The site is the common problem and solution of K

site is the four highest incidence of K common problems. The site appeared to be K phenomenon, how can we solve the


chain quality is a key factor determining the Google PR value, of course, for the website keywords ranking also play a good role, so the exchange Links became head of the daily work. And the high quality of the exchange station Links can obtain high PR output value for your website, but the exchange Links and punished by search engine station, because the station will suffer joint punishment, it has also become a website by a common phenomenon in K. read more

View of the two stable keywords ranking love Shanghai

since ancient times, are Dajiangshan difficult, more difficult to keep country, do stand is the same reason. To do a new, early is very hard, not only to enrich the content, but also the construction of the chain. Website ranking up although the content and the chain is not so hard, but must have always on tenterhooks day, worried about ranking dropped, perhaps this is the station to see the love of Shanghai face life pain. After getting up, most of the webmaster is to open the computer, we must first check your site keywords ranking is still afraid to wake up, no site. It is the same with me, but I’m lucky every day can see your own website. read more

Content optimization direction of 2016 related enterprise website

second, to show the positive application illustrated. Because many sales promotion enterprise website or the corresponding products, traditional content model is more to show in the form of pictures and parameters, this will let many users see Yunshanwuzhao, not knowing why it is so natural. In the new year, we want to get rid of this single show the contents of the form, but with similar Taobao products to show the form of it through the use of personnel, the corresponding operation plus, make use of the product and related functions are better able to show to the user, and it can also effectively illustrated the way enhanced web pages can be read, and thus enhance the quality of content. read more

Beginners familiar with the company’s business to make optimization strategy of

second, beginners do not optimize to optimize. The second point is a lot of new optimization most headache, if the website is not optimized by details so keywords has not forthcoming, once the optimization intention too much publicity would have been down the right search engine, so this time, how should we grasp the optimal size, in fact it seems that you should make clear the purpose of optimization and service object in the author, if your starting point is from the user point of view you can let go to carry out optimization of your work, but the main reason for over a lot of new optimization is the wrong object, blindly to cater to the search engine, such as the title actually put the number of keywords, you should analyze your website theme and user request, if blindly to a large number of repeated keywords obviously your intention is to optimize and stack keywords, service object into a long love Shanghai. The follow-up will certainly lead to optimization. read more

How to optimize the method of top website article

can be seen from above, regardless of whether the user is the search keywords "love Shanghai" or search ranking optimization, search keywords "love Shanghai" search optimization ranking I can get home page ranking. Read the following case by case to explain how to optimize the.

article head optimization


write on your keywords must choose keywords with high heat in the search, but also the relevance and content of the article you wrote more than eighty percent. read more

Optimization of setbacks encountered in the process of website operation optimization


first, the high quality of the original article writing difficulty. Can not deny that many optimization personnel are station or program origin, its copy level there will be some flaws, coupled with the Internet products similar, especially enterprise site, product features are very similar, which caused during the process of writing problems, when just beginning to enter an industry may also slightly writing inspiration. With the rapid increase of the number of articles, own the source material often appeared increasingly exhausted, which resulted in our website article writing quality problems, the author thinks that face the difficulties in reading industry news, observe peers and competitors, understand the news, newspapers, magazines and periodicals industry will provide help for us writing. read more

A thought of love in Shanghai launched sitelink triggered

why I say it?

from the 628 events of the year, love Shanghai has not stopped, the big moves constantly, algorithm several upgrades, but it is a change in style, several changes are also specially issued notice. From the love of Shanghai series of actions, there is a clear objective, that is, to consolidate the station station reputation status, to further reduce the trash living space, let the novice webmaster more challenges.

Of course, the sitelink

The following figure:

compared with nobility baby sitelink, small classification l> love here in Shanghai. read more

Do five basic work easily reduce the site’s jump out rate

is like a person, only to have the external beauty is not enough, if there is no inner beauty, she is only a vase. For our site with single speed and attract the attention of designers enough, visitors to your site and not to design your site, they still want to get the information they want mainly. And it is the soul of a site, which affects the site’s ranking and low bounce rate. I think we need to do better content, and don’t abuse

Design of

, ensure the page opening speed read more

How do search engine has not been included in the website


if you have encountered such embarrassing and helpless, the line on the website for a long time, but has not been included in the search engine, a customer facing the pressing and puzzled, let others increasingly feel that you are a rookie Shanghai dragon Er, optimized for a long time even the website search engine is not included, even a search engines are not fixed, but also what to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization? On the other hand, the search engine is not what I can control, what time to search the Pastebin website who knows? Whenever I encounter this problem, each for the Shanghai dragon Er people, the heart do not know how many in the roaring horse. read more

360 search along the way to launch the third generation of search technology

360 for the first generation of search technology is artificial retrieval represented by YAHOO, the search technology as artificial retrieval technology is not advanced, there are some shortcomings, less information and manual operation. The second generation of search technology is autolinking analysis technology represented by Google, according to the definition of "anti chain weights, using the crawler to crawl the page content and keyword matching. The second generation technology by artificial evolution to search acquisition machine, but there are still shortcomings, it is difficult to shield malicious sites and malicious Shanghai dragon. Summary of the first and second generation technique. The third generation technology is more mature, technical analysis of "PeopleRank" by netizens social evaluation, according to the poll ranking show direct reaction. read more

Apache Struts2 high risk vulnerabilities struck please timely attention

Zhang Xin 贵族宝贝 blog: Blog: focus on network marketing and the Shanghai dragon, network marketing, network promotion, website optimization, website planning, Shanghai Phoenix, SEM exchange of views and experience sharing.

