mprove your website user experience

personal webmaster website are very concerned about what is to reach the site IP every day, is up or down, the keyword row to the first page, I also like this, are concerned about the website traffic information every day, but there is a very important parameter is the PV value. The PV value represents how many pages each user on your site visits. The larger the PV value, the higher the usability and stickiness of your site. Of course, the site I’m talking about doesn’t refer to a picture station or porn station, because a user might click 10 or so on these sites. Personally believe that the general improvement of the site’s user experience can be considered from the following two aspects.

one, column settings:

different types of site settings are different in the column, we can put the site inside each page as advertising pages, they all have their own corresponding role, a web site does not exist without extra pages. Take an information website as an example by dividing it into "home page", "column page" and "content page"". Think of the home page as an entrance, which is to guide different users into the pages they are interested in. This is a diversion that separates users of different interests. Then followed by "column page", "column page", in addition to the article list, you can also put some popular, popular columns, guide users click. While "page" can according to this page to express the content of this article and put some related content, such as XXX and XXX in XX dating, the two can be dating someone news screened in the content page, under the "right page" or the.

two, text description:

we read the article on the computer and pick up a book to read. This is the two different case. We have experienced to see the article on the computer, we all hope that we can finish as soon as possible, and then close the page, enter the next page; reading is different we may have two or three hours or longer, this is our usual habit. The same site inside the text should be reduced as much as possible, sometimes also used pictures instead of, so that users can in the first time to understand what you describe things, don’t let the user feel on your website to read an article is a painful thing. At the same time, when writing CSS, you should also pay attention to the distance between rows and rows, the distance between segments and segments, and make good use of these attributes of line-height and margin, so that you can adjust the readability of web text.

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