30 years for airbus helicopters

Airbus Helicopters Canada is celebrating 30 years in the country.On Saturday the company opened it’s Fort Erie facility to give family of employees an inside look at the plant and a chance to see some of the most advanced helicopters in the world.Helicopters have come a long way in the past 30 years.The airbus ride is smoother, more luxurious and thanks to new technology, a lot quieter.The airbus 350 B3 was also the first to land on Mount Everest.The company has garnered 190 customers operating over 680 aircraft.Approximately 600 employees and family members toured the plant Saturday and checked out the finished helicopters.At the plant they assemble all the inside components and paint the frame.The design can be customized and very detailed.The facility is recognized as a centre of excellence for component manufacturing.It makes components that are shipped all over the world.Sales at Airbus Helicopters Canada have reached over $100 million a year.

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