UN agency spotlights role of design in building a better future

26 April 2011Design has a vital role to play in ensuring a sustainable future by reducing the costs of basic production and decreasing humankind’s impact on the environment, the head of the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said today. In a message marking World Intellectual Property Day, whose theme this year is “Designing the Future,” WIPO Director General Francis Gurry said design will take on an increasingly important role in the years ahead as ecologically sound living becomes more important.“Sustainable design processes can help lower production costs and reduce environmental impact,” he said. “The designs of the future will necessarily be green, and the intellectual property system will encourage designers to produce them, by helping to protect original designs against unauthorized copying and imitation.”Mr. Gurry noted that companies need to be able to protect their designs quickly and affordably, particularly given the increasing globalization of trade today.Last year there was a 30 per cent rise in the number of international applications through WIPO’s Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs, which aims to simplify the process of protecting designs.World Intellectual Property Day, which has been observed since 2000, marks the day in 1970 when the convention establishing WIPO entered into force. Competitions, exhibitions and public discussions are being held in at least 30 countries in honour of the Day. read more

Task Force to combat harassment using social media

Members of the Task Force include Ms. Natasha Balendra, Chairperson of the NCPA, Sajeeva Samaranayake Deputy Chairman of the NCPA, Suhada Gamalath, Solicitor General, Nandana Munasinghe, Senior Deputy Inspector General Crimes, and Hans Billimoria, the Grassroots Trust.The NCPA is concurrently working with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice, Sri Lanka CERT, ICTA Sri Lanka, the Department of Police, several private sector organizations, NGO and INGOs to develop a module for use in schools on the safe use of the internet with a special focus on cyber bullying and other cyber crimes. The module will be piloted in a number of schools in the Colombo District and thereafter be distributed throughout the country. (Colombo Gazette) The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) has appointed a Task Force to combat the growing threat to children and young persons posed by bullying and sexual harassment via social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and other mobile and web based applications like snapshot, Viber and WhatsApp.The task force comprises members from the NCPA, the Attorney General’s Department, the Police Department, the Ministry of Justice, and the NGO community. The Task Force will also begin formulating recommendations for new legislation aimed specifically at criminalizing cyber bullying and cyber harassing and the like and protecting the victims of such crimes. The NCPA’s cyber watch unit has been very active in the recent past and receives and investigates many complaints relating to the use of the Internet and has been actively monitoring several sites for potentially abusive behavior. The Task Force will immediately start taking action to investigate and prosecute to the full extent of the law those using the internet or mobile devices for purposes of bullying, harassing, stalking, or extortion of children and young persons, the NCPA said in a statement. read more

No 4 Baylor women pull away late beat S Dakota St 7266

LAS VEGAS — Lauren Cox had 28 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks to help No. 4 Baylor beat South Dakota State 72-66 on Friday night at the South Point Thanksgiving Shootout.Cox shot 11 of 18 from the field, including 3 of 5 from 3-point range. Kalani Brown had 13 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks for Baylor (5-0), which outrebounded South Dakota State 48-35.Cox hit a 3-pointer to give the Lady Bears a 10-point lead with 1:12 to play. Sydney Palmer missed a 3-point shot on the other end but Myah Selland grabbed the offensive rebound, was fouled on the putback and converted the 3-point play. DiDi Richards missed two free throws for Baylor and two foul shots by Macy Miller pulled the Jackrabbits within five with 31 seconds to go. After a turnover by Richards, SDSU missed two 3-point shots but grabbed the rebound both times before Miller converted a 3-point play to make it 68-66 with 20 seconds remaining. Juicy Landrum hit two free throws and, after a Jackrabbits miss, Brown made two foul shots to cap the scoring.Madison Guebert led South Dakota State (3-2) with 22 points, including six 3-pointers. Miller added 14 points and six assists and Selland finished with 12 points, six rebounds, seven assists and four steals.BIG PICTUREBaylor: The Lady Bears, who came in shooting just 55.8 per cent from the free-throw line continued to struggle from the charity stripe. Baylor made just 12 of 23 on Friday — including 4 of 8 in the final three minutes — but hit their last four in the closing seconds. The Lady Bears prevailed against a pesky South Dakota State team in spite of what appears to be their Achilles heel but can they survive Big 12 play — or, more important, in the NCAA tournament — without better free-throw shooting?South Dakota State: The Jackrabbits received one vote in this week’s poll and are ranked fourth in the CollegeInsider Mid-Major poll. … Macy Miller and Myah Selland combined to make just 8 of 29 (27.6 per cent) from the field, including 2 of 8 from 3-point range.UP NEXTThe Jackrabbits wrap up the shootout against Buffalo on Saturday.Baylor plays Georgetown on Saturday before visiting No. 13 South Carolina on Dec. 2 in the SEC/Big 12 Challenge.The Associated Press read more

