Lefty Yili network again by the block door incident

is not easy to retrieve the confidence, but once again been hit, this is helpless environment affected. Through the acquisition of failure, and Ellie a "block door" incident, the cruel reality has given me is more difficult test, the incident has many webmaster confused, but does not rule out a part of the webmaster know how to insist on. Reshuffle after the Internet again, believe that Ellie (Ellie beauty network net predecessor) the future road will go farther.

in the "block door" event is approaching, I haven’t left from the Shenzhen site offer failed Huanguo to God, after a toss, the website blank is not sold, but to do a re planning to continue my entrepreneurial dream network. It is revised for the Yili chinesecosmetology network www.yili520.cn, that the website cannot open the news suddenly, this thought is the normal reaction of server space appears, the contact space is IDC after being processed, but this is a day, with the site opened normally, the whole room is to inform the business space the investigation of pornographic websites.

but then fourth days, good times don’t last long, but the site appears It is without rhyme or reason. isn’t open, then guess is supposed to be the reason for the investigation, but still could not find a space business, and later learned that should be the record, no way, can only continue to do so. In this way, 2 days passed and changed a IP website to reopen. This back and forth toss it, down to the pole in the weight of website search engine, the replacement of the new IP, plus a comprehensive revision of the website, Yili network again severe trauma.

according to one of my classmates said in Telecom managed independent servers, stopped 4 days to re open, the premise is to write the letter of guarantee, a server can only open 5 websites, more serious is one of his friend’s website, a few thousand dollars per month from 2W monthly income, the reason is Telecom the 80 port sealing, but he can only use the first top 82 port.

most of the sites are now gradually returned to normal, but the "block" event is indeed a very heavy blow to many webmaster, decimated the webmaster to thinking.

dream in the heart, I left in the online world for 4 years, more know how to insist on the meaning of. Although there is no accumulation of funds, but meet a lot of friends, which is also a kind of wealth, write articles with few QQ, enclosed today my QQ and the webmaster of common exchanges, common progress: QQ 411454108, what if there are good suggestions or comments on the network we are very welcome Elizabeth


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