Build the core value of the site jump out of traffic = money strange circle

recent exchanges with peers, many webmasters always complain that the site did not flow, there is traffic, earn no money, and even partners and profits because of this piece of the site generated a difference. The reason why the site has no traffic, traffic can not earn money, in fact, because the owners have strayed into a web site operations and profits vicious circle.

, a circle site didn’t flow, because Baidu suck;

cycle two, traffic is not to earn money, because of advertising suck, suck ad click rate;

strange circle three, the website wants to make money, must have flow, where does flow come, flow Baidu;

circle four, why do this site, in order to flow, in order to Guan Jian words, in order to Baidu;


cycle five, the website does not make money, all day figuring out how to improve the CTR, or find a better advertising alliance;

, if you still take some of the above ideas in the website, very careless to tell you, you have fallen into this strange circle, already OUT.

social progress, countries in the development of the Internet in the update, the flow of the times for the emperor King advertising has gone for ever; the new era of the webmaster should change ideas, break this vicious circle, the only way in the future of the Internet market is the one place you. How to break this vicious circle, now we are going to experience some Shao Bo years site operation experience and predecessors to share, hoping to play a valuable role for everyone, out of its own way in the Internet world.

break the cycle, change ideas, open ideas,

many new Adsense, and even years of old Adsense, think website is to do flow, and flow is the main source of Baidu, there is flow of advertising alliance. So the webmaster into a vicious circle, the website began to flow, the flow to the website to insert advertising; in order to do website heaps of Guan Jian’s poetry, what words do what the word index is high, so that all kinds of website content, website all kinds of advertising.

This concept has been deeply Dian

traffic = money into the webmaster mind, a few years ago this idea may work, but with the development of the Internet, the Internet is not only the Internet, many entities under the line slowly into the Internet, the Internet industry also slowly into line entities, in in the next few years, this change will complete fusion. Internet users browse the way and Internet habits will slowly change, the quality of the content of the site requirements will be higher and higher, which requires us to do as the webmaster of the Internet, people have to change from time to time, change the operational philosophy.

a day IP10 million stations, daily earnings as a day IP1000 station, this situation in a few years ago rarely exist, if there is also illegal website, but in today is everywhere. With the integration of the Internet online and offline

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