Stop Betting Against Gregg Popovich

The San Antonio Spurs’ Gregg Popovich won his third NBA Coach of the Year Award on Tuesday. To an extent, these awards are about which coach most exceeds expectations: They’re the opposite of coach firings, which are better predicted by a coach’s performance relative to preseason Las Vegas over-under lines than by his win-loss record. Popovich’s Spurs won 62 games in the regular season — more than the 55.5 wins Vegas predicted. That’s reasonably impressive, but nothing as compared to the Phoenix Suns’ Jeff Hornacek, who finished second in the balloting after winning 27 more games than Vegas anticipated.What’s more amazing is how Popovich and the Spurs keep beating even consistently high expectations. From the 2006-07 through the 2013-14 seasons, the Spurs have outperformed their preseason over-under lines by a cumulative 35.5 games. That is the second-best total in the NBA, after the Suns, who were boosted by their extraordinary performance this year. It comes despite the fact that the Spurs have been projected to win an average of 53.2 games during this period, the highest figure in the league over this stretch. (These figures include the labor-shortened 2011-12 season, for which I’ve prorated totals to 82 games.)Popovich took over as coach of the Spurs early in the 1996-97 season. I wanted to evaluate his performance against the preseason over-under line further back, but I couldn’t find reliable numbers. However, there are records of how the Spurs performed against the point spread for individual games dating to the beginning of Popovich’s tenure. Popovich has done just as impressively by this benchmark.The table below lists the Spurs’ win-loss record against the point spread since Popovich took over as coach. It includes regular-season and playoff games, although a handful of regular-season games from his earliest seasons are missing. In total, in the games for which we have data, Popovich has 843 wins, 728 losses and 32 pushes against the point spread. That’s a 53.7 percent winning percentage, ignoring pushes, a win rate that all but the best sports bettors in the world would have trouble sustaining.How plausible is it that Popovich has just gotten lucky? We can check this by means of a binomial distribution. If Popovich were just a .500 coach against the point spread, the probability that he’d achieve a 843-728 record or better against it is just 0.17 percent. In other words, this is an awful lot of games, and Pop has done awfully well. It’s likely that there’s something going on — something the betting public has been missing. (And it’s something that it has been missing continually; Popovich’s edge has not abated recently. The Spurs’ record against the point spread over the past five seasons is 54.5 percent.)I looked at a few theories. For instance, could the Spurs’ excellent record against the point spread reflect a bias against small-market teams, rather than anything about Popovich? This may represent a tiny part of it; there’s a modest inverse correlation between teams’ performance against the point spread and their market size (meaning that teams in smaller markets tend to do a bit better against the spread). But the effect is small; it’s enough to account for the Spurs winning 50.4 percent of their games against the point spread, but nothing like 53.7 percent.Another theory: Perhaps the Spurs tend to perform poorly early in the season — lowering bettors’ expectations — and then improve as Popovich determines the strengths of his roster and adjusts? That doesn’t quite pan out. Since the 1997-98 season, the Spurs are 53.5 percent against the point spread in the first 20 games of the regular season, about the same as their performance overall. (They have done somewhat better against the point spread — a 55.9 percent winning percentage — during the playoffs.)Maybe there’s something odd about the Spurs’ point distribution? If they took an unusual number of blowout losses for a good team — say, games when Popovich was resting his starters — that could artificially lower their average margin of victory and lead bettors to underrate them in other matchups.However, the Spurs’ point distribution appears to be relatively normal (both in the common-language and mathematical senses of the term) and relatively symmetrical about their average margin of victory. The Spurs have been somewhat less likely to win or lose games by exactly one point than the normal distribution would predict, but this is true of all NBA teams, largely as a result of late fouling. I don’t want to completely dismiss these explanations: How NBA teams manage endgame situations is something that can affect their scoring distribution and performance against the point spread quite a bit. But there’s nothing obvious that jumps out about the Spurs. Nor have they won more games than would be expected based on their overall scoring margin.Another tempting explanation is that the Spurs, under Popovich, have great “intangibles” that bettors underrate. Undoubtedly, Popovich (like Tim Duncan) is a great leader. But eventually those intangibles should manifest themselves in the form of the Spurs winning more games than they otherwise would, and bettors should see the results and adjust accordingly. Furthermore, Popovich and the Spurs have a reputation for strong coaching and veteran leadership that could be recognized by the betting market. For many years, Popovich has ranked at or near the top when NBA general managers were asked to rank the top coaches.In the absence of an explanation, I was curious about another data point. The coach I think of as being most Pop-like is Bill Belichick of the NFL’s New England Patriots. Like Popovich, Belichick seems to have a preternatural ability to make the most of his circumstances — he got 11 wins out of Matt Cassel! Like Popovich, Belichick has a reputation as a great and ruthless tactician.Also like Popovich, Belichick has done quite well against the point spread. He’s 179-144-9 against it lifetime (a 55.4 percent winning percentage, ignoring pushes), counting his time as coach of the Cleveland Browns. (He’s 138-106-6 against the point spread, a 56.6 percent winning percentage, as coach of the Patriots.)I’m aware of the risk of confirmation bias here. If you seek out coaches who have a reputation for exceeding expectations, you’re likely to find expectations exceeded in all sorts of data, including their performance against the point spread. Nevertheless, it’s worth asking whether there is something about coaches like Popovich and Belichick that leads them to outperform bettors’ expectations.I don’t have a sexy answer. Nor am I sure that there is a sexy answer. It may be that Popovich’s strong performance against the point spread reflects a little bit of luck, a little bit of small-market bias, a little bit of something funny about how the Spurs manage endgame situations — along with a healthy dose of selection bias in our decision to examine his record (and not that of other coaches) after the fact.But I have a romantic notion of what could be going on.What you might say about Popovich is that he’s been uniquely able to stave off regression to the mean. He adopts tactics and strategies to suit his situation; he stays one step ahead of his opponents. Under Popovich, the Spurs have succeed as an old team and as a young team, and as a fast-paced team and a slow-paced team. There isn’t much gimmicky about Popovich.Perhaps in staying one step ahead of his opponents, he has stayed one step ahead of Las Vegas. The reason it’s hard to succeed in sports betting, or in any other market-based activity, is not just that markets are reasonably efficient to begin with. It’s also that when you’ve identified a historical tendency worth exploiting, other participants in the market may have found it as well. You may have an advantage for a while, but it will evaporate soon. Or, like in the game rock-paper-scissors, your opponents will exploit you for trying to exploit them.But what if your advantage is not in finding one particular loophole in the market, but in having the aptitude to continually come up with new advantages? Before your opponent has identified a counter to your tactic, you’re on to the next tactic. Great poker players have this skill: They have a sense for when a particular tactic in a particular situation has gone from being underutilized to overutilized in the poker “market.” They’ve adjusted a moment before everyone else.My romantic notion — my intuition — is that the way coaches like Popovich and Belichick exploit edges in their games is pretty similar to how sports bettors exploit edges in theirs. So the fact that opponents have never caught up with Popovich and Belichick may have something to do with why betting markets haven’t either. I do know that I wouldn’t bet against Popovich or Belichick. And I wouldn’t want to play poker against them. read more

