John Mayer Joins Joe Russo’s Almost Dead At 2017 Fall Ball [Soundboard Audio]

first_imgOn the fifth night of “Fall Ball” 2017, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead welcomed a familiar face to the stage, the one and only John Mayer. Almost exactly a year after their first-ever collaboration, Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Tom Hamilton, Dave Dreiwitz, and Scott Metzger welcomed the Dead & Company guitarist and vocalist to close the first set with an 18+ minute “Althea”. Appropriately, fans were giddy in shock and awe as the guitarists traded licks and smiles, but interestingly not vocals.Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Busts Out Rare Radiohead Cover During A Wild Night 4 At Brooklyn BowlJohn Mayer returned to the stage for a scorching second set, joining the band in true jam fashion that eventually segued into “Here Comes Sunshine” and “New Minglewood Blues”. Watching the guest guitarist perform alongside the Grateful Dead enthusiasts brought true joy to those in attendance—as the band before the audience’s eyes is, by definition, a direct result of the music-loving souls in that very room. The Fall Ball is the Autumnal cousin of the annual Freak’s Ball, organized by the famous Freaks List of New York. The Almost Dead originally formed as a one-off band for the 2013 edition of the long-running Freaks Ball, and the band holds a special relationship with the group of fans who helped mold them. It’s only appropriate that the band still successfully exists, selling out show after show, welcoming an impressive roster of Grateful Dead, and company, members along the way—and that we get to celebrate the fact together at this semi-annual shindig.The second set continued in high gear, with the rebirth of “Lazy Lightning”, which had not been played by the Almost Dead since Valentines Day of 2016 at Higher Ground, Winooski, VT. The quintet also debuted their version of “China Doll”, with teases of Led Zeppelin‘s “No Quarter” and Pink Floyd‘s “Run Like Hell”. The second set closed with an enormous “I Know You Rider”, before the band and their special guest returned for another satisfying encore. After a beautiful piano solo from Marco, the band and Mayer delivered a soul-stirring version of Dr. John‘s “Such A Night” before closing Friday night with a huge “Franklin’s Tower”.While John Mayer’s sit-in was certainly appreciated, JRAD fans agree that the core five are best influenced by their own synergy. Part of what makes the band so special is their intention to launch songs with surprise twists and turns, and their ability to do that is severely limited by an “other” on the stage. Despite that fact, we’ll welcome John Mayer’s May-RAD any time—or at the very least, once a year.Listen to the soundboard audio below, from Eric McRoberts:Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Brooklyn Bowl | NYC | 10/13/17Set One (9:36PM – 11:30PM)Jam @ ->Greatest Story Ever Told # >CandymanFeel Like A Stranger $Loser % ->Crazy FingersCosmic Charlie (SM/JR) ^ ->Jam ->Althea &Set Two (11:36PM – 1:24AM)Jam * ->Here Comes Sunshine + ->New Minglewood Blues @@Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion >Jam ## ->Lazy Lightning $$ ->China Doll %% (TH) ->Marco Solo ->There is a Mountain ^^ ->I Know You RiderENC:Marco Solo ->Such A Night & ->Franklin’s Tower &@ – With The Wheel Teases (Band)# – With an Unknown Tease (MB) and The Wheel Teases (TH)$ – With a “Chameleon” (Herbie Hancock) Tease (either SM or TH)% – With a “Nothing Else Matters” (Metallica) Tease (TH)^ – First Time Played by Almost Dead& – With John Mayer on Guitar* – With “Serpentine Fire (Earth, Wind & Fire) Teases & China Cat Teases (Band). With John Mayer on Guitar+ – With a Marco Solo that included a Cosmic Charlie Tease. With John Mayer on [email protected]@ – With a West LA Fadeaway Tease (MB). With John Mayer on Guitar## – With teases / jams of Uncle John’s, “Jolene” (American Babies), Ruben & Cerise, Playin in the Band & The Wheel if not more$$ – Not played by Almost Dead since 2016.02.14 at Higher Ground, Winooski, VT, a gap of 57 shows%% – First Time Played by Almost Dead, with teases of “No Quarter” (Led Zeppelin), “Run Like Hell” (Pink Floyd) & something else that I can’t read from my notes :/^^ – Donovan cover, very short, just the Choruslast_img read more

