Du Dance webmaster as long as the effort there will be returns

Hello, my name is Du dance, not famous, you never heard me, hehe… Today. I do stand experience to write out and share with it, I can’t write what format are soft, even don’t know how to get, so here I just write experience, you do not laugh at me.

begin, I was on the site what are not, what all don’t understand, don’t know what the website is, later in the QQ chat with a brother. His name is Ye Teng, he is eager to explain to me, and tell me if he is not in some knowledge to Baidu Encyclopedia Search can, if Baidu Baike did not go to Baidu know, so I first started on the website, because I was a designer, so understanding is good, after about a week, I learned a lot of things, then you know the site is from space, domain name is a must. Then start to understand how to parse, to tell the truth, never to know, really difficult.

One week after

leaves. Teng gave me my first web site www.ruhechuangye.com, call me to practice, I began to take this. Now it is also good, but before I got very no way, and now the station flow at about 1000, ha ha. But the joy I feel myself more and more pressure to sleep every day, sleep less, should you also have such experience, to work every day in front of the computer, sometimes is 10 hours old, forget to eat, hungry when they come to think of it, just like in my own how to write business online, I in the business I want to

!More and more knowledge

after a short time in my own hands, ye Teng to me that you own the establishment of a website now, personal experience, a website from scratch the end feeling, such learning is very helpful to you, so I put the salary made just bought a domain name www.webyw.cn established a decoration knowledge network, this station now is still very successful, the station less than 2 months, now for 48 days, a month and a half or so, Baidu site: included 1500 reverse link 1 Wansanqianjiubai traffic well accounted for keeping confidential, hey, now has been in the A5 forum and the station of knowledge, know a lot good friends, the station included are coming up, but PR is zero, so this time we use the most stupid way: is the exchange of Links exchange to PR3 PR2, a lot of good quality of the station, but did not A few days, I use batch query www.52link.net check, there are several people from the dead even, depressed me, I will post on A5, let everyone after the attention of these people, angry, do not want to have not even, even himself secretly removed, this is what ah? So remind the webmaster here, if your site is difficult to query a lot, I recommend you use the www.52link.net Links batch query, very good.

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