should place visitor experience first in 2009

2007 I bought the unsuspectingly two on the establishment of books, the first registered domain name unsuspectingly, bought the first space, the field into the unsuspectingly "stationmaster". That year I was 16 years old.

October 2007 was the day when my Kuso was born. It will end in 08 years. I’m going to be one year older, too. In the past year, there have been many people’s help, recognition and encouragement, and even the small station had appeared in a newspaper. But I know very well that in fact, he is now a garbage station. A CMS, a domain name, a space, and the contents of the world copy added together to integrate a I’ve been thinking about what my website can bring to my visitors, and it seems like nothing at all. It seems like they’re just shaking Qian Shu with SEO. What’s the definition of a garbage station? I don’t think a website that can bring useful information to visitors is probably a garbage dump.

recently, I’ve been thinking about how 2009, I, my spoof network, how to go? Where is my way out?

after a few days I see, I have been in my website when shaking Qian Shu. Use all your power for the sake of money. And has ignored the website bigger and stronger key "user experience"". I think only customer satisfaction, I will have more opportunities to gain more profits.

Outlook 2009, a whole new year. This situation must be broken. Otherwise, the site probably won’t last long. In the end of 2009 to do? I think I have the necessary time to thoroughly think about my visitors every day in the end what to do to my website? What were they looking for? What they need? And now I can’t meet them.

I think we have to start with the psychology of the visitors. Stand in their shoes and consider them for their needs. The website can be bigger and stronger!


, on the last day of 2008, Xiao Zi is here to wish you all a happy new year and a great increase in traffic,


the Central Meteorological Station forecast: tomorrow like snowflakes falling from morning till night yuan, local bars, midday down the U.S. dollar or euro, sporadic checks; meteorological departments to remind you: wear a helmet, take the sacks, prepare to get rich! The new year’s day provided money (former)! I wish happy new year

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