The Disruption Dilemma

first_imgThe biggest challenge I see when discussing Converged Infrastructure (CI) with new customers has little to do with technology. The technology is ready; it is the people and processes that lag behind. This lag slows the adoption and benefits that technology has been created to deliver. However it does not have to be this way, if we learn from the past.Earlier in my career I had the opportunity to be part of a major disruptive technology – VoIP. The parallels of that disruption and the converged infrastructure revolution are amazing.Reflections on VoIPA typical customer interaction during the VoIP disruption days looked like this: PBX staff on one side of the conference table, networking staff on the opposite side, and executive management mediating the middle. Typically, there was no love lost between those two groups. The discussion would deteriorate into the PBX team saying “there is NO way you are going to run my voice traffic over that upstart Ethernet network. Phones are mission critical to our business, and we have been doing it this way for 50 years!”Look at the phone on your desk today and you can see which side ‘won’ the war. With VoIP, there was never much doubt. The economics and technology assured that.My colleague, John Lockyer, recently wrote about other technology shifts that have impacted IT teams and how Converged Infrastructure will change the game – again.I am going to dive deeper into two specific questions:As technologists on the front end of the disruption, could we have done more to ease the churn caused by technology adoption?If we understood the people and process issues, could we have helped speed adoption, helped companies retain valuable talent, tribal knowledge, and realized the benefits sooner?Looking back on the VoIP disruption, my answer to both is “yes”.Ease the ChurnWe misunderstood the people problem. The pushback on VoIP was not due to the actual technology, and we should have seen that sooner. Almost without exception, after one of those contentious meetings between the PBX staff and the networking staff, one of the PBX team members would approach, look to make sure none of his team was within earshot, and proceed to ask “so… if someone wanted to learn more about this VoIP stuff, where would they look?” Typically this person was an ambitious junior member of the team or a very perceptive technologist. In most cases, it is that person that survived the disruption and is thriving in the industry today.So what did we miss? We missed the point that when a person builds a career around a specific technology (or vendor), their value to an organization is based on that knowledge. They know how to install, fix, upgrade, and generally operate the technology; they have attended industry events, know the vendors, and have deep contacts in place. If you threaten to take that value away by injecting something new, they may fight tooth and nail against the change. Their perceived value, and therefore their paycheck, is tied to that knowledge.This situation is bad for the individual, the team, and the company as it slows adoption of the technology – and therefore delays the return on investment. A great quote by Upton Sinclair sums it up: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”Speed AdoptionWhen confronted by this dilemma, disruptive technology vendors need to go the extra mile to help evolve the value set to a new one that complements the disruptive technology. We need to implement training programs aimed at transitioning employees’ technology skills to the new set, offer access to friendly internal engineers who have already successfully made the transition from previous technology – and we need to do it immediately.While this will not solve every people problem, it will go a long way to reduce the period of disruption, engender much more good will, speed adoption and advance the ROI. Applying this lesson to the current CI revolution, we need to offer cross training to the storage team, networking team and application teams. We need to foster policy-based integration rather than individual hands-on application built around silos. We need to talk with each other and build confidence, perhaps by establishing internal change agents and mentors.As vendors, we need to be the champions that guide the direction of organizational value, and accelerate it. We have done a great job of kick-starting this process at VCE. In fact, we delivered thousand of training hours to our customers last year in addition to creating customer and technical advisory boards. This is just the start. I encourage you to take the reins to foster conversation within your organization.last_img read more

