Hillside block with panoramic views to the Gold Coast city and coastline

first_imgGreat for entertaining.“We were just super keen to get our teeth stuck into something else and keep challenging ourselves,” she said.Ray White Prestige Gold Coast agents Jackson Paradise and Carita Lanham will take the house to auction on September 30 at 11am. That spectacular view in the background.“I always knew I wanted the house to (have) a bit of a Palm Springs-inspired thing about it (but) we designed it based around our family and what we wanted to live in.”A garden at the centre of the house with a palm tree that rises as high as the third floor is a standout feature. Master bedroom.The result is an award-winning home with panoramic views of the coast and city skyline.“I think we’ve pretty much got the best view in the street,” owner Dominee Gessner said.“We can see from Main Beach to the far edge of Burleigh.” The bathroom. One of the kid’s bedrooms.“It’s so good for entertaining,” Ms Gessner said.They have decided to sell the house so they can build a new one on a block they have bought across the road. The backyard. The 6m palm tree.Ms Gessner said a crane had to lift the 6m palm into place. While it was hard to pinpoint a favourite feature, she loved the seamless flow of indoor and outdoor living spaces most. Kids room.Ms Gessner and her husband Ben Rochford, who have lived in the six-bedroom house with their two children for the past year, will take it to auction later this month.The couple designed and built the house, which recently won a 2018 Master Builders House and Construction award, about two years ago with the help of an architect. Just relax.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa15 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoThey have years of experience renovating houses but building was a new challenge.“We’ve done about six renovations so this was our first full-build for ourselves,” Ms Gessner said. 18 Abbey Ridge Rd, Reedy Creek. Living room. 18 Abbey Ridge Rd, Reedy Creek.IT was once advertised as a hillside block with limited views but the three-storey house that towers above it today has some of the best views on the Gold Coast.The Reedy Creek property, dubbed The Hill House, was built into the side of its sloping land on Abbey Ridge Rd to make the most of the extra height. Bedrooms galore. Open spaces. The house has won awards.last_img read more

Santita Ebangwese has made the slide hit her ‘special move’

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Comments Published on October 9, 2018 at 10:16 pm Contact Adam: adhillma@syr.edu | @_adamhillmancenter_img In the third set against Georgia Tech on Sept. 21, Syracuse led by two points, 21-19. Santita Ebangwese stood a few feet away from the net, staring through the tiny gaps between the polyester string that hold it together. Georgia Tech returned from its timeout conversation, and Ebangwese moved into her natural position, about five feet to the left of fellow senior Jalissa Trotter.The ball flew over the net and junior Kendra Lukacs put two hands under it, thrusting the ball into the air toward Trotter. As Trotter readied herself for a set, Ebangwese stepped back once and then exploded into a sprint. She ran in a straight line, left to right, across the middle of the court and leaped into the air. She lifted her arm over her head and smacked the ball into the feet of a Georgia Tech player for a kill.“No matter how fast, slow, high, low, Santita is going up to hit,” redshirt senior Amber Witherspoon said.Ebangwese is now in the final stretch of her collegiate career for Syracuse (9-5, 5-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) and has almost perfected her form of that hit, the “slide.” She is second on the Orange this season with 127 kills and averages 1.96 kills per set in her career.Ebangwese has worked on the slide hit since her junior year of high school. It’s used to confuse opposing blockers. It begins with a long-strided run-up that starts slow and quickens as the hitter approaches the ball. According to volleyballtoolbox.net, “the hitter should drift forward and horizontally to the ball. This makes it very difficult for the block to know where the point of attack will be.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“That’s definitely her special move,” said associate head coach Erin Little of Ebangwese.Ebangwese has known “for as long as she can remember” how to “hit on the slide,” but in her second to last year of high school, she said she learned “the actual mechanics” of it.At first, she worked on the elevation and speed of her jump. The Rochester native spent hours in the gym to increase her lower-body strength, mostly through conditioning drills. Soon, she was jumping higher and floating through the air longer, she said.“Once I got that down, I started to speed up my approach,” Ebangwese said. “I would do faster sets and see how fast I can go.”By the time she stepped on campus for her freshman year, Ebangwese was already advanced at slide hitting, Little said.During her first year, Ebangwese utilized the slide hit in games, learning where blockers like to position themselves. Continuously, she started on the left side, used two long strides and rose up in front of her setter. While practice is valuable, she needed countless repetition in games to push it to where it is today, Ebangwese said.“I’ve gotten faster. I’ve also gotten smarter in the way hit,” she said. “Before I go up, I know where the blocker is, so I kind of have a feeling of where they’re going to be.”last_img read more

