Community 001 not willing to be a supermarket Porter

[Abstract] although self deprecating as a porter, but from its profit model planning, the team wants to do more than that.

community 001 started in June 2012 and is no longer a new company. In the first year of creation, the team operated only in parts of Beijing. With the beginning of 2013 wave of O2O tide, this by the Internet veteran Shao Yuanyuan in charge of community electricity providers, began to receive unprecedented attention, while beginning a rapid expansion of the market.

1. basic information

according to the latest data released by the community 001, the current single volume of more than 20 thousand single, the unit price of about 300 yuan. Business has covered 14 cities, in addition, 6 cities have preparatory group stationed. There are more than 80 entities throughout the country, and there are 26 outlets in Beijing, usually covering a community within 5 km of the surrounding area.

community 001, most orders still come from the Beijing market, in Beijing, covering about 4000 in the District, there is a team of about 1000 people on the ground (including delivery personnel).

It is interesting to compare

user groups, different from other life service business projects, middle-aged and elderly community is the 001 major user groups, Shao Yuanyuan said "a lot is over the age of 35 housewives". Affected by the user groups, the current phone orders still occupy a high proportion.

financing situation: in October 2013, the company won the financing of millions of dollars in angel capital, such as sea silver capital, Shanghai Jing investment, etc. in April 2014, it received billions of yuan A round of financing. October, has been "valuation of 2 billion yuan" B round of financing news, the team did not confirm.

2. product logic

, the porter of the supermarket, is a logical generalization of Shao Yuanyuan’s product.

user process is: order (website / phone / WeChat) – Community 001 stationed in the supermarket warehouse staff orders: 001 community staff pick their own checkout – 001 community door-to-door delivery personnel. The current consumption of less than 100 yuan, 6 yuan service charge, more than 100 yuan free of charge.

001 of the community’s outlets are located in major supermarkets, such as Carrefour, WAL-MART and so on. The purchase and storage of the goods are still done by the supermarket. Community 001 first need to achieve the supermarket SKU information, and then responsible for the user orders from the supermarket pick up the goods, and from the supermarket to the user’s distribution link.

in this "move" is divided into two steps, the first step is docking supermarket SKU, from offline to online; the second step is to send the goods from the supermarket to the user’s hands, online orders under the completion of the line.

although the community 001 expresses its "resolute not to do the purchasing, resolute not to do the warehousing, resolutely does not do (the trunk line) the logistics", is one kind "very light pattern"". But in fact, this >

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