Trauma Tuesday: Tough Mudder Clothesline Edition

first_imgThe Tough Mudder series of races is not for the squeamish and for good reason – read about the race’s first death during competition here. The races are long and the obstacles vary from cold water plunges to wall climbs to running through wires coursing with electricity. The race is intense to say the least.It’s the Electroshock Therapy obstacle that gets the guy in the video above, and no, it’s not the guy who takes a digger at :05. You can tell the wires are working from the guy who flinches at :13 just as the true victim is sucking his doors off trying to get through without feeling the wrath. The worst part is the guy looks like he is making good time and in a healthy rhythm. Nothing like an electric clothesline to put a hitch in your giddy-up. But he’s a tough mudder, so he stayed in the game, which is commendable given he just got jacked off his feet. He’s lucky his head didn’t pop off, and you can tell he is physically hurt as well as emotionally demoralized as he slumps away.Love how the woman with the volunteer shirt just walks on by giving no assistance – if that is even a real Tough Mudder volunteer, which she may not be. Or maybe volunteers are instructed to not give assistance – that’s just another obstacle in the race. And the announcer with his two cents for the crowd: “Wow. You don’t see that every day.”No, you certainly don’t.last_img read more

Randy Orton: Rumours about WWE’s Apex Predator that came true

first_img WE RECOMMEND 1 year ago Batista snubbed: WWE leaves him out of Smackdown tribute video 1 year ago Ahead of WWE’s Summerslam 2019, here are 3 bizarre moments from the extravaganza that should never have happened LIVE TV 1 year ago Rey Mysterio pays a unique tattoo tribute to late Eddie Guerrero COMMENT 1 year ago WWE Superstar Shakeup Edition sees AJ Styles,Rey Mysterio and More Move To WWE Raw. Results & Highlights Inside Written By Last Updated: 11th September, 2019 22:29 IST Randy Orton: Rumours About WWE’s Apex Predator That Came True WWE Superstar Randy Orton has been part of many controversies, some of them were just rumours, However, there are some rumours which came out to be true.center_img FOLLOW US SUBSCRIBE TO US 1 year ago 2019 WWE WrestleMania 35 Schedule, Matches, Timings and Telecast in India Adil Khan WATCH US LIVE Randy Orton is one of the most well-known wrestlers in WWE. Just a few years after his debut, he became the youngest WWE world champion after defeating Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship title. With a decade long career, this third-generation professional wrestler has slain many wrestlers. He has also been part of many controversies. Some of them were just rumours, but there are some rumours which turned out to be true.    Read l Seth Rollins slays ‘The Beast’ again, fans jubilant as he wins his second WWE Universal ChampionshipHere are some rumours about Randy Orton that turned out to be trueHis match with current WWE champion Kofi KingstonThe rivalry of Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston started a decade ago when Randy blamed Kofi for costing him his WWE Championship against Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes. Since then the duo has met several times in the ring, with ‘the viper’ winning most of the matches. In 2011, Kofi revealed that he will be ‘taking Randy Orton down.’ This came out to be true when Kofi decimated Orton a month ago at the Summer slam pay-preview. Both will again fight each other at the upcoming Clash of Champions.Read l Independence Day wishes come in for India from the WWE; John Cena, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins join inLeaving WWE to join AEWIn the start of this year, there were rumours that many WWE superstars, including Randy Orton, will be leaving the company to join another wrestling company, AEW (All Elite Wrestling). These rumours eventually came out to be true when many Wrestling channels revealed that the 13-time world champion will be leaving WWE as soon as his contract gets over. However, when WWE officials heard about this news, they gave a new contract to Orton. According to many reports, the company is now paying more to the WWE superstar, then other A-list wrestlers.Read l Batista snubbed: WWE leaves him out of Smackdown tribute videoHis divorce with his ex-wife SamanthaAt the end of 2016, there were rumours that Randy and Samantha are thinking of ending their relationship. These rumours turned out to be true after Samantha filed for divorce from Randy in March 2017. In an interview with TMZ, Samantha stated that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.” The two got married back in 2007 and have a daughter together. Samantha got the sole custody of daughter, Alanna.Read l WWE RAW: Rey Mysterio vs Gran Metalik Match Overview First Published: 11th September, 2019 13:38 ISTlast_img read more

Today’s MLB DFS Picks: Advice, strategy for Tuesday’s DraftKings, FanDuel daily fantasy baseball contests

