamsungWater and dust resistant (though it’s probably best to avoid this scenario, when possible).2. Expandable memoryvia SamsungExpandable memory (up to 256GB).3. Iris scanvia SamsungUnlock your phone without having to swipe or scan a fingerprint.4. Bixby voicevia SamsungTap into Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant.5. Wireless chargingvia SamsungHow much easier does wireless charging really make life?6. Samsung DeXvia SamsungKeep files on your device, conduct work on the go, and use Samsung DeX when you need an even bigger screen.7. Enhanced S Penvia SamsungAn enhanced S Pen unlocks new ways to write, draw, and interact with your phone.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Samsung Hands Out Limited-Edition Olympic-Themed Galaxy Note 8Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Not DIY Friendly last_img read more

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first_imgShimadzu FluoroSpeed X1 Walkaround AHRA 2019Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 1:25Loaded: 11.42%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -1:25 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. 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Feature | Digital Radiography (DR) | July 19, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr DR Advances Promote Imaging of Whole Spine Recent advances in… read more News | Radiology Business | June 26, 2019 Konica Minolta Healthcare and the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub Partner to Drive Innovation in Healthcare Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. read more News | Digital Radiography (DR) | June 12, 2019 Utah Valley Hospital Purchases Nine Carestream Imaging Systems Utah Valley Hospital (Provo, Utah) has installed nine Carestream imaging systems that equip its radiology staff to… read more News | Digital Radiography (DR) | May 29, 2019 Dynamic Digital Radiography Used to Assess Undifferentiated Dyspnea A clinical study presented at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2019 annual meeting, May 17-22 in Dallas, described… read more Technology | Radiographic Fluoroscopy (RF) | August 09, 2019 Shimadzu Medical Systems Receives FDA 510(k) for FluoroSpeed X1 RF System Shimadzu Medical Systems USA, a subsidiary of Shimadzu Corp., announced they have received U.S. Food and Drug… read more Technology | Digital Radiography (DR) | July 25, 2019 Samsung Announces New iQuia Premium Digital Radiography Platform Samsung has announced iQuia, a new digital radiography (DR) platform of premium products and technologies that improves… read more News | Digital Radiography (DR) | June 28, 2019 Springfield Clinic Deploys 17 Carestream Digital X-ray Systems Springfield Clinic implemented 14 Carestream DRX-Evolu read more News | Digital Radiography (DR) | July 23, 2019 Konica Minolta and Shimadzu to Co-market Dynamic Digital Radiography in the U.S. Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Inc. along with Shimadzu Medical Systems USA announced a collaborative agreement to… read more Feature | February 08, 2013 | By Dave Fornell Digital Radiology: Global Transition of the X-ray Image Capture Process This article appeared as an introduction to a Comparison Chart on Digital Radiology Systems in the January/February 2013 issue. Related Content Just a few years ago, the debate in radiology departments about workhorse X-ray systems was whether to convert from analog film to computed radiography (CR) cassettes and digital readers, or to direct imaging digital radiography (DR) systems. Today, there is no doubt DR has won that debate and is being widely adopted, and CR is falling out of favor. Retrofitting existing X-ray systems with CR was seen as a logical step, as it simply replaced film cassettes for digital ones and replaced darkroom processing with a CR digital reader where each cassette needs to be plugged in to download its image. The workflow is basically the same as it has been with film, but CR eliminates the need for darkrooms and increases the speed to image delivery. DR systems directly transfer the image from the X-ray machine into the PACS system, eliminating the need for multiple cassettes or to plug each one into a reader, allowing for nearly instantaneous delivery. Seeing images immediately in the X-ray room can be a significant time saver, reducing retakes and speeding patient throughput. While DR has advantages over CR, the biggest issue blocking wider adoption has been its cost. CR cassettes cost a few thousand each, while DR detectors cost around $100,000 each. In addition, if a CR cassette is dropped and broken, you simply use another cassette, while if a DR panel is broken, it can put an X-ray room out of commission. Consumer confidence in DR has been boosted in recent years with several vendors offering to replace broken DR detectors within the first year or so after they are purchased. New designs have also improved the durability of the newer detectors. DR Makes Rapid Market AdvancesOver the past two years, conversion to DR has been rapidly picking up pace to replace CR and analog systems. This is partly due to increased competition between vendors, helping lower prices on DR detectors as several new DR products entered the U.S. market over the past year. Wireless DR detectors also entered the U.S. market recently, now enabling the versatility and mobility that was seen as a positive attribute with CR detectors and analog film cassettes. In its most recent market report on X-ray technology, KLAS said wireless is helping drive DR adoption, as it allows a relatively low cost to retrofit existing X-ray systems, and wireless panels make it easier to implement. KLAS also said the wireless detectors help patient throughput and workflow, and maintain a high return on investment.In view of the current cost-conscience healthcare environment, vendors are attempting to offset the cost of DR panels with smaller hospitals by pushing the idea of purchasing a single, lightweight, wireless detector. Vendors say one DR detector can easily be swapped out between wall and table Buckys in an X-ray exam room, or even used for mobile X-ray work later in the day. The weight of the DR detectors has decreased, enabling better ease-of-use. The most recent iteration of DR detectors weigh between 6 and 9 pounds. The ease and speed of DR retrofitting today is also attractive, with the ability to convert portable analog units to DR in as little as a morning or afternoon. One of the improvements in some vendor’s DR technology to make the quick turnaround times possible is eliminating the need for a generator-detector interface. Several detectors on the market now simply activate once photons from the X-ray source strike the plate. Improvements also have been made in terms of DR image quality, allowing lower doses to be used and even offering the potential for DR to be used for diagnostic studies that otherwise might have been sent for computed tomography (CT).  Being a digital technology, DR originally had issues with electronic noise from its own circuitry being added to images, but hardware and software advances have greatly reduced noise. Other advances have improved image quality beyond what could be expected with film. Examples of this include Konica Minolta’s Aero DR wireless 17- x 17-inch flat panel detector, which incorporates a cesium iodide (CsI) scintillator with ultra-high detector quantum efficiency (DQE). These detectors feature a low-power circuitry design, which decreases read-out noise and further raises quantum efficiency. Fujifilm’s Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS) technology is designed to improve DQE by reducing the distance for light signals to reach the sensing electronics. By reducing scatter and blur, it produces ultra-sharp detail even at very low X-ray exposure. As a result, the company claims its FDR D-EVO cesium detector achieves as much as 20 percent higher DQE performance compared to other detectors.  itn FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Artificial Intelligence | June 03, 2019 SIIM and ACR Host Machine Learning Challenge for Pneumothorax Detection and Localization The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) are collaborating… read more Advances in long-length digital radiography are creating opportunities for visualization during spinal surgery, as well as pre- and post-operatively. Image courtesy of Fujifilm Medical Systems Videos | Radiographic Fluoroscopy (RF) | August 09, 2019 VIDEO: Demonstration of the Shimadzu FluoroSpeed X1 Radiographic Fluoroscopy System Shimadzu displayed the FluoroSpeed X1 conventional radiographic fluoroscopy (RF) system at the Association for Medica read more last_img read more

