n niche projects how do pet sites find their own opportunities for development

operating their pet sites have three years time, at the first beginning, friends do not support me, because on the pet marketing website is always in a small minority status, although there are concerns, very much with development opportunities but not in other industries. A simple example is that everyone used to buy food for pets in the pet shop at the gate of the neighborhood. Few people would buy it on the Internet. This is not only a matter of price, but also a quick factor. Moreover, some pet purchases are also being carried out more online, and there is still some opposition to the truth of the web pet site. Then you may be asked, then I early this website mainly what do not useless? The fact is, I mainly in the pre forum form to gather popularity, as for profit really is within sight but beyond reach.

but now I am very glad that they had no sales stage into the pet website directly, but from the beginning of this forum, let me have the opportunity to a deeper understanding of the development of the industry must pay attention to things. From the website, fitness, operation base and long-term planning have a clearer plan, below I will share my insights.

any site needs to be user oriented, and pet sites have to. As for younger and younger pets, we must attach great importance to their needs for the development of the website. Then, at this point, we should stand on their point of view, why they came to our website, came to our website, first of all notice what and other issues. In fact, for most pet owners, have knowledge of pet and pet pet pictures, enjoy the exchange is the main purpose for everyone to use the pet website, buy pet food, consumer products etc. all belong to the late goal, in the early development of the excessive emphasis on this will seem to have the order reversed.

of course, although more and more young people are keeping pets nowadays, the groups of older people still can not be ignored. We should also have a detailed development plan for the elderly. Because the elderly pet access website must avoid pet website too fancy, gorgeous, and must develop some functions and services for the elderly, convenient access in the pet website to be more convenient, to understand the old people to use the computer operation level still has some limitations. Therefore, on this basis, we want to visit for the elderly pet website needs to analyze their preferences of color, web browsing habits and access to pet website to understand the content of information, in fact in the operation practice of the author in the present I want to separate an elderly plate, if you have the energy you can do this, can save a large part of efficiency.

secondly, about the design of website I also have some views, although he is not a web site design and technical personnel, is also looking for people to do, but I have a rule, that is my home need not as fancy as some portal, just need to have a "

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