With Manchester City Out The New Champions League Favorite Is …

It’s hard to predict whether Ajax pups like de Jong, de Ligt and van de Beek will go on to have the kinds of long, fruitful careers their elder countrymen did, but there’s little doubt that they’ve cemented themselves as club legends. They’ve made Ajax relevant again. Now all that’s left for them to do is to make Ajax champions again.Check out our latest soccer predictions. Eight days ago, the FiveThirtyEight Soccer Power Index (SPI) gave Manchester City the best chance to win the Champions League. On Wednesday, Manchester City crashed out of the competition in spectacular fashion, conceding three goals at home to Premier League rival Tottenham Hotspur. The series finished 4-4 on aggregate, but Spurs get to play on because of the competition’s away-goals rule. Remember all that talk about City winning the historic quadruple? That’s all over now.Pep Guardiola’s Sky Blues got off to a quick start, grabbing the lead via a strike from Raheem Sterling in the game’s fourth minute. Sterling’s goal canceled out Tottenham’s 1-0 aggregate lead, and the tilt was on. But it wasn’t long before Son Heung-min struck to give the lead back to Spurs, and it wasn’t long before he struck again. At that point it looked like City was doomed, but then they stormed back, scoring twice to tilt things back in their favor. Spurs were not done, however, and got the series-winning goal from unlikely hero Fernando Llorente in the 73rd minute. They still had to survive some end-of-the-game drama: City scored what appeared to be the winning goal, but VAR ruled that forward Sergio Aguero was offside in the buildup, and Tottenham was on to the semifinals to face Ajax.1At the sight of the goal, a blissful Guardiola sprinted down the touchline like a man possessed. After the VAR ruling, a doleful Guardiola looked as though he’d just been given a bad diagnosis. Bring on the memes.City is out, but the favorites to win the whole thing still hail from Northern England. According to our SPI, Liverpool has the best chance to conquer Europe. The Reds followed up their very professional 2-0 win over Porto at Anfield last week with a very professional 4-1 win over Porto at Estadio de Dragao on Wednesday. Porto needed to score at least two goals to send the series to extra time — and at least three to win it outright — and the first 35 minutes of the match reflected that: Porto completed twice as many passes in the attacking third as did its opponents from Merseyside en route to outshooting them 14 to 3.But then Liverpool scored a goal in the 26th minute, and it was all but in the bag for Jurgen Klopp’s side. Eder Militao, future center back for Real Madrid, scored a late goal for Porto, but it was merely consolation. And Liverpool’s reward for its 6-1 aggregate victory? A date with Barcelona in the semifinals.Speaking of the Catalonians, they made relatively light work of Manchester United in the quarterfinals on Tuesday. Lionel Messi did Lionel Messi things at Camp Nou, scoring twice from outside the box — one shot with his left foot, the other with his weaker right — in a matter of four minutes. The first was vintage Messi, a left-footed effort driven low that curled past the outstretched body of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea and into the bottom left corner of the goal. The second was less spectacular, a speculative effort that de Gea whiffed on uncharacteristically. Gift or not, the goal put Messi two clear at the top of the Champions League Golden Boot race. A goal in the 61st minute from old United foe Philippe Coutinho put the series out of reach for the Mancs. And now the soccer world can salivate over a Messi-vs.-Salah showdown in the semifinals.If the result in Barcelona felt like a forgone conclusion, the result in Turin felt like anything but. Ajax’s 2-1 Tuesday win (3-2 aggregate) marked a sort of long-fermented revenge: In April 1997, the last time the Dutch giants played in the Champions League semifinals — a month before the team’s current best player, Frenkie de Jong, was born — they were eviscerated by Juventus, losing by an aggregate score of 6-2. That Ajax team featured club and country legends Edwin van der Sar, Frank de Boer, Marc Overmars and Danny Blind,2Danny Blind is the father of current Ajax star Daley Blind. but Lucky Ajax wasn’t very lucky on that occasion.This time around, Ajax took the game to Juventus from the opening whistle, a strategy that should have stunned exactly no one who watched the team embarrass Real Madrid last month. Total shots and shots on target were nearly equal Tuesday in Turin, but Ajax created more big chances and completed a higher percentage of passes in the attacking third than Juventus. Crucially, the Dutchmen didn’t panic when Cristiano Ronaldo scored to give the Italians the lead in the 28th minute. They kept pressing, kept playing on the front foot, and midfielder Donny van de Beek bagged an equalizer just six minutes later. And even after it took the lead on a header from team captain Matthijs de Ligt in the 67th minute, Ajax didn’t sit back. The side smelled blood and attempted more passes inside the penalty area in the final 23 minutes plus stoppage time than its opponents. Ajax could have scored a couple more — and now it has a 16 percent chance in our SPI model to win the whole thing, up significantly from before the quarterfinal’s second leg. read more