2019 Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Auction draft tips

first_imgWhen it comes to fantasy baseball, aucition drafts are about as exciting as it gets. And before you go into an auction, there’s something you need even more than dollar values: A plan for your auction draft strategy.In fact, you need a plan and fallback plans. You should never draft without one. And if your plan is to “just figure it out” while someone’s yelling “going twice” in your ear, just make your donation to the rest of the league and move along. But we’re here to help with the tools you need to make a “lucid, intelligent, well thought-out” auction plan that will not be overruled (yes, that’s a “My Cousin Vinny” reference). GET IT NOW: Fantasy Alarm Draft GuideFantasy Baseball Auction Tips, Advice, StrategyMake a defined budget: This is a must. Be realilstic, and be ready. Are you planning on a balanced roster, or are you going with the “Stars and Scrubs” strategy, spending up on a few elite players before paying down to fill your roster? Maybe you are willing to punt at a position (i.e., two minimum catchers). In any case, establishing what you want to do before the draft keeps you from making rash decisions under pressure once selections are being made — and gives you a good shot at winning your league.Create alternate budgets: Even the best plans have to deal with a curveball or two. That’s OK. If, for example, you budget $40 for either Mike Trout or Mookie Betts and then both go for $45, you can split what you would have paid between one of those stars and a lower-level talent into two players for $25. You don’t have to chase another high-priced player. You don’t have to panice — you just pivot to Plan B, which, if you planned ahead, will also be a solid course of action. You should also have a Plan C, just to be safe.DOMINATE YOUR DRAFT: Ultimate 2019 cheat sheetStick to the plan: It’s tempting to jump at Mike Trout (I have to have him!), Mookie Betts (Oh, I want him, too!), Jose Ramirez (Gimme!) or Francisco Lindor (Yes, please!), even if they’re going for far past what you expected, but overspending on those guys can really hurt you later. Your budget might have a line item for one, may e two of these types of players, but it’s almost impossible to pay for all four. If your plan is sound, the results will follow. Stay the course!Track your purchases relative to your budget: Every auction is different, and you can’t predict precisely how much players will wind up going for. Your budget won’t match up exactly with every player, but you still need to track where you stand so your bidding can be informed and you can make the most of what your remaining dollars. For example, if you budgeted $40 for one of Trout, Betts or Lindor and you roster Ramirez at $35, you have $4 more with which to work. On your tracking sheet (or Excel file), add $4 elsewhere so you can make the most of that extra dollar or two. Likewise, if you paid $42 for Lindor in the above example, you need to be more budget conscious and cut $2 from your shopping list elsewhere to keep the books balanced. The Nick Punto Rule: Don’t compete for the last seat on a train; or, more plainly, don’t get into a bidding war for the last item multiple people feel they must have. The results can be devastating to even the best of us. One unidentified Tout Warrior was once stuck in a bidding war for the “last speed guy” that resulting in Nick Punto going for $19 — yes, that Nick Punto, the middling journeyman infielder with a career .245 average who topped out at four HRs in a season. Here’s a simple piece of advice you’ve likely heard before: If there are four decent closers left, buy one of the first three even if you need to pay a couple of bucks over budget to avoid the “Punto Moment.” Be involved in the bidding: You see it all the time in auction: A player goes for well below the value he’s expected to go for. Staying involved in the action has two advantages. First, it allows you the possibility of getting a great value when the crickets come early. In a 12-team league, 276 players will be put up for auction. As such, lightning only needs to strike less than 0.4 percent of the time to make it worth your while. Second, getting involved often (not every time of course) allows you to stay sharp. It is similar to fielders who stay sharp when the pitcher works fast as opposed to those who lose focus when the pitcher takes a long time between pitches. DOMINATE YOUR DRAFT: Ultimate Cheat SheetVary your bidding style/cadence: As with poker, you want to be unpredictable. Other people at the table shouldn’t know when you’ll raise and when you’ll fold (or when you’re bluffing). Bid early, bid late, change your mannerisms if you’re doing an in-person auction — all of these slight variations in your routine will make you less predictable.Make jump bids: On a similar note, don’t be afraid to up the bidding ante quickly, rather than by $1 every time. Early in the draft if you are bidding on a guy that is likely to go at $30 and the bidding is $15 or $16, bang it to $25. You might get crickets or you might chase all but one rival out as the unsuspecting owners are caught off guard, and you end up buying at $27 and saving money. Another good use of the jump bid is to jump directly to a milestone number (i.e. a “0” or a “5”). If you think a player is a $35 but could go higher, when the bidding reaches $32 or $33, jump straight to $35 in order to try to freeze your opponents and get your guy. It works far more often that you would think. Never price enforce: If you don’t want a player and he’s not in your plans, don’t draft him just because you think he’s a cant-miss bargain. It doesn’t matter if you value Catcher X at $20 and you can get him for $18 if your plan calls for spending way down at catcher. Price enforcing at $18 will be a headache as you try to come up with a new plan (unless, of course, $18 on a catcher was Plan B as described above, but we assume you get that). While the occasional fantasy baseball player can win in that kind of chaos, they are few and far between. We won LABR, Tout Wars and FSTA in 2018, and we do not believe we can be effective in such an environment.Manage the end game: You need to know how much money you have remaining, how much money other teams have remaining, and especially how much money your key rivals have remaining. And for the record “key rival” is not the person with whom you talk trash; rather, he or she is the fantasy owner who needs what you need. If there is one good shortstop left and you and your adversary both need a shortstop, it makes sense to call out that shortstop if and only if you have more money than your adversary. If not, wait to see if your adversary spends his/her money on another need and this gives you the financial advantageKnow your league rules: Example: LABR and Tout Wars have unlimited disabled lists. As such, it smart to roster injured but potentially valuable players late in the auction. If a few dollars can net you a player who will help in the second half, why not go for it? Every league has nuances that can make a difference. Know them and exploit them. Follow the SMART System and the Rules of Engagement: This one is optional but recommended. For all the details on this system, click here. GET IT NOW: Fantasy Alarm Draft GuideFinal thoughts: Above all other rules: Have fun! Fantasy baseball is a great way to foster an enjoyable, competitive environment among friends, and there are few better things than a lively auction draft. As the Cat in the Hat says, “It is fun to have fun but you have to know how”. Now you know how.last_img read more

