Major parties need to rein their supporters in

first_imgDear Editor,In recognising the intensification of a variety of threats to peace posed by the political tensions that surround the current election campaigns, the Universal Peace Federation – Guyana, wishes to condemn the political rhetoric that is causing great confusion, annoyance, distrust and humiliation within the minds and hearts of the citizens of Guyana.These unnecessary pains, which are obviously acting up on the emotionalism of some of our peoples, could turn riotous. We have recently seen tensions in Laing Avenue, Sophia and certain parts of Region Five.It would appear that there is a very thin line that is keeping the side being attacked from retaliating. And, we fear that when or if they do, this could foment into mini riots or even a civil war. We have seen wasted lives and unnecessary pains unleashed on families in countries like Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, the Congo, South Africa, India and Pakistan – where people are being killed, injured and/or destroyed by these uncalled-for incidences. Locally, we saw such similar incidences in Agricola, when the city was actually locked down. In the late 1990s, just after the elections, some people were brutalised in our city while heading home from work.The Universal Peace Federation has been involved with dozens of countries around the world to create a state of harmony and peace. We are, therefore, calling all our political leaders and political parties, especially the more mature ones, to please watch the rhetoric and try not to humiliate one another when they enter the political field. Also, the Opposition needs to avoid calling for the chasing out of the President, the Ministers or the leaders when they visit certain areas and communities where they predominate. This goes for the APNU/AFC Government as well.Further, The Universal Peace Federation urges all party members and their respective supporters not to misbehave. All political parties vying for elections need to show maturity, intellect and avoid putting our country to shame. We recommend that these political parties urgently sign the powerful peace accord that is in the process of being created and stick to the terms and conditions of this accord.The Universal Peace Federation calls upon everyone to show respect and to have restraint. Each party has a right to state their case. No one should obstruct or block them from going into any particular area. Also, people also have a right to ask their questions to the presenters. It is unfortunate that this political heckling is a normal part of the Caribbean culture, but the violent boisterous behaviour and insults are uncalled for from the two major parties of Guyana.In conclusion, we, the members of The Universal Peace Federation wish to remind the Government, Opposition and the general public that we may not always agree with each other, but it is important we respect each other.Sincerely,Hajji Dr Roshan KhanNational ChairmanUniversal PeaceFederation – Guyanalast_img

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