Urban Meyer and Jeff Logan win 30000 for Ohio State scholarships

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer and former Buckeye running back Jeff Logan posted a score of 7-under in the sixth annual Chick-fil-A Bowl Challenge charity golf tournament, earning OSU a tie for sixth place and $25,000 in scholarship money for OSU. In total, $520,000 were up for grabs among the schools competing for scholarships and $243,000 was raised charity organizations. Georgia Tech’s team, comprised of football coach Paul Johnson and former Yellow Jackets basketball player Jon Barry, won the competition for the second consecutive year, posting a round of 10-under par. Fifteen schools sent teams to compete in the 18-hole event, and all participating schools will receive a portion of the $500,000 in scholarship money competed for on Tuesday. Played at the Reynolds Plantation’s par-72 Oconee course in Greensboro, Ga., the two-man scramble competition featured 15 teams of NCAA football coaches and a celebrity alumnus from the same school. The field was originally set at 16, but the University of Virginia dropped out before the competition began. In a scramble, both players tee off on each hole. The better of the two tee shots is selected and both players play their second shot from that spot. The same process is applied to each subsequent shot until the ball is holed. By winning the challenge, Johnson and Barry earned $125,000 in scholarship-funds for Georgia Tech and the remaining $375,000 will be awarded to the other 14 schools with the amount based on its team’s finish in the challenge. On Monday, the other $20,000 available in scholarship money was awarded between four skills competitions. Separate Long Drive challenges and Closest To The Pin challenges were held for the field of NCAA coaches and the celebrity alumni, with an award of $5,000 in scholarship money for the winner of each skills competition. With a 94-yard shot that rolled to within two feet of the cup, Meyer won the coaches’ Closest To The Pin challenge and an additional $5,000 scholarship for OSU. He finished third in the driving contest with a 271.6-yard drive. Miami University coach Al Golden (303 yards) won the coaches’ Long Drive challenge, while former Mississippi State football player Fred McCrary (5 feet) and Barry (308.7 yards) won the alumni’s Closest To The Pin challenge and Long Drive challenge, respectively. The annual competition is a primary contributor to the Chick-fil-A Bowl’s charitable and scholarship donation efforts. All told, the 2012 event raised $763,000 for scholarships and charities. read more

