The development of recruitment websites will inevitably require the operation of product models

about the operation of the talent website, different friends will have different opinions. No matter how others introduce us to experience, we should proceed from our actual situation and choose the most suitable way for us to develop. So to see webmaster numerous introduction of the industry article, I suggest we still have to treat calmly.

of course, this is not to say that other people’s writing is not good, on the contrary, able to publish the article is bound to be good articles. Just you and the author of the article at a level and different situation, learning together to do what. However, today I also share my experience in operation. For colleagues or novices, I hope you can get rid of the dross and take advantage of it.

talent web site, if you want to run up, it must go through a dormant period. At this stage of the site to webmaster resources rationally in order to achieve the optimal allocation. And compared with the pre – operation two to three years of talent network, we should pay more attention to the impact of brand strategy. Because of the current product attributes, the recruitment of the site will eventually have to base line, relying solely on the search flow can not meet the needs of enterprise development. First, the search flow viscosity is not high, two is the search traffic in the past, the cost is too high, is not conducive to long-term operation needs. So it’s necessary to add brand strategy. So, when your website runs two years later, what changes do you need to implement your brand strategy?.

I think it’s important to implant local ideas at this time. At this stage, we can not just pursue the website in the crowd of appeal or popularity, but also to everyone’s attitude towards Internet recruitment reversed. Because in the two or three small cities, we all think that some good jobs need to be obtained through contacts, and the work obtained from the website is not really of great advantage. So for you this mode of thinking, a very important starting point of brand strategy is to allow more people to accept online recruitment, received from the network work opportunities, this is the highest level of brand pursuit we do.

, after all, just as a grid blogger said, "three streaming websites sell products, second rate websites sell services, top class websites sell lifestyle.". That’s a real drop in the pursuit of brands, at least I think so.

sometimes I think of the talent website as a product station. Because such a theme of the site, for product control, seriously affecting the future development, of course, the products here are referred to as "post resources" and "after-sales service."". For the position of resources, I think we should analyze for the type of employment is a system, when the job preferences focus on a particular industry, then based on the two or three line of the city’s website to do according to the direction of the development of radiation. Just like 6.18 Jingdong, we do what everybody likes. This is not only an excellent form of publicity, but also a great savings for one’s own resources. At least not so many detours.


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