webmaster, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform now issued a safety risk notice, check the webmaster site investigation using the Struts2 framework, such as the use of your own website timely diagnosis of the existence of the vulnerability. To this end, the security alliance partner scanv security emergency center developed an online tool, can help you quickly diagnose the existence of this vulnerability, click Details: 贵族宝贝scanv贵族宝贝/tools/. read more

Four Misunderstandings in learning Shanghai dragon can not be ignored


3 new sites in the short term, should avoid excessive increase in the chain, pointing text etc.. The increase is the chain to a steady increase in the short term, if you add a lot, then you can do every day to increase so much? Less time, changes in volatility, may cause the search engine to alert. Buy a lot of high weight of the chain webmaster all know, your short-term rankings may be rising, but when you are removed due to high weight when your ranking will fall down, you buy the chain like to eat opium, if you eat, you have to insist on eating. I still advise you don’t buy what make the weight of the chain, of course, if you have enough money, then continue to eat! read more

Don’t bury yourself in the so called Shanghai Dragon Technology

Er Shanghai Longfeng not without cost, but the cost is also more and more high, now the cost is already a few years ago several times.


and some lost, most easily tightly entangled in the Shanghai dragon, finally "killed" in the Shanghai dragon above. Shanghai dragon Er is not only the need to change the thinking, but also the commercial awareness and life planning.

reality is a hammer, but fantasy is a fragile egg.

this stage is the bonus period, income is very easy to go up.

don’t cure yourself, don’t bury yourself in Shanghai dragon, it is only the method and tool. read more

An example analysis of influence on the search engine website server

, a website snapshot update error

three, website keywords ranking drop


server not less to domain name to the new IP, may love Shanghai’s own server cache DNS, after the replacement of the IP website, although the domain name has been correctly pointed to the new IP address, but the cache domain to love Shanghai or old IP, to love Shanghai or go to the old spider crawling the server, but the server has stopped due to the old site of the SQL process, only IIS is normal, when the spider crawling website, can crawl home is as shown in the error page. read more

2016 new chain layout skills quickly improve website ranking

If you know

specific classification? I after years of exploration, summed up the following points:

is good inside chain website can give extra points, also has a significant effect on the number of long tail keywords promotion. However, a lot of people at the time of the operation but because of various reasons, and fail to achieve the desired effect, then, specifically how to operate is right? Today I would like to share with you some of my personal experience in this area.

The use of read more

Four factors on the website included the number change of the height of the love of Shanghai

from above, we already know the importance of home, if you want to be included in the article did not appear on the home page, so it is hard to be included, so for the small website, update the contents of the corresponding best can be reflected from the home page, such as now in many communities on the use of such a method, channel related content updates, the title will appear on the home page of the relevant column, is to be able to let the love of Shanghai is collected as soon as possible!

now has a jingle for oil prices, international oil price is up, then we have planes and international standards, international oil prices fell, the duo will go Chinese features, love in Shanghai included, there are typical continental features, such as weight for Gov web site and self brand are given a high, but for other sites may according to certain rules, but the rules may change from time to time, become more conducive to their own brand development! So these uncertain factors lead to the instability of Shanghai included love! read more

Crazy set up a guest fund to encourage college students to start an undertakingWangzhuan tactics wri

shlf1314 BSP services provided by blogger register address: https://s.blogger/start, after successful registration, you can create a blog, blog is very important in the selection of two level domain name, a good name you can easily remember the blog.

uses shlf1314 translate to write English blog

crazy coverage in many universities, students have millions of users, Chinese college students as a leader in the social field, has been to "crazy crazy University" for the purpose, in love, entertainment, employment and other aspects of service of College students. The university student venture fund, which is to be established, is a support for entrepreneurs’ funds and a potential for University students. Crazy point with the "capital + strength" approach, the university student success in entrepreneurship. read more

Ad4all pie net products from September 1st onwards the effective registration of 0 4 yuan usersMake

distinguished League members, hello everyone!

4. it is not too late. Once you think you’re gone

if you have any questions please contact our customer service, contact as follows:
> OICQ:360618788

pie nets promotion activities, as a result of policy adjustments, since September 1st, the price from the original 0.3 yuan / a price increase of 0.4 yuan / effective registered users, welcome the webmaster to actively launch. read more

Chuan Yum Chinese acquisition of 58 home Chen Xiaohua denied that no financing planRunning fast or

ofo originated in the university community "in 1 for the N program, students put their bikes available to ofo, other vehicles will be able to enjoy free riding exercise, this kind of" all things with everyone "a communist ideal radiance, the actual implementation of only 10% of the students is the source of car donation, the rest of the car the source for ofo procurement team. The ofo does not want to self oriented production of bicycle, bicycle is connected only, in other words, not only the production of bicycles, bicycle housepainter. "One day to open a city" program is the integration of idle resources, as the inevitable outcome of the business model of matchmaking trading platform. read more

say goodbye to the era of the wilderness of the short video creators how to choose the platformTen

years after the people look like a raging fire short video, perhaps will make the world film historian David · Maxwell Byrd such a sigh, the original image is not only to promote the progress of the enthusiasm of the audience, is innovation and technology. As a product of the era of great industry, the film has long been transformed into a mature cultural industry. In contrast, young video creators are still working on the dream generation of the mobile Internet generation.

short video features into the platform era: platform through various preferential policies, guide the upstream content creators, the platform is also a powerful content distribution channels, in addition, the platform also assumed the role of incubator short video commercial. read more