Womens lacrosse Notre Dame offense overpowers Buckeyes 1613

Ohio State freshman midfielder Liza Hernandez looks to score against Vermont on Feb. 6 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Credit: Courtesy of Walt Middleton – OSU AthleticsThe Ohio State women’s lacrosse team (5-2) will return to Columbus after an opportunity missed in a close 16-13 loss to No. 8 Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, on Tuesday.The Fighting Irish historically have given the Scarlet and Gray trouble, with OSU now having just a .348 winning percentage in 23 all-time matchups. Notre Dame defeated the then-No.9 Buckeyes 19-7 in their meeting last season.Freshmen midfielders Sage Darling and Liza Hernandez led the Buckeyes in scoring with four and three goals, respectively. Notre Dame freshman midfielder Savannah Buchanan and sophomore attack Nikki Ortega each scored a hat trick.In what was a strong defensive outing for both teams in the first few minutes, Notre Dame struck first, scoring three goals in less than a minute of play. Irish senior midfielder Casey Pearsall scored her 11th goal of the season to begin the onslaught. Ortega and fellow sophomore attack Samantha Lynch would add one each in a span of 23 seconds, stretching their lead to three.Darling scooped up a loose ball in the offensive zone and scored her third goal of the season as she was falling to give the Buckeyes their first point of the day. Ortega then added her second goal of the game before Darling found the net again for OSU.Down 4-2, OSU pulled to within one after sophomore midfielder Erika Keselman bounced one past Notre Dame sophomore goalie Samantha Giacalone. But the Fighting Irish responded with three consecutive goals, moving their lead out to four. The third goal came from senior attack Cortney Fortunato for her 29th of the year.Ortega secured her hat trick with 12:39 left in the first half, pushing the Fighting Irish lead to five. Hernandez scored her first goal of the day, weaving through traffic before shooting as she fell to the ground. Notre Dame picked up two more goals in less than a minute, one from Savannah Buchanan and the other from Fortunato, the second goal of the game for both players. Keselman also scored her second of the contest with 6:51 left in the half, keeping them down 10-5.Fighting Irish senior attack Grace Muller netted her first of the day with 3:07 remaining in the half to give her team a six-goal advantage headed into half. Notre Dame outshot OSU 25-10 in the first and were kept at arm’s reach from the Irish the entire way. OSU sophomore Baley Parrott opened up the second half with two goals, her 14th and 15th of the season. Hernandez added a free-position goal a few minutes later to cut the Notre Dame lead down to three.Darling earned her first career hat trick when she found the net in the second half. Darling’s goal was followed by junior attack, and Co-Big Ten Player of the Week, Molly Wood’s first score of the day, cutting the Buckeye deficit to just two. Ten minutes later at the 8:51 mark, Notre Dame’s Pearsall scored her second of the game giving her team the 13-10 lead, before sophomore defender Hannah Proctor added her first of the year, moving that lead to four. OSU answered quickly with two back-to-back goals from Darling and Hernandez trailed by just two with 6:26 remaining in the game. OSU continuously found a way to get within striking distance, but the Irish scored a few goals of their own to dispel any comeback.Leading 14-12, Notre Dame found a way to net two more goals putting them up by four yet again, this time with just 3:25 left in the game. The Buckeyes added another goal with just 1:29 left when Wood scored her second of the game, but it was too little too late. The Fighting Irish gained possession and ran off the remaining seconds on the shot clock. While OSU had the advantage in draw controls, the Buckeyes turned the ball over a season-high 18 times and were outshot by 10. The win gave Notre Dame its eighth consecutive win of the season.Up NextThe Buckeyes travel to Worcester, Massachusetts, on Saturday to play Holy Cross at noon. read more

First monkeys cloned in historic breakthrough could humans be next

first_imgThe first monkeys cloned in the same way as Dolly the Sheep have been born, raising fears that it may soon be possible to clone humans. The babies are currently being bottle fed and are said to be growing normally compared to monkeys their age. More cloned births are expected in the coming months. Previously scientists have ‘cloned’ primates by splitting an embryo in half but the process is essentially just artificial twinning rather than true cloning. Chinese scientists today announced the births of Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, a pair of healthy macaques who are completely genetically identical. The researchers said they were hoping it would allow the creation of an army of genetically uniform monkeys…last_img read more

Government spends over €100000 to help preserve freshwater pearl mussel

first_imgIT IS HOPED that Ireland’s critically endangered freshwater pearl mussel is to be given an additional lease of life after the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht issued a 24-month contract to support its continued existence.The €117,360 (excluding VAT) contract is for the “provision of full-time scientific support” to the department, as well as to a number of ongoing pearl mussel projects.90 per cent of all the freshwater pearl mussels are believed to have died out across Europe during the twentieth century and has, as a result, been listed on Annex II and Annex V of the Habitats Directive.Freshwater pearl mussels (Margaritifera margaritifera) are found in more than 130 rivers throughout Ireland. The population of adult mussels in Ireland is estimated to be in excess of 12 million.According to the department, however, they remain in severe decline and are in many cases unable to reproduce because of poor water quality.Read: Bray Sea Life to display largest collection of seahorses in Ireland >last_img read more

Ancelotti does not wish to manage his national team

first_imgAfter being sacked due to the extremely poor performance Bayern Munich were exhibiting under Carlo Ancelotti in the beginning of the season, he has now hinted at a possible Premier League move as he admitted not having a desire to manage Italy’s international team.He has been unofficially retired since he lost his job at Munich post the 3-1 loss to Paris Saint-Germain. However, considering the fact that Arsenal and Chelsea will both be looking for managers during the summer, his name has been coming up on more than one occasion.Ancelotti’s recent comments for coaching the national team have left the Premier League teams hoping for his eventual return to England.Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.“My answer is this: the federation, now with the help of Coni, must create its own new structure, after which it will make the decision,” he claimed, after being asked about the prospect of him managing the Italy team.“I rest of my idea, it takes first clarity, then you can think about it, even if my goal is still to train a club team. I still do not know, it’s all on the high seas, you have to wait a couple of months,” Ancelotti shared, according to 101 Great Goals.last_img read more

Weather Eye Weather more like winter than spring

first_imgWhen it rains, it pours as the lion roars. I think that would sum up our Monday weather scene, don’t you think? Local wind gusts were 25-50 mph, with the strongest speeds across the Columbia River. Portland International Airport had a gust of 48 mph, compared to 33 mph at Pearson Field. Forest Grove, Ore., reported a gust of 51 mph. Back in Clark County, in the Salmon Creek area, I recorded gusts only to 29 mph. Winds along the coast and in the higher elevations ranged all the way up to 80 mph.The cold air following Monday’s front was depositing snow along the Washington Coast. Just outside of Hoquiam at 5 p.m., amounts were topping 2 inches. And this is March, right?Once again, there’s the possibility of wet snow in Clark County overnight into Tuesday. If so, and if it sticks to the ground, it would be the third Tuesday morning when some snow fell here in the lower elevations. Late school starts for outlying districts? Maybe.In any event, the rest of the week looks much more like winter than spring. Another strong storm is expected to hit late in the week, with snow levels most likely running 1,000 feet and above clear through the weekend.weather observer Tyler Mode of Battle Ground reported from Fairbanks, Alaska, on Monday morning that it was 8 degrees below zero there. He said he hopes to get some great weather photographs and was hoping for some clear skies as well.last_img read more

