s there a UGC community for game evaluation classes on the nternet

many people have made similar attempts, but in the promotion and operation of the process found that there are problems and difficulties, so really do – No.

this is a road, but the difficult point is to provide a large number of users to the UGC content of the seeds, for going to the community of people, it is very difficult to concentrate, it is difficult to continue operations (this step and related products); the difficulty of the two is that the real experience the architecture and operation of UGC community practitioners, will find that the short term is difficult to obtain commercial return, as the 1 plus area meet the sales demand; difficult points of the three UGC, the skin looks good, can write evaluation ", but" do you know why the basic problems of user evaluation "in you here no solution.

in the game field understand the concept of UGC vendors, the media is not a few, but has the ability and ability to achieve the sustainable management of the product team less and less, often see a lot of people do this game, mistakes are almost the same: define a large and complete "community". Around the imagination rather than demand in strange revision and product iteration, new users and users do not seed segmentation and fusion, and then…… Dead…… Or become a small circle forum……

has two games that I feel are closest to personal understanding: UGC community products:


demo network was originally created in the direction of its founder, Wang Ning, founder of sina’s gaming channel. It should be said that after more than a year of their operations, the entire community and web site is the most characteristic of the UGC gaming product community that you mentioned (or I understand). Unfortunately, it has been adjusted since it is difficult to achieve commercial returns for some time.

Game+, founded by Jiang Xiaodong, one of Wyatt’s interactive users, is a user review of the UGC community, which launched its first edition late last year and is still in its early stages.

in addition, some of the game sites built up with the open source SNS community architecture also have such a product UGC community’s appearance, but do relatively small, and do not take this to form a real community characteristics. Large online game media products have such qualities, but as a whole, or 1.0+ area aggregation architecture based.

on this matter, my personal view is: 1, this is something to do and can do a thing; 2, you feel you understand the concept of UGC and some flow and had several products can do a thing. The question is answered here.

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