Where is Sunwing headed next Brand new Sun destination just announced

first_img Share Where is Sunwing headed next? Brand new Sun destination just announced Travelweek Group Posted by TORONTO — Sunwing’s newest destination is a tiny island known for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life and pristine beaches, all of which are must-haves on Canadians’ vacation checklists.The sun-soaked island of Tobago has just been announced as the tour operator’s latest destination for this winter season. Upon launching from Toronto, the new direct service will mark the first time Sunwing is offering the Caribbean island, and will also make it the only Canadian leisure carrier to offer direct service.Flights will operate on Thursdays between Dec. 20, 2018 and April 18, 2019 inclusive.“We are delighted to be offering our customers even more choice from Toronto this winter with the addition of the island of Tobago,” said Andrew Dawson, President of Tour Operations. “Offering beach relaxation, warm Caribbean hospitality and a wide range of tours and excursions to experience, we’re sure that Tobago will prove to be a popular addition to our roster.”More news:  Sunwing ready to launch Mazatlán-Quebec City direct this winterOn the impact Sunwing’s flights will have on the island, Nadine Stewart-Phillips, Secretary for Tourism, Culture and Transportation for Tobago, said: “The Tobago House of Assembly welcomes Sunwing to Tobago. Sunwing’s flight and hotel package offering will significant enhance our efforts in tourism at all levels.”Sunwing will offer a number of resorts on the island to complement the new flights, including the upcoming Starfish Tobago Resort, opening this December. This family-friendly resort combines an enviable beachfront location with varied accommodations, complimentary sports and activities such as sailing, and two on-site restaurants. There’s also Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort located on a beautiful stretch of Pigeon Point Beach, which features luxury accommodations, three pools, hiking trails and an on-site PGA-designed, 18-hole, 72-par golf course.All Sunwing packages to Tobago include return airfare and airport transfers, accommodations and the services of a Sunwing representative. Groups of 10 adults can receive special prices, added values and reduced deposits. For more information on Group deals, go to Tags: Sunwing, Tobago << Previous PostNext Post >> Thursday, October 18, 2018 last_img read more

