Lobbying in Capitals corridors

first_imgAs per recent surveys, Delhi is among the biggest five cities of the world. The ancient city of Delhi has been transformed from a sleepy government town to a megacity in under three decades. This has completely changed the ethos of the city. Once a town dominated by courteous government officials and small-scale businessmen, Delhi today has changed into a power centre.Once a city becomes a megacity, its residents must adapt themselves in order to survive. Every megacity has its own rules. A resident must know how to abide by these rules. These places are melting pots for regional or global immigrants. Hence ambitions rule supreme. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Hail the rise of the ‘lobbyist’. In Delhi, your connections really count. Whether it is securing a government contract or getting a loan sanctioned, it is imperative to get an influential lobbyist.The original word for these people is ‘broker’. However in recent times this word has been relegated to petty people who stand outside courts or government offices. The term ‘lobbyist’ now refers to those with direct connections to the high and mighty.    Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAs they are in direct communication with the people who matter, your appointment will be fixed instantly. The lobbyist will ensure that no odd questions are asked. In Delhi, there are many types of lobbyists. There are political lobbyists, corporate lobbyists, export lobbyists etc. You meet them in high-profile marriages of politicians or industrialists, at embassy parties, corporate dos or at a chamber of commerce.The usual fashion statement for a political lobbyist is a stark white churidar kurta worn with a black high collar sleeveless jacket, with matching footwear. They may be wearing an expensive watch that will be the cost of a sedan. They will carry three to five expensive phones. Their car however may cost less than their watch, to avoid attention. Most corporate or export lobbyists may opt for Westernwear. They may be extremely pleasant, in well-cut business suits, driving expensive cars to choice social soirees…but they are much harder to spot.last_img

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