SMC opens satellite writing center

first_imgEditor’s Note: This is the second installment in a three-part series exploring the new initiatives at the Cushwa-Leighton Library, which will showcase the life of Sister Madeleva Wolff, cater to students’ writing needs and raise awareness for eco-friendly printing.The Cushwa-Leighton Library recently implemented new initiatives to accommodate the needs of students, including offering increased writing support for students. On Monday, Saint Mary’s opened the brand-new, walk-in-only writing center satellite location, “Write Now,” on the top floor of the library. The center will be open Sunday through Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. before fall break and Sunday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. after the break.Caitlyn Jordan | The Observer Aaron Bremyer, director of the Writing Center, said students can expect to find assistance of all kinds on any of their writing assignments.“[Our tutors] are very well-prepared to sit and talk about the assignment and help at any phase in the writing process,” Bremyer said. “We can help them begin the process, polish the draft they have and help organize thoughts and brainstorm during these shorter half-hour tutorials in the Write Now center.”Bremyer said one or two student tutors will be working at the new writing center location, along with a reference librarian downstairs as an added benefit.“Our tutors are great writers and have been very successful in their classes, but not only are they good writers themselves, but they have been recommended because they work well with women who are struggling or succeeding with the writing process,” Bremyer said.Junior Megan Woods, a tutor for the Writing Center, said she is looking forward to working in the new writing center because it will allow more students to get the help they need.“I think this will be a great program because the Writing Center has restraints with how many people can sign up for appointments, but in the new location, people can just walk in, and we can talk with them for a half-hour on whatever help they need with a paper,” Woods said.The Writing Center works with all students, some who are juniors and seniors refining their writing, and others who are first-years or sophomores who often struggle with the early stages of their writing. Bremyer said he wants to dispel the belief that going to the Writing Center is punitive.“We collaborate with people who are invested in their own success because we are invested in their success as well, so people can be prepared at all different levels of writing,” Bremyer said.Bremyer said he is excited about the new changes in the library, especially because Write Now can help more students who might not be able to make appointments in the Writing Center due to a high demand for tutoring there.“Last year, we had a substantial increase in the number of students who needed to sit down and collaborate with tutors, so now we have more tutors, and here we will be able to work with students who simply couldn’t make it on the list last year,” Bremyer said. “We had 80 percent of our days completely full with a waiting list, so we’re hopeful that on those days, students will be able to go the new location and work with tutors.”Bremyer hopes that the new writing center location will be recognized as a powerful resource for the Saint Mary’s community.“Good writers share their work,” he said. “That’s true of the professors here, thats true of our best students here, and it should be true of anyone who wants to do well, that they see the writing center as an avenue to help them succeed.”Tags: Cushwa-Leighton Library, Library, saint mary’s, SMC, Write Now, Writing Centerlast_img read more

Indonesia suspects more avian flu as outbreaks spread in China

first_imgNov 14, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – A new suspected case of H5N1 avian influenza was reported in Indonesia today, while still another poultry outbreak was reported in China, its ninth in the past month.In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the avian flu case reported in an 18-month-old boy in Thailand last week, while Thai officials said the boy’s grandmother has tested negative for the virus.A 20-year-old Indonesian woman died in a Jakarta hospital Nov 12 after suffering from a high fever and respiratory problems, prompting tests for avian flu, according to an Associated Press report today.A neighbor of the woman had 10 chickens that died recently, and other members of her family kept birds as pets, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) report.Ilham Patu of Jakarta’s Sulianti Saroso Hospital said an Indonesian lab would test samples from the woman today, and samples also were being sent to a Hong Kong lab for testing.The WHO today confirmed H5N1 avian flu in the 18-month-old boy from a suburb of Bangkok, saying he remained in good condition. His case, reported in the media Nov 11, is the fourth in Thailand this year and the 21st since early 2004.The boy’s 65-year-old grandmother had been suspected of having avian flu, but Thailand’s health ministry said she has twice tested negative for H5N1, according to an AFP report today. A third test result was still awaited. The ministry said her condition was improving.China reported an H5N1 outbreak that killed 800 poultry in the eastern part of Anhui province, the ninth outbreak in about a month, according to an AFP story today. The outbreak was discovered Nov 6 and the cause was confirmed as H5N1 today.Local officials ordered the culling of all poultry within 3 kilometers of the affected farm, and more than 126,000 birds have been killed so far, the story said. The agriculture ministry said another 279,000 birds in the area have been vaccinated.Also, a group of WHO experts arrived in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, to investigate three pneumonia cases, including one death, suspected of being caused by avian flu, AFP reported.In Romania, the veterinary authority said four dead hens in a village in the Danube delta had tested positive for an H5 flu virus, according to a Reuters report. Samples from the hens, found in the village of Caraorman, were to be sent to Britain to test for H5N1, officials said. H5N1 was found in poultry in two villages in the Danube delta last month.In Vietnam, researchers reported that the H5N1 virus had mutated in ways that enable it reproduce more effectively in mammals, but two health officials described the findings as neither new nor particularly alarming.An online report by the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City said, “The H5N1 type noticed among people and poultry in early 2005 has undergone some changes, facilitating its reproduction in cells of mammals and making it more dangerous,” according to an AFP report today.Reuters reported that the findings were based on an analysis of 24 H5N1 isolates from poultry and humans. The information came from the online newspaper Vnexpress, which quoted Cao Bao Van of the Pasteur Institute. In one human isolate from southern Vietnam, he said, researchers had found a mutation in the PB2 gene that “allows more effective breeding of the virus in mammals.”The researchers offered no conclusions about the virus’s ability to spread from person to person, Reuters reported.An AFP story today quoted the director of the Pasteur Institute, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, as saying that the new findings were “not of any surprise” and that the “changes in the virus are not that significant.”In addition, a WHO spokeswoman in Hanoi, Dida Connor, said mutations in the virus were not unusual. “It is sometimes difficult to directly link specific changes in the genetic sequence to changes in virus behavior, including its ability to infect humans,” Connor said.The Pasteur Institute report said the virus had developed resistance to the antiviral drugs amantadine and rimantadine, but that finding has been reported before.Avian flu has broken out in poultry in 10 of Vietnam’s 64 provinces since early October, the AFP report said.In Taiwan, meanwhile, an H7N3 avian flu virus was found in droppings form a migratory bird, according to another AFP report today. The virus was found in one of 20 samples of bird droppings gathered from a swamp near the southern city of Tainan.No dead birds were found in the area, and authorities were unsure of the virus’s virulence, the story said. An official said a mild strain of H7N3 was found last April in bird droppings near Taipei.Taiwan has had no H5N1 outbreaks, but eight pet birds smuggled from China tested positive for the virus last month, the story noted.See also:Nov 14 WHO news release read more