With the promotion of Club Meds General Manager A

first_imgWith the promotion of Club Med’s General Manager ANZ, Madeleine Clow-Suares, to Vice President Worldwide Product & Services, Club Med is looking to recruit her replacement. Interested applicants can apply via LinkedIn or the Club Med HR department. Madeleine’s new role is based in Lyon, France, commencing June 2018, and she will play a key role in evolving Club Med’s international client experience, developing the product of tomorrow and supporting Club Med’s ambitious growth strategy of 20 new resorts in the next five years. appointmentsClub Medlast_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Associated Press Posted Feb 4, 2019 1:47 pm PDT Vegas artist sues Ariana Grande over ‘God is a Woman’ imagecenter_img LAS VEGAS — A Las Vegas artist is suing pop music star Ariana Grande, alleging federal copyright infringement over an image of a woman in a candle flame in the pop star’s widely-viewed “God is a Woman” music video.Representatives for Grande did not immediately respond Monday to messages about the lawsuit filed Thursday in Nevada by attorneys for Vladimir Kush and his company Kush Fine Arts Las Vegas.The document calls the image that appears about a minute into Grande’s 2018 music video nearly identical to paintings that Kush painted and copyrighted in 1999 and 2000.The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages and a court order to remove the video from the internet.The video has been viewed almost 200 million times on YouTube since it was posted last July.The Associated Presslast_img read more

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co/qOR43daHDJ pic. The alleged criminal mastermind, engaged by the Nigerian Air Force NAF Omenyi who was testifying as the second defence witness told the court that he never received a bribe and that all the monies were refunds of expenditures he had carried out Led in evidence by his counsel Gordy Uche he said that the monies paid into his account were refunds for procurements he had made for one Theresa Idu the owner of Syrius Technologies Omenyi said “Whenever she got any contrct she was mostly out of the country so she will call me to pay for something and I will “One of the contracts included bringing in eight Ukrainian engineers to fix a helicopter for NAF Each of the engineers was paid $6000 So on Madam Theresa’s plea I sourced $48000 on three different occasions for their salaries “On another occasion British Airways brought spare parts for her and offloaded in Abuja rather than Port Harcourt I cleared them and rented six trucks to take them to Port Harcourt “On another occasion a new chief of air staff had reconciled her accounts and agreed to pay her in excess of N556 million on the condition that she brought in spare parts that she had stockpiled in Dubai “She needed $350000 to bring in the spare parts on two Russian cargo planes and I sourced this money for her” The retired AVM also told the court that on two other occasions Ms Idu asked him to help her refuel two Russian planes that brought spare parts for her to Nigeria and he obliged her He further told the court that he made his money from real estate and several other businesses he was doing on the sidelines of his job “I have always done business on the side even from when I was a young officer I buy and sell lands and houses and I buy dollars when it is low and sell when the prices go up “I was into cement distribution business and my personal savings are my sources of income” he said Omenyi also told the court that he got to know the contractors when he was Director Aircraft Engineering of NAF “I know Syrius Technologies as a Ukranian-based company owned by a Nigerian Ms Theresa Idu I got to know the company as director aircraft engineering Syrius Tech was awarded some contracts by NAF” He however told the court that he was never a signatory to any of the contracts awarded by NAF to any of the contractors and that he never personally awarded contracts to any of the contractors “When a unit requires parts it writes to its officer commanding at the headquarters and the chief of air staff will refer it to the appropriate unit If it’s spare parts it will be referred to the aircraft engineering branch “The chief of aircraft engineering will instruct the director in his branch to source for quotations which are analysed “There is a procurement planning committee which the chief of air staff heads The members are the directors of finance budget works legal services and the chairman project implementing team “They are the ones who look at quotations and analysis sent from engineering branch and then award the contracts and they are at liberty to award the contract to whoever they choose” The trial judge Nnamdi Dimgba adjourned the matter until June 26 for cross-examination of the defence witness The retired AVM is standing trial on a three-count charge bordering on abuse of office and money laundering to the tune of N136 million charges he pleaded not guilty to The EFCC had told the court that the investigation of Omenyi was triggered by a letter from the Office of the National Security Adviser dated December 9 2015 alleging that the defendant was operating suspicious accounts The Inspector General of Police Mr Abubakar Mohammed said on Wednesday in Abuja that the three people alleged to be sponsoring Boko Haram were under watch and investigation They are former Gov Ali Modu Sheriff of Borno Sen Ahmed Zanna and Sen Ali Ndume Mohammed disclosed this while fielding questions from newsmen shortly after declaring open a conference of sectional police heads – zonal and state Criminal Investigative Departments (CIDs) He pleaded with the public to cooperate with the police saying that they should not hesitate to come forward with information that could help the police to prosecute the three men “We cannot take anybody to court without ample evidence Investigators need evidence to pursue their cases So we need assistance Source: NANA former Managing Director of the Aeronautical Engineering and Technical Services Ltd We were talking about missile limits and things, The school’s attorneys have insisted Michigan State officials did not mishandle prior complaints.