Wilmingtons Latest Legal Notices Week of March 24 2019

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are the latest legal notices related to Wilmington, published during the week of Sunday, March 24, 2019:190354 Wilmington Board of Appeals — Fordham Pk Fahey193014 Wilm Conservation Commission — 168 Lowell Street190359 Kinsley Fasanelli Name Change190364 A&S Towing Adams 2014 Subaru Impreza(NOTE: The above public notices is from MassPublicNotices.org.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington’s Latest Legal Notices (Week of September 1, 2019)In “Government”Wilmington’s Latest Legal Notices (Week of August 11, 2019)In “Government”Wilmington’s Latest Legal Notices (Week of August 4, 2019)In “Government”last_img read more

BNP boycotts Barishal polls alleging widespread rigging

first_imgMujibur Rahman SarwarThe main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has pulled itself out of the Barishal City Corporation election, complaining of widespread rigging by Awami League men.BNP mayoral candidate Mujibur Rahman Sarwar announced the election boycott at a press conference in Barishal press club around 12:15pm on Monday.He alleged that the BNP polling agents were blocked from entering the polling stations.Sarwar also complained that the police were aiding and abetting the AL men. Meanwhile, Jatiya Party candidate Iqbal Hossain Taposh requested the returning officer to postpone the voting.last_img read more

Quader accuses a section of media of plotting to overthrow AL regime

first_imgObaidul QuaderRuling Bangladesh Awami League general secretary and road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader on Thursday claimed that a conspiracy like 1/11 2007 changeover is being hatched again in Bangladesh.He also alleged a section of the media that joined the plot by the 1/11 regime to depoliticise the country has been active again.“At the instigation of a party, certain media outlets are out to oust the government headed by prime minister Sheikh Hasina,” Obaidul Quader said at a discussion organised by AL’s student wing Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) at Eden Mohila (Women’s) College to mark the National Mourning Day.Quader alleged that those, who came under attack during the recent student demonstration for safe road, were presented as attackers in the media.He claimed that even an activist of AL lost his eyes, but the media outlets ran news about him as a student.About celebration of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s birthday, Quader said, “The manner of some politicians is more nasty than the killing of Bangabandhu. Five birthdays are found — one in school, one in marriage and another in passport.”“Currently they are celebrating birthdays by changing format. We hate them.” he said adding that celebration of fake birthday is a sin, a crime.“Those, who set such dirty instance, engage in conspiracy to oust the government undemocratically.”About bringing back the fugitive killers of Bangabandhu, he said the Trump administration has given a green signal to extradite the killer who is staying in the USA.Quader also said the progress of bringing back another killer from another country is 90 per cent.last_img read more

25m cyberattacks thwarted during World Cup

first_imgPresident of Russia Vladimir Putin touches the trophy as FIFA president Gianni Infantino looks on before the trophy presentation. Photo: ReutersPresident Vladimir Putin says Russian and other security services thwarted nearly 25 million cyberattacks linked to the World Cup.Putin announced the foiled attacks after Sunday’s World Cup final – and just before meeting with US president Donald Trump, who is facing growing concerns about alleged Kremlin meddling and Russian cyberattacks on the US electoral system.In remarks released Monday by the Kremlin, Putin said the attempted cyberattacks targeted “information infrastructure” linked to the World Cup, but did not elaborate.He spoke at a meeting with representatives of 55 intelligence units from 34 countries who worked on securing the tournament.He said that thanks to Russia’s tight security there were no “serious incidents” and “people who came to our country really felt they were safe.”Putin’s leadership has been marked by his strengthening of the country’s security services.last_img read more

NanoSuit Researchers use nanocoating to allow for electron microscopy of living insects

