The salvation of Chinese social products from the secret and the knowledge


[core tip] perhaps soon, China’s social product will soon come to a singular point, but whether it’s a good singularity or a bad singularity depends on whether or not they can accomplish their own salvation.

from the whole China Internet products, although many of them are copy over, but social products gradually over time has shown China style, perhaps soon, Chinese will usher in a social product singularity, but it is a good or bad singularity singularity, depends on their ability to complete self salvation.

‘s "Chinese style" feature begins with two recent social products.

, an anonymous anonymous social App, "no secrets" (the name sucks). Although it is from the United States Secret original engraved products, but there is no doubt that with the operation for a period of time, no secret has begun to fully display the Chinese characteristics of product temperament.


, below, is quoted from what is known as @ Deng studies’, and I feel it is accurate:

"Secret" on the top secret basically from the United States, most of the content is small indeed fortunate, quiet joy, quiet sadness, life goals, small and practical joke turning God, people resonate with small problems, introverted man’s paradise. For example, "I sync my music to coincide with lift-off (I’ll take off my music and aircraft", like synchronous) the soundtrack to your life as it sounds full of fantasy, but such little things in everyday life inside and not worth mentioning, written in the "Secret" in it.

"secret" on the popular secret is basically on a variety Tucao, life stress, deal with colleagues boss coup, rural city settlement problem, named actress is Green Tea table out of the closet homosexual difficult not regret love can happen, and most is about guns, nurturing related topics (about exposing themselves too, such as the "moral China was almost taboo")…… It is worth mentioning that, within two days have seen two secrets about their own good deeds, it seems embarrassed to open their own, but I hope for recognition and praise.

OK, a product is known, along with the user has an order of magnitude leap now know almost facing the so-called V crisis in fact it should be China type of product crisis, crisis is the source of a lot of slander, abuse, ignorance defamatory comments and private messages.


goes back to the topic and summarizes the features of Chinese social products, which do not distinguish between acquaintances and social strangers:

1. excessive entertainment

some people say that the risk of knowing

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