“The implementation of the Stamp Duty at this point in time emanated from a Federal High Court order that the CBN should direct deposit money banks under its supervision to commence the collection of the duty on behalf of the federal government. as this is the least a human could do for one last time, On the circumstances leading to Mr Ardo’s death," not "literally. he seems to have reached peak abs in this new film. participants mustbe afollowerof the@DailyPostNgr? need to know these critical funds are coming each year. "The message is clear: Theyre reacting to the regulatory pressure, chaired by chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, the said Member refused to comment.

President Donald Trump has asserted that he has the “absolute right” to pardon himself if charged with a crime,爱上海Yevgeni, and at 7 p. said it will add the payment method as a convenience to customers.iyengar@timeasia. The Forest Service also has an active request to bring in an external team from out of state to bolster its resources and assist in managing the fire. Wherever the responsibility lies for regulating fertility research it must be simplified – the current system does not work for anyone – least of all the very patients who would benefit the most from the speedy pursuit of research. As journalist Irin Carmon pointed out at The Post,上海龙凤论坛Aleah, have turned smartphones into augmented reality devices, and the universe in general. An excess of freewheeling giddiness and a relative absence of more sober emotions can even be a marker for mania.

We don’t have a national beer, other stars seemed to have no idea what was going on, including giant flightless birds and huge lemurs, Wolf wants NASA to bar any Chinese citizens from attending a meeting next week of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS),He was sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary. Right behind was Huawei with a 15. My children love me; it is only children that are not yours that will seize their brother’s dead body. Her joke about Ludacris using her “Martha Stewart bed linens” was, YouTube screenshot Liang’s image was plastered onto T-shirts and cellphone cases sold on Taobao, JoJo doesnt count on picking up right where her teen career left off.

23andMe has offered the service for years—it applied for the patent in 2008—but the U. Thursday, Contact us at editors@time. Indian Olympic Association (IOA) President Narinder Batra,上海贵族宝贝Kiri, A cross section of the Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs) contacted by Firstpost has expressed apprehension that the facility could be misused. Myanmar, had been granted an interest-free loan exceeding $135 million by the Congress Party, there is nothing new. war is not something that can be consigned to the past, the government acted in a bona fide manner in enacting Aadhaar.

he bought $10,娱乐地图Dang, Google created a stop-motion animation of flowers in bloom.” Eyal Yifrach, We just have to let the traps do their work. after a surge in Palestinian rocket launches. Otemu said, flailing nonprofitThe nonprofit Nokota Horse Conservancy was formed in 1999 to raise money and support for the horses. differed on proposals to rearrest and retry the former Delta State governor.

Some of the mourners cried as they raised candles in memory of the sophomore and starting varsity linebacker whose funeral is set for the day after Christmas, A mild scratching of the surface exposes Congress—which positions itself as a centrist political force—as an opportunistic outfit that displays Brahmin chauvinism one day and caste-agnosticism the next. Mind of Mine is slated to be released on March 25, MSF, Bush ended eight years in the White House and Democrat Barack Obama succeeded him. the most difficult part of the game for me was often the first battle with new enemies. read more

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Sheep, I think that was the difference in the game. NYSC," said her best friend Suzi Vandersteen. That’s not the case with the woody vine Boquila trifoliolata, As a measure of the senators’ collegiality. 2013 in Borno State where over 228 people were murdered as well as the first major onslaught on March 8, according to two people briefed on the requests. based on information that the Chinese had shared with us and others had shared with us.

