Do flow to do useful traffic

first declared that I was a novice, only recently began to do the station, some of the wrong place, please correct me. I had 4 years in the Internet marketer, starting from the first day to contact the Internet, the Internet has a special hobby, but also to do the special interests have stood, had been trying to close it. I want to make a station, but didn’t think what to do, because some things have been around in no time, only recently begun to handle a SNS type of photography is used in the Admin5 space station Kakaxili flat-share space.

all right, cut to the point – do the traffic!

traffic is to evaluate the quality of a site is the most basic indicators, traffic is large, there will be money to make money. But what I want to say is, for non integrated web sites, traffic requires useful traffic and requires stable traffic. What is useful traffic? What is stable traffic? Here are the answers:

1, useful traffic

because it is a non comprehensive web site, so our website audience is professional (or interested in a certain aspect) of the group, so we need is this kind of crowd flow. This kind of crowd flow is useful for traffic! Like my station, is a photography enthusiast community, so I need is this kind of photography enthusiasts flow, rather than have no relevance to the photography not interested in basketball only interested in the crowd. Even if it only for people who are interested in basketball to visit my website, will also bring many benefits to the website, but increases the server load, influence our need have group (Photography) browsing experience. Because they are not interested in photography, so often inadvertently broke into the site will immediately leave, and never come to this station, this is what I will say immediately "stable flow"!


2, steady flow

traffic on a successful website tends to rise steadily. Rather than one day, your traffic suddenly soared from yesterday’s 1000IP to today’s 2000IP, and this traffic is actually very abnormal traffic. Why not normal, because the flying 1000IP must be you use some means to get, and often this 1000IP can stay (visit) very little. While developing the web server can not afford such a sudden pressure, destroy the original user experience, let the original user aversion to the website, the website is likely to fall into a vicious spiral, The loss outweighs the gain. And gradually steady flow is the development of a station.

of course, the above is only for the comprehensive station just don’t have the server, has a strong financial strength as the backing of basic don’t consider large more personal view.

novice virgin soft copy, throw brick lightly! Thank you ~


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