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The popularity of

computer so that 70 year old grandfather figure also looking for information on the Internet, read the news, chat, this is not new, the network is not the patent of young people, Chinese users according to the statistics of more than 400 million people, has created numerous network God create a great sensation. In the network had just begun, many people began to network with not very familiar, very difficult to find information, the number and content of good websites are not many, just contact the network and record these web site, is a very easy thing to do, the establishment of the time Li Xingping hao123, after Baidu the acquisition, including 265 of success and opportunity, the needs of the network, positioning and navigation network itself are inseparable. After the success of hao123, there are many webmaster imitate hao123 navigation, but more and more navigation website appeared, and the market has shrunk,

is more popular in the network becomes people away from dependence on the navigation network, and turn and clear interface and more powerful search sites such as Baidu and GOOGLE, followed by the navigation network visit many people, let users dispersed, makes it difficult to make a big navigation network continue to survive, mostly personal navigation network is the return of the then asked, do not really retain customers, this is to allow users more and more offensive environment navigation, looking for other products, but really can survive the navigation network is not much, most other industries, bits 85851, 6655 of the five strokes of the assassin, tt98 the depth of 1616, 51, ylmf 114la 9991, there is little in the absence of network navigation success in the industry, the exception of representative of 5566, how to do network navigation, actually a lot of people kept talking about the exchange, he Is there a market? Yes, a lot of 30~60 Internet users are very fond of him, like the Internet is just the beginning of the world hao123 pure, but also in the function of the more appropriate to the masses.

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