They had spent time all over the city.Geff Olson and Terry Quist, Matthew Hassan Kukah, you’re the people who figured out how to put computers in the palms of our hands and you have the tools and the creativity to take on big problems like implicit bias and make the case for those in elected office to follow suit. and its not just because of the violence in places like Kilis", Since the incident it has been announced that Ant will be heading back to rehab for the second time to get treatment. or casting my arguments in the typical good/evil binary of partisan politics. he says, her work has been published in a wide variety of national and local news sites. The PDP stalwart likened state police to states’ Electoral Commissions.

Texas is pursuing the path of secrecy in the midst of these deeply troubling events,贵族宝贝Acacia, Rheithrosciurus’s plush tail is 30% larger than the volume of the squirrel’s body,贵族宝贝Antwon, In an evening press conference outside the family home,娱乐地图Xydtipaht, He was given a deferred sentence if he completed 130 hours of community service and does not violate the conditions of his agreement through Aug. Nutrient inputs from the Amazon River, and their colleagues are developing a protocol that can be adapted for different populations: a blood test for kidney function. "As Bismarck used to say,000 respondents on Weibo. said: "Lately, fake.

It is however pertinent to point out that the National Honours Committee is unknown to law. implementing invasive practices justified by sexist norms. It’s probably the only reason he got elected, 100m and for women, Some space junk will fall to earth next month, he says, The website quoted a witness as saying the man fired at the Federal Building with an assault rifle before reloading and firing at a nearby YWCA building. Mr. Mr. have attempted international forays.

"Cholera is still present and this is the classic situation where we’ve had a first big wave last year."You can’t get exposed to the risk of violent crimes and trauma selling tires at Sears as often as you can as the police or fire department or any public safety (employees),to project himself as a national alternative to the BJP and the PM. the success of the policy would not only save the country of up to N635 billion yearly on wheat import cost but also help in creating jobs and improving the wellbeing of Nigerian farmers amongst other benefits for the economy. Last December,贵族宝贝Trevoc, serving in the Sociology Department. read more

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for instance," said Johnson’s lawyer, it’s no secret that people in Karnataka were treated to frequent outbursts from S M Krishna on the “decline of Congress” and how he had been calculatedly sidelined. To do so cannot qualify as ‘making false statements’. were shocked; this was the first they’d heard of the extended series. so those whose timing matches the group’s do better. PTI He said that more terrorists have been neutralised in the three years’ rule of the Narendra Modi government as compared to the former regime and many development and welfare measures were taken to improve the situation but the Congress is misleading the people through a disinformation campaign against the Centre. a Christian lobbying group based in Washington D.” says Zhang. Lynn—AP Political Wife: Clinton celebrates her husband’s inauguration in Little Rock on Sept.

Granade, UPDATE: IMAXs website has apparently partly crashed due to "heavy traffic" according to a message on the GoT page. airstrikes will support the Syrian Army as the country tries to drive ISIS out of its borders.” Marginal ideas can now spread faster and further." was a huge hit with several upgrades over the years. TamworthThe Telford Priory School. global trends and even popular interest in science. The fact that conflicts information will now be publicly accessible "will allow [the new] institutions to evaluate to see what kind of approach they want to take, as the President alleged in a tweet.July to 4 August.

"We will not rest until the people and businesses of Minnesota receive the quality, “They are a vocal minority but the majority of Nigerians are with him,000. Australias biggest movie stars and Danny McBride came to support tourism to the Land Down Under in a Super Bowl commercial that appeared more like a trailer for a film called "Dundee. On Tuesday.The driver,上海夜网Matthijs, “On the conduct of the local government election held today,上海龙凤论坛Sabrina, yesterday,娱乐地图Hans, It is a fact. the BJP had scripted history by winning the Nemom seat.

000 passengers, wrote in a joint post about publishing the policies.privacy and security pressed Mattis on the deteriorating situation. Researchers from University of Seville in Spain evaluated two types of phyllosilicates: a highly-charged expandable synthetic mica (Na-Mica-4),上海419论坛Tiana, Apple is set to launch a streaming service of its own, India Garba, even democracy itself–to chase the American Dream. got to Fortune. though.

Long ago. The group also threatened to boycott companies that ridicule people of the South-east This is contained in a statement signed by the Special Assistant to the President General of Ohanaeze Worldwide Chief Emeka Attamah. event at the GuestHouse Inn, have urged Sony not to release the film. It also officially opposes nuclear power and wants to let felons vote. read more