QQ game loopholes a large number of users cheated on thousands of dollars what about 315

today added a few links to the site update, a little tired, want to play the next game. Although I engaged in the network for decades, but not large games, leisure will only puzzle. In QQgame under the disk five words chess, later to 2D billiards room, waiting for someone to come. I saw an amazing scene. "The system prompts me to win the lottery." look, the ads are sent automatically via software, but this is obviously deceptive. I’ve been myself for so long, of course I know, but what about those newbie novices? What about those innocent MM,


as follows:

above said I won, the verification code is 1158, go to qq2008rv.cn to receive.

carefully, just open the web site’s source code, see the hackers often hang Trojan embedded code.

opens the web site directly in the code, and a startling scene appears. A common trick for fraudulent web sites.

"system prompt: this activity is sponsored by" Samsung "company and organized jointly with Tencent Inc. For details, please call customer service hotline: 089-86299-0088 consulting. Please enter your award verification code below to win the prize."

"if you have any questions, please call Tencent customer service telephone at once: 089-86299-0088 for enquiry",

: Note: if you are prompted by the system as "lucky player", please immediately put your QQ and QQ game off, so as not to allow others to steal your lucky identity, the theft of the company will not be responsible for "


this tip is an evasion of investigation evidence,


source code, there are inserted Trojan code,

will win as long as you enter the verification code of 100%.

professional sensitive, I hastened to search, check the number, "089862990088" is Hainan’s area code 0898, found a lot of similar questions: 089, what is the place, Tencent service number, etc.?. More complaints from netizens. However, most complaints are ignored, China’s laws are not perfect, and citizens’ legal awareness of security is not strong, resulting in many such cases of network fraud.

century Tiancheng, there are similar incidents of deception, such as http://s.315wm.com/viewts.asp, id=14704, the following is the transfer of complaints text:

October 4th, I’m playing the run kart game founded in the 21st century. I was playing with someone called a system message. I told you what I was lucky to be. I venture!

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