Sarajevo to host 10th Table tennis tournament

first_imgSarajevo will be the host of the 10 Table tennis Tournament from 20 to 22 September in the hall Skenderija, decided the European Table tennis Federation (ETTU), reports Fena.Representative Roman Pleše visited Sarajevo and inspected objects and sports hall and said that he was pleased with the state of the hall and he’s glad that Sarajevo will be the host of the tournament.This event will also coincide with 40th anniversary of the Table Tennis tournament ‘Stens’ Sarajevo.Manager of BiH table tennis team Anes Alić said that everything is already ready for the competition, and BiH, as the host country will have one representative in all four categories.So far, best young BiH player Emina Hadžiahmetović will perform, which is the last season in her junior category.‘We all give our best to prepare for this competition. Emina Hadžiahmetović will have the opportunity to qualify for junior world championship which will be held in November, and that would be very good for her career’,  said Hadžiahmetović’s coach Amela Hadžiahmetović.Apart from her, names of other contestants are not known.Apart from the organisation of Top 10 Tournament, Sarajevo will mark the 40th anniversary of Stens with Balkan Championship for the players under 21 which will be an opportunity to see all those who participated in the organisation of the largest table-tennis competition which was held in Sarajevo in 1973.Balkan Championship will be held from 28 August to 1 September, and the technical organiser is STK ‘Stad’.(photo:wikipedia)last_img read more