How to attract more users to click on your website

to build a website, we usually hope to attract users to click through the website, establish and spread enterprise brand, and effectively click into actual income. In the Internet, the website of the same type but different user clicks beyond count, the site is not the same, so, what can you do to make your website to attract more users to click on? The author engaged in the Internet industry for many years, and then everyone together to discuss the topic of "how to attract more users to the site click the"

1. page clean and beautiful, the theme is distinct,

beautiful things are usually more attractive eyes, web pages are the same, the home page is good, inside page worth mentioning, all must do neat and beautiful. A good site, the page should be reasonable layout, beautiful pictures, colors, unified coordination, only such a site in order to attract more users click and attention.

attract user attention is only the first step, to allow users to enterprise products or services in-depth understanding, but also must be subject to distinct and prominent. Here to focus on the website home page, as a website of the facade, do the home page optimization is very important. Some enterprises, more products or services if the classification, all displayed on the home page, it will give people a sense of clutter, it can be the main product or service in an important position in the home, do the theme, focus, and other low concern some products or services can be through the chain the form allows users to quickly arrive.

2., rich in content, comprehensive, timeliness,


website has a neat and beautiful appearance, to attract the user’s eye; the web site has a comprehensive content, you can make the user more comprehensive in-depth understanding of the products or services, even if some users do not choose the company’s products and services, will also leave a deep impression in my heart. Brand plays a very good propaganda effect.

The construction site of

content, closely around the theme of the site to carry out, to avoid adding was not related to the theme of the site or related degree is not high; website content to keep high quality, can not blindly copy the same industry site, to display some content of its own unique characteristics, if only on the Internet everywhere visible content, can cause the user’s interest, thus unable to retain users; website content in addition to a high quality, but also should have certain timeliness, or regularly updated website content, at each visit, have presented some new content to the customer.

3. pay attention to the link, common development,

a lot of times, when a user visits a website, it will visit other websites via its link, which to some extent enhances the click of the user of the link website.

from this, we should pay attention to the friendship link, try to exchange the friend chain with some data fairly and flow better, so that each other can

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