first_img2BB. Holt (L)BOS@KCTue 8:15G. Sparkman (R)$3700$2600$14UPGRADE SPD. Smeltzer (L)MIN@CLETue 7:10S. Bieber (R)$7500$8300$27See above SST. Turner (R)CWS@WSHTue 7:05R. López (R)$4900$3800$18See above SPB. Snell (L)TB@DETTue 7:10R. Carpenter (L)$11000$11000$55UPGRADE SPN. Syndergaard (R)SF@NYMTue 7:10M. Bumgarner (L)$9600$9000$45UPGRADE CP. Severino (R)BAL@TEXTue 8:05D. Smyly (L)$3800$2800$16UPGRADE SPM. Fried (L)ATL@PITTue 7:05S. Brault (L)$7800$8600$38UPGRADE OFJ. Soto (L)CWS@WSHTue 7:05R. López (R)$5500$4200$26UPGRADE 3B: Kris Bryant, Cubs vs. Rockies. Bryant is 3-for-5 with two career home runs off Rockies starter Jeff Hoffman. Bryant raked during the month of May, hitting .333 with 10 home runs and an OPS of 1.162. At home this season Bryant is hitting .319 with an OPS of 1.088.OF: Joc Pederson, Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks. Love me some Joc Jams as he hammers righthanded pitching. All 18 of his home runs this season have come against RHP, and he boasts an OPS of 1.126 against righties.For more player recommendations and analysis, become a Fantasy Alarm subscriber today!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pos PlayerMatchupOpp. SPDKFDY! FanballAnalysisSPH. Ryu (L)LA@ARITue 9:40T. Clarke (R)$11300$11200$55UPGRADE CW. Ramos (R)SF@NYMTue 7:10M. Bumgarner (L)$4400$2600$15UPGRADE 2BM. Muncy (L)LA@ARITue 9:40T. Clarke (R)$5300$3800$24UPGRADE 3BA. Rendon (R)CWS@WSHTue 7:05R. López (R)$5600$4400$24UPGRADE 3BK. Bryant (R)COL@CHITue 8:05J. Hoffman (R)$5200$4200$26See above SPE. Rodríguez (L)BOS@KCTue 8:15G. Sparkman (R)$8000$8100$41UPGRADE OFJ. Pederson (L)LA@ARITue 9:40T. Clarke (R)$5600$3800$24See above SSX. Bogaerts (R)BOS@KCTue 8:15G. Sparkman (R)$5400$4300$25UPGRADE 1BP. Goldschmidt (R)CIN@STLTue 8:15L. Castillo (R)$4100$3600$12UPGRADE Editor’s Note: This is a FREE preview of Tuesday’s Fantasy Alarm’s MLB DFS Playbook. For full analysis every day and more ways to dominate your daily fantasy baseball competition, check out DFS site-specific advice and the rest of Fantasy Alarm’s great season-long and DFS tools available to subscribers.MORE: Fantasy Alarm PRO tools Today’s MLB DFS Picks: DraftKings, FanDuel advice for Tuesday, June 4SP: Devin Smeltzer, Twins @ Indians. Smeltzer made his major league debut last week and tossed six shutout innings against the Brewers. He will make his second career start against a bad Indians offense this evening. Cleveland ranks 25th in wOBA and ISO while striking out in nearly 24 percent of at-bats against LHP.C: Elias Diaz, Pirates vs. Braves. Rocking the splits here at the catcher position brings us Diaz, who is hitting .318 with an OPS of .682 against LHP. Last season Diaz hit .346 with an OPS of .925 against southpaws, so he is for real.MORE TUESDAY MLB: SP rankings | Betting picks1B: Trey Mancini, Orioles @ Rangers. Mancini is hitting .333 with an OPS of 1.018 against lefthanded pitching this season. I like the O’s as a stack tonight, and Mancini is worth paying up for in this matchup.2B: DJ LeMahieu, Yankees @ Blue Jays. There’s a notable BvP sample size here, as DJLM is 7-for-20 with a double and triple in his career vs Richard. Against LHP this year he is hitting .364 with an OPS of .940.SS: Trea Turner, Nationals vs. White Sox. Love the home run and stolen base upside that Turner brings to the table, and though we haven’t seen that upside all come together yet we know what he is capable of. I am all about stacking against Reynaldo Lopez, so getting the leadoff hitter for the Nats is a strong play. CE. Díaz (R)ATL@PITTue 7:05M. Fried (L)$3500$2600$12See abovecenter_img SSC. Seager (L)LA@ARITue 9:40T. Clarke (R)$4700$3500$18UPGRADE OFH. Ramirez (R)MIA@MILTue 7:40C. Anderson (R)$4000$3200$16UPGRADE 2BH. Alberto (R)BAL@TEXTue 8:05D. Smyly (L)$3500$2500$11UPGRADE CG. Sánchez (R)NYY@TORTue 7:07C. Richard (L)$5400$4300$23UPGRADE 1BA. Rizzo (L)COL@CHITue 8:05J. Hoffman (R)$5600$4400$27UPGRADE OFA. Riley (R)ATL@PITTue 7:05S. Brault (L)$4900$4100$27UPGRADE 1BT. Mancini (R)BAL@TEXTue 8:05D. Smyly (L)$5000$3800$19See above 1BP. Alonso (R)SF@NYMTue 7:10M. Bumgarner (L)$5000$3900$17UPGRADE 3BR. Devers (L)BOS@KCTue 8:15G. Sparkman (R)$5000$3700$25UPGRADE 2BD. LeMahieu (R)NYY@TORTue 7:07C. Richard (L)$4600$3700$19See above 2BO. Albies (B)ATL@PITTue 7:05S. Brault (L)$4100$3000$12UPGRADE OFA. Eaton (L)CWS@WSHTue 7:05R. López (R)$4200$3100$13UPGRADE SSD. Swanson (R)ATL@PITTue 7:05S. Brault (L)$5000$3600$17UPGRADE CM. Wieters (B)CIN@STLTue 8:15L. Castillo (R)$3500$2600$12UPGRADE 3BE. Suárez (R)CIN@STLTue 8:15G. Cabrera (L)$4500$3600$23UPGRADE OFC. Yelich (L)MIA@MILTue 7:40P. Lopez (R)$5900$4800$26UPGRADE OFC. Bellinger (L)LA@ARITue 9:40T. Clarke (R)$5800$4600$25UPGRADE 1BM. Adams (L)CWS@WSHTue 7:05R. López (R)$4300$3000$16UPGRADElast_img read more