How many opportunities does the nternet have

, a technology required package:


1, point of view: SEO technology to be very tough, no technology, no ranking, no ranking, no profit.

2, demand: Hot keywords at least do home page. Second, the correct for the project’s main + long tail keywords. Suitable outside chain. Proper website interior optimization. Aiming at the optimization of profit point.

3, the status quo: typical cottage, self-study SEO a year, general technology. Was lucky to have had the index 2W occasionally exceed official website, but it can be a little proud; the chain is my pain, looked on the outside of the chain resources on its website brought tens or hundreds of the chain of stations and tens of thousands of others to grab the rankings, very low self-esteem, but there are no contacts, no one to cover a circle in.

4, a high expectations: amnesty, the transformation of a regular army; big brother with brother, the expansion of industry contacts.

two, program: optional package,

1, point of view: the industry process enough, just skilled application can, without writing ASP or PHP, but need to understand the program written.

2, the status quo: there are potential for development or data will be larger sites, using DedeCMS, other KingCMS are all, have been skilled use.

3, planning: buy half a year of PHP books, read, there are techniques, where all have rice to eat.

three, the required package template:


1, point of view: must be skilled in DIV + CSS, whether SEO or landscaping must.

2, the status quo: from HTML do not know to self-study a year later,.TXT can freely write the entire template, in fact, still quite simple.

four, domain name: optional package,

1, point of view: reduce investment, CNNIC enough, long-term development, or.COM?.


connections: the required package!

1, view: with contacts, will have the chain, will know the dynamic, understand a kind of thinking, then more a profit model.

2 status: no stone friends, circle owners don’t know anyone, no friends in QQ, but no group.

3, expect: a boss in the circle, with my brother traveled north and south, to meet friends from all corners of the land.


, earning the required package!

1: the simpler the model is, the easier it is to make money, the more likely it is to be imitated, the less complex it will be. The company has become a group, and should stick to the industry and seek diversified development. No progressive thinking can only be backward.

2, the status quo: from the first generation of profit model, is about to enter my fifth generation. Let me from zero income to net profit last month >

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