Russia jails ex-US marine Paul Whelan for 16 years over espionage

first_imgWhen asked about such an idea, the Russian Foreign Ministry told the RIA news agency it had proposed prisoner swaps to the United States many times but gave no further details.Moscow has repeatedly called on Washington to secure the release of two Russian nationals – convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko, a pilot serving 20 years in the United States for conspiracy to smuggle cocaine into the country.Zherebenkov said Whelan had no objection to the idea of formally asking Russia to pardon him, something that if granted could secure his release.Whelan will serve his sentence in a maximum security prison, Moscow’s city court said. His trial was closed because authorities said it involved the discussion of state secrets.State prosecutors, who accused Whelan of having at least the rank of a US military intelligence colonel, had asked the court to sentence Whelan to 18 years in a maximum secuTopics : A Russian court found former US marine Paul Whelan guilty of spying for the United States on Monday and sentenced him to 16 years in jail, a move the US ambassador to Moscow called an egregious violation of human rights that would harm ties.Whelan, who holds US, British, Canadian and Irish passports, was detained by agents from Russia’s Federal Security Service in a Moscow hotel room on Dec. 28, 2018.Russia says Whelan, 50, was caught red-handed with a computer flash drive containing classified information. Whelan, who pleaded not guilty, said he was set up in a sting and had thought the drive, given to him by a Russian acquaintance, contained holiday photos. US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan told reporters after the verdict that no evidence had been produced to prove Whelan’s guilt and demanded he be released immediately.”His conviction is a mockery of justice,” said Sullivan.He said the ruling would not have “a good influence” on already poor ties between Moscow and Washington, but that dialogue would continue.Vladimir Zherebenkov, Whelan’s lawyer, said his client had been told when detained that he would be part of a prisoner swap with a Russian national held in the United States.last_img read more

The historic character of this Gold Coast home is part of its charm

first_img4 Garden Grove, Carrara. 4 Garden Grove, Carrara.THIS riverfront homehas an “old-school” character rarely seen on the property market today.Owner Ruth Duthie said its peaked roof and brick and Tasmanian oak features were all part of its charm.“It’s a very warm home, it’s got a lot of character,” Mrs Duthie said.4 Garden Grove, Carrara.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa17 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days ago4 Garden Grove, Carrara.She and her husband have lived in the property with their children for the past 16 years.She said they had put a lot of work into it over the years, including repainting, fixing bathrooms and re-landscaping the entire property, so hoped the new owners “love it the way it is.”4 Garden Grove, Carrara.last_img read more