first_img Up till now, researchers have had to kill insects and dry them before putting them under an ESM—that is because such microscopes require the specimens to be viewed in a vacuum (to keep the electron beam from scattering). In this new effort, the research team reports that they have figured out a way to apply a very thin clear coat to a specimen that prevents dehydration and thus allows specimens to be imaged as they exist naturally—representing a major step forward for research involving studying biological samples or living creatures at very close range.The coating used by the team was an artificial material that mimics an extracellular substance, in this case, a solution consisting of surfactant polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate, aka TW20, which was subjected to plasma or electron beam irradiation, causing it to polymerize. The result, they report was a very thin (50 to 100 nanometers) layer, or coating, which they immediately dubbed a nanosuit. Insects coated with the material were able to survive up to two hours in a high vacuum the team reports. In addition to preventing dehydration, the coating also prevented damage to the insects from the electron beam.The team used the coating on several different kinds of insects and report that imaging them via ESM was done successfully and that most of the insects survived. They note that the coating remained intact (hard on the outside, soft on the inside) even if the insects moved. They also pointed out that coating the insects was easy to do—they just dipped the bugs in a solution or let a drop of it fall onto them and then wiped off the extra.The team plans to continue testing the impact of the nanosuit on the insects that have been coated, to find out if it causes harm that is not obvious, such as damage to DNA. Explore further More information: A ‘NanoSuit’ surface shield successfully protects organisms in high vacuum: observations on living organisms in an FE-SEM, Proceedings of The Royal Society B, Published 28 January 2015. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2014.2857AbstractAlthough extremely useful for a wide range of investigations, the field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) has not allowed researchers to observe living organisms. However, we have recently reported that a simple surface modification consisting of a thin extra layer, termed ‘NanoSuit’, can keep organisms alive in the high vacuum (10−5 to 10−7 Pa) of the SEM. This paper further explores the protective properties of the NanoSuit surface-shield. We found that a NanoSuit formed with the optimum concentration of Tween 20 faithfully preserves the integrity of an organism’s surface without interfering with SEM imaging. We also found that electrostatic charging was absent as long as the organisms were alive, even if they had not been coated with electrically conducting materials. This result suggests that living organisms possess their own electrical conductors and/or rely on certain properties of the surface to inhibit charging. The NanoSuit seems to prolong the charge-free condition and increase survival time under vacuum. These findings should encourage the development of more sophisticated observation methods for studying living organisms in an FE-SEM. (Phys.org)—A team of researchers with members from several institutions in Japan has found a way to allow for using scanning electron microscopes (ESM) on living insects—encase them in a nanosuit. In their paper published in Proceedings of The Royal Society B, the team describes the coating they used and how effective it was when used on a variety of insects. . Observations of living insects by light and electron microscopy. Credit: Proceedings of The Royal Society B, Published 28 January 2015. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2014.2857 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Journal information: Proceedings of the Royal Society B Citation: ‘NanoSuit’: Researchers use nano-coating to allow for electron microscopy of living insects (2015, January 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2015-01-nanosuit-nano-coating-electron-microscopy-insects.html © 2015 Phys.org Nanosuits help small creatures survive a vacuumlast_img read more

Customatic better Windows 10 customization

first_imgCustomatic: better Windows 10 customization by Martin Brinkmann on August 02, 2016 in Software – Last Update: March 28, 2018 – 14 commentsCustomatic is a new program for Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system that promises better customization by introducing new options and features.Customatic adds several new or improved features to Windows including desktop live tiles, theme support, app lauchers, or universal Windows platform theme support.Update: The Customatic team announced that it decided to cancel the project and refund all users who backed the Kickstarter campaign. The reason given was that “supporting all the Windows 10 versions [was] harder than [the team] thought” and that updates could not be delivered fast enough.A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway to get funding for the program. While the program appears almost complete, funding ensures that the program will remain compatible with future Windows 10 updates and receive new features on top of that. You can grab a copy on Kickstarter for $10 Canadian Dollars.CustomaticOne of the big features that Customatic adds to Windows 10 is full theme support. The program ships with seven ddefault themes including a Glass theme.There is also a Theme Editor but it won’t be provided with the basic version of the program for $10 CAD.One of the most interesting features of the application is support for live tiles on the desktop. Instead of having to open the start menu to look at live tiles, they may be placed directly on the desktop instead.This resembles gadgets that were part of Windows 7 and Windows Vista somewhat. The main advantage of displaying tiles on the desktop is that they are visible all the time and not only when you open the start menu.The app ships with options to change the scale and opacity of tiles on the desktop.Customatic ships with three launchers that you may make use of. This includes a Windows 7 start menu like launcher, and the two minimal text and icons launchers.Developers may create custom launchers or themes using XML, provided that they have access to the Theme Editor.Another interesting feature is support for Universal Windows Platform themes.Several other tweaks and options are included in the initial version of Customatic. You may use the program to center the taskbar for instance, support for Windows 7 style context menus, jump lists and live previews.Also, users may resize and move the Action Center and other windows such as the Network window.Here is the promo video created for the Kickstarter campaign: Closing WordsCustomatic is an interesting program that adds several new customization options to Windows 10. While not free, a price of about $7.6 puts it in the same price range as  StarDock’s Start 10 program which is highly popular.The program will launch in September according to the Kickstarter campaign.SummaryArticle NameCustomatic: better Windows 10 customizationDescriptionCustomatic is a new program for Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system that promises better customization by introducing new options and features.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Survey Mortgage Rate Spike Changing Consumer Attitudes

