Hair Tools Butterfly Hair Clamps 12pk BLACK : Just what I wanted

first_imgThe only snag is that they could do with being a bit bigger as they don’t always hold my hair in place as securely as i’d like. All in all though, they’re great for when i’m just putting my hair up out of the way for a short period. Fantastic value, great grip. . Was delighted with how well these work – wasn’t expecting much for the price but they are every bit as good if not better than those for sale in chemists for a much higher price. My hair is below the shoulders and these grip it well. Do what intended to do but the following day could have had the identical clips from a local discount store branch for a fraction of the price but you live and learn, looks about your local discount stores for such items before ordering. They came extremely fast which i wanted, since i want to take them on holiday with me soon. The are perfect size, the springs work great and all in all i am beyond happy. Just as expected.Just what I wantedGreat little hair piecesReally Great ValueFantastic value, great grip.Great product, great priceHair Tools Butterfly Hair Clamps 12pk BLACK. Love these, would definitely buy again. Just one is enough to hold up all of my hair which is of moderate thickness. They have really good grip and not one has broken so far. I use these to section my hair whilst shortening. I’m pretty heavy handed with them but none have broken after quite a bit of use. Really pleased with them especially for the price. Defo worth the money – excellent. Very pleased with product as for how cheap they were. Do the job perfectly, have been using them a few months now to section my hair and they haven’t broke or fallen apart so very happy. 12 strong clips, obviously not the best, super-duper quality but they do the job as well as others (or even better) that i’ve bought from claire’s, boots, sainsbury’s. Can’t see them breaking unless i step on them. What did i do before these, such wasted time. These are honestly a buy i’m glad i made its made straightening, curling my hair and so forth easier and quicker. On my initial purchase i was worried that they would not be strong but i was completely wrong. They are sturdy hair clips which are holding up brilliantly, i’ve had these since very early october 2015 and not a single one has broken despite me dropping and gripping at times quite tightly – have accidentally broken other hair clips/clamps in the past. These are also great for both long and short hair. Arrived quickly and are extremely useful, especially when deep conditioning in the shower or when cutting my hair (i cut my own hair). Mum keeps stealing them, so it’s a good thing there are so many in the packet. I’ve previously experienced poor quality when buying butterfly clamps, but these are quite sturdy, and not one has broken yet even though i’ve used them for months. Really strong very good value for money. Quick delivery, perfect size. Easy to use perfect for thin hair. Arrived very quickly so very happy with this product. Can’t complain, very cheap and does what it says on the tin, holds all my hair up (and i have quite a lot of it). Arrived very quickly so very happy with this product. Amazing clips that actually hold up unlike others, as they always seem to slide off my hair. These are great for people who have thick hair. Like me, i have mounds of hair and i cannot fir the plastic flimsy ones around a pony tail, so i bought these and they fit great. Could need two at times but one does a good job too. Arrived on time and were packaged appropriately. I’ve been using them pretty much every day and there’s been no sign of wear and tear. Arrived within a couple of days and they hold my hair up nicely.last_img

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