Andrew Harrison Johnson, Jr.

first_imgAndrew Harrison Johnson, Jr. 74, of Sunman passed away at U.C. Hospital in Cincinnati, Saturday, January 18, 2020.  “Junior” was born Saturday, June 30, 1945 in Hazard, Kentucky, the son of the late Andrew and Eunice (Pelfrey) Johnson, Sr.  He married Debra “Debby” Bulick September 21, 1974 and she survives. Junior worked for 39 years at Seagrams Distillery where he was affectionately known as “Whitey” by his co-workers.  After retirement, he spent much of his time caring for his home and never wanted to travel far from it. He enjoyed country music and watching IU and UK basketball in addition to Bengals football on tv.  However, his greatest joy was spending time with his grandchildren. In his younger years, he was known for his talent at dancing the jitterbug and loved to dance with his sisters.Junior is survived by his wife Debby of Sunman; sons: Andrew J. (Jennifer) Johnson of Greensburg, Travis Johnson of Hamburg, and David (Alexandra) Johnson of Sunman; daughter Kayla (Craig) Rutledge of Willow Branch; brothers: Logan Johnson of Sunman, Jack Johnson of Sebastian, Florida and Carl Johnson of Moores Hill; sisters: Joan Bowcock of Fairfield, Ohio, Lexa Baker of Osgood, Carolyn (Richard) Bocock of Sunman, and Edna (Harold) Himes of Okeana, Ohio; stepsister in-laws Hazel Napier and Betty Napier; and eight grandchildren: Aaron, Allie, Erica, Samantha, and Nathaniel Johnson, Zoey Griffith, and Emery and Charlotte Rutledge.  He was preceded in death by his parents Andrew and Eunice Johnson Sr; step-father Henry Napier; brother in-laws: William Bowcock and  Al Baker; stepbrothers: Tom Napier, Bill (Sue) Napier, Andy Napier, Larry (Kay) Napier, Ernest Napier, and Byrd Napier; stepsisters: Virginia (Elihu) Thompson, Violet (Potter) McFadden, and Henrietta (Bob) Moberly.A service celebrating his life will be held at 1:00 PM Wednesday, January 22, at the Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home in Milan with his nephew, Pastor Tom Gillespie, officiating.  Burial will follow in St. Pius Cemetery. Family and friends may gather to share and remember him 11 AM – 1 PM Wednesday also at the funeral home. Memorials may be given in honor of Junior for Masses at St. Charles Church or Milan Sons of American Legion.  Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home entrusted with arrangements, 707 S Main Street, Box 243, Milan, IN 47031, (812)654-2141. You may go to leave an online condolence message for the family.last_img read more