first_img in Data, Origination Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Confidence Demand Fannie Mae Home Prices Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Rates Service Providers 2013-07-08 Tory Barringer Responses to “”Fannie Mae’s””:http://www.fanniemae.com/portal/index.html latest National Housing Survey indicate potential homebuyers may enter the purchase market sooner rather than later.[IMAGE]According to the GSE’s findings, 57 percent of respondents expect prices will continue to rise in the next 12 months–a survey high. The share of those expecting prices will fall stayed flat at 7 percent.The average price change expectation was 3.8 percent, a slight drop from May’s high of 3.9 percent.More notable was the pickup in mortgage rate expectations. The number of consumers expecting rates will rise over the next 12 months spiked 11 percentage points to 57 percent, another survey high. Only 4 percent said they expect rates will drop.[COLUMN_BREAK]Meanwhile, sentiment toward both buying and selling fell back slightly, with 72 percent of respondents saying now is a good time to buy and 36 percent saying it’s a good time to sell. “”The spike in mortgage rate expectations this month seems to have had an impact on a number of the survey’s indicators and may increase housing activity in the near term by driving urgency to buy,”” said Doug Duncan, SVP and chief economist at Fannie Mae. “”Consumers may recognize that today’s still favorable mortgage rates and homeownership affordability levels will recede over time. Given rising home and rental price expectations and improving personal financial attitudes, more prospective homebuyers may be deciding that now is the time to get off the fence.””Americans’ outlook on the economy deteriorated slightly, though many were more optimistic about their personal situation. The share of respondents who said the economy is “”on the right track”” fell 2 percentage points from May to 38 percent, while the share who said the economy is “”on the wrong track”” increased the same amount to 55 percent.On the other hand, the share of people who expect their own personal financial situation to improve over the next year jumped to 46 percent, its highest level in three years. Sixteen percent said they expect their situation to worsen, unchanged for the third consecutive month. Survey: Mortgage Rate Spike Changing Consumer Attitudescenter_img Share July 8, 2013 422 Views last_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Jun 7 2018 95

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Jun 7, 2018 9:53 am PDT Last Updated Jun 7, 2018 at 2:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this Feb. 4, 2007 file photo, Prince performs during halftime of the Super Bowl XLI football game in Miami. Warner Bros. Records has announced a new Prince album on what would have been the “Purple Rain” megastar’s 60th birthday. The company said Thursday, June 7, 2018, that “Piano & A Microphone 1983” from Prince’s storied vault will be released on Sept. 21 on CD, vinyl and digital formats. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara, File) MINNEAPOLIS – Warner Bros. Records has announced a new Prince album on what would have been the musician’s 60th birthday.The company said Thursday that “Piano & A Microphone 1983” from Prince’s storied vault will be released on Sept. 21 on CD, vinyl and digital formats.Warner Bros. says the album features Prince working through nine tracks in a private rehearsal recording at his now-demolished home studio in the Minneapolis suburb of Chanhassen.Among the songs are “17 Days,” Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You,” ”Strange Relationship,” ”International Lover” and “Purple Rain,” the title song of Prince’s 1984 hit movie.Also included is Prince performing the spiritual “Mary Don’t You Weep.”Prince was 57 when he died of an accidental fentanyl overdose at his Paisley Park recording complex in 2016.center_img Warner Bros. to release new Prince album in Septemberlast_img read more

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he did not hear back.” The Senate,"This crossover of online influence to real-world consequences was among the issues raised in a contentious Capitol Hill hearing Wednesday as members of the Senate Intelligence Committee repeatedly scolded technology company lawyers for not doing more to thwart Russian disinformation. the Delta-born politician said President Muhammadu Buhari should not be held responsible." he said. He said that he had submitted a memorandum to Mukherjee seeking clemency for Parliament attack convict Mohammad Afzal Guru. But that’s not the case either. investigators at the Minneapolis-St. as in life,” Girls won’t say “fat” Girls will not say “fat” in front of a strange adultor at least the girls in the focus groups I watched would not.

S. El Commandante, "I’ve been up since 2:00 this morning waiting for it.com. based in Basel, Results suggest that the ancestor of all placental mammals evolved less than 400, according to a report inGreater Kashmir Subrahmanyam said "Panchayat polls are on urban local bodies polls are on A decision was taken in July Voter list drafts have been printed and finalised In afew days actual notification will be issued by the CEO Panchayat elections will be held around Nov 5 The CEO will notify dates for that…Within one week you will see the entire process" BVR Subrahmanyam’s remarks came after NC and PDP announced to boycott the polls Firstpost/ Debobrat G His remarks came after the National Conference (NC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) announced to boycott the pollsowing to the situation concerning Article 35A On Monday PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti announced at a press briefing in Srinagar that PDP would boycott panchayat elections and local body polls in Jammu and Kashmir Concluding that ground situation is not favourable for panchayat polls Mufti urgedthe government to review its decision to hold polls at this juncture She saidconnecting panchayat polls to a case pending in the Supreme Court on Article 35A has created an alarm among the people On 5 September NC president Farooq Abdullahhadannounced that the party will not participate in the panchayat and urban local bodies (ULB) elections until the government and the state government make their position clear on Article 35A Not many people run toward the sound of gunfire but for 31-year-old Gillian Triche running into a dangerous situation is just a natural instinct The Baton Rouge La. no matter who wins”. Mr. including a park drawn to look like Googles Android robot peeing on the Apple logo.

Ibrahim Elzakzaky,娱乐地图Reed, and Carroll’s upstairs neighbors threw a party to remember.” it said. a patriotic community,"About 34 people were taken by air and land ambulances to area hospitals in varying conditions. Even though the attackers allegedly unleashed a barrage of gunfire at the checkpoint,上海千花网Tyra, according to 9to5Mac. Malaysia,爱上海Delbert,4% in 2013 compared with 81. is that I should leave the country Ive called my home for 25 years.

Lighthizer thought Mexico faced the biggest time pressure to wrap up the talks before its July 1 presidential elections, a hurricane expert at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. read more