Luo Yanyi a good soft Wen must have to point

from the chronicle, I began to have the habit of keeping a diary, of course, the former junior high school diary who write things that day, with almost no personal feelings; but after high school, especially after a diary full of first awakening interest in the opposite sex, are small boys and girls "love love love" work; later, the diary is more a summary and experience every day, and the habit of keeping a diary until today. For writing, of course, do not feel any difficulty. Remember when you are reading, often to some local newspapers, magazines, periodicals domestic cast my "essay", also earned a little money. However, when the webmaster, and slowly read a lot of experience on the Admin5 article, only slowly understand, the original has seen a lot of articles, in fact, is soft.

in December 12th, will finally summon up courage, my first article [Luo Kingdoms: a good webmaster first is a good netizen] into the Admin5 (, did not expect the first passed the audit (think before submission to the newspaper the adoption rate is 60%), it is a bittersweet ah! Happy is the first article I get peer recognition, the tragedy is still very strange for me. Then, sorted out a few predecessors summed up down soft Wen must have to point to, and I just contact soft friends.

to point 1, draw up a good title for the article

we all know, whether writing or writing reports, if you look at the title, did not have any attraction, you want to watch? A creative and attractive title, the title is like a person’s face, if the face is very good, then there will be a lot of people pay attention to him, and go back the rate is very high, if the face is very common, of course, will not have what effect, and to achieve the best effect is out of reach, so we must first think of a creative title, and the title to attract people. What is creative, we all know that Xifeng Xifeng was unpopular because of "creative". So, a good title is half the battle. In fact, when you think of the title, you will realize that in fact, the title of the soft Wen purely from its own invention and creation, so I believe that smart friends can easily think of a creative title.

to 2 points, the soft content must meet the needs of readers of

finished writing the title of soft Wen, below we want to write the article, and at the beginning, maybe some friends and I like, feel writing soft Wen seems quite difficult, I wish the university liberal arts. I wrote the article for so many years, but for writing soft, I still feel quite tired. But the deep experience is that, as long as you pluck up courage, as long as you can write, will make sentences, you can create a successful soft Wen, and soft Wen content as long as you choose the news as ">."

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