Alexander: Spurs fans hold the key

first_img Press Association “We would do everything in our power to meet the test of transitioning our fans to a new identity or away from the present one,” he added. West Ham’s fans had been under intense scrutiny before Sunday’s game after last year’s corresponding Barclays Premier League fixture was marred by a small section of the away support using anti-Semitic language and hissing loudly in an attempt to mimic the gassing of Jews during the Holocaust. The Hammers’ co-chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold, as well as manager Sam Allardyce, had pleaded with fans ahead of the game to avoid a repeat of such instances and, with no arrests linked to chanting made amongst their supporters, it appears the West Ham fans listened. The Metropolitan Police on Monday confirmed that nine other arrests were made for other public order offences during and after the match, which the away team won courtesy of second-half goals from Winston Reid, Ricardo Vaz Te and Ravel Morrison. Sullivan issued a statement on Monday afternoon praising the behaviour of West Ham’s travelling contingent. “It was a truly memorable afternoon for West Ham United at White Hart Lane on Sunday and I want to personally thank our fans for the important role they played in it,” he said. “While Sam Allardyce’s tactics and the players will rightly be praised for an absolutely outstanding 3-0 win at our local rivals, our fans made sure that today’s headlines were all about football rather than events in the stands. “On Sunday morning, I wrote an open letter to supporters attending the game to remind them they would be acting as ambassadors for our club. As expected, they did not let us down.” Sullivan also acknowledged the role played by his fellow chairman Gold, who himself is Jewish, in preventing a repeat of the distasteful chants from last season. “They [the fans] also showed respect for the occasion and understanding of the magnifying glass that was on them in the build-up to the game,” he added. “I would also like to save a few words of praise for my joint chairman David Gold for the emotive and highly personal interview he did ahead of the game. “Discrimination is an issue that is close to our hearts, which is why we were clear beforehand that it has no place at West Ham United.” While Alexander thinks no progress can be made on resolving the issue until that case comes to court he hopes a planned club consultation with fans can help to find a way forward. “The whole police position on this issue is absolutely wrong,” said Alexander, who is critical of the Metropolitan Police’s policy of arresting Tottenham fans who use the term. Both sets of fans travelling to the match at White Hart Lane had been warned by police that they could face arrest if they were heard chanting the word, which has been a recurring theme amongst Spurs supporters for some time. Yid is a term for a Jewish person which is often considered derogatory, but fans of the north London club chant the word as an act of defiance against those who taunt them because of their links with the Jewish community. Despite the police warning, home fans sang ”Yid army” and “we’ll sing what we want” before kick-off and the chants did not cease throughout the match. Police confirmed that a 51-year-old man was arrested after committing a section five public order offence at half-time in the stadium’s East Stand and he will now appear in court later next month. The Tottenham Supporters Trust would like both fans and the club to explain to members of the Jewish community why fans use the term. “It is different when Spurs fans use the term to when fans from other clubs use it,” explained Alexander. Once a consultation has been carried out if supporters come out against use of the term that will be respected, according to Alexander. Spurs fans have come in for criticism over the use of the term, which in some instances is considered anti-Semitic, with one being arrested at half-time during Sunday’s 3-0 defeat to West Ham for using it. He has been released on bail until November. Darren Alexander, joint-chairman of the Tottenham Supporters’ Trust, wants the club and fans to explain to the Jewish community why they chant “Yid army” but feels the approach taken by the Metropolitan Police is the wrong one. Tottenham supporters could do more to educate the wider community over their use of the word “Yid” according to an official fans group.last_img read more

Grade the Orange’s performance against No. 18 Connecticut and pick the player of the game

first_img Published on November 26, 2015 at 5:37 pm Facebook Twitter Google+ What grade would you give Syracuse’s performance?ABCDFVoteView ResultsCrowdsignal.comWhat grade would you give Syracuse’s performance?Who was player of the game for the Orange?Michael GbinijeTyler LydonTyler RobersonVoteView ResultsCrowdsignal.comWho was player of the game for the Orange? Commentslast_img

Simone Biles sets record for most medals at gymnastics worlds

first_img LIVE TV WATCH US LIVE FOLLOW US Simone Biles broke the all-time record for most medals by any gymnast at the world championships by winning the balance beam competition Sunday.It’s the 24th world championship medal for Biles, breaking a tie on 23 with the Belarusian men’s gymnast Vitaly Scherbo. Biles scored 15.066 on the beam after a near-flawless routine, opting for a simpler dismount than the double-double she performed earlier in the championships.China took silver and bronze with Liu Tingting on 14.433 and Li Shijia on 14.3, respectively.It’s the fourth victory for Biles at these world championships after team gold Tuesday, individual all-around gold Thursday and vault gold Saturday.A fifth place on uneven bars Saturday ended Biles’ chances of winning a medal in all six events, which she did last year in her comeback world championships after a sabbatical in 2017. Of her 24 career world medals, 18 are gold, against 12 of 23 for Scherbo.Earlier, Russia’s Nikita Nagornyy won the men’s vault for this third gold medal of the championships. He’s the first European man to win the vault since 2010.Nagornyy scored an average 14.966 from his two vaults, beating his friend and Russian teammate Artur Dalaloyan into second place. The bronze went to Ukraine’s Igor Radivilov.The 38-year-old Romanian Marian Dragulescu, a four-time world champion, secured qualification for his fifth Olympics by placing fourth. First Published: 13th October, 2019 21:10 IST SUBSCRIBE TO UScenter_img Last Updated: 13th October, 2019 21:10 IST Simone Biles Sets Record For Most Medals At Gymnastics Worlds Simone Biles broke the all-time record for most medals by any gymnast at the world championships by winning the balance beam competition Sunday. Written By COMMENT Associated Press Television News last_img read more