How to leverage local gateway profit focus brand advertising

brief description: from all domestic portals to win analysis, the income of about 60~80% is from the place of brand advertising.

based on the above analysis, the local gateway effectively develops brand advertising, which is an important way for local portals to obtain profits.

this article explains the characteristics of the brand advertiser and how to move the brand advertisement.

1, brand advertiser characteristics and advertising mode

2, network brand advertising value analysis and market share

3, sales network brand advertising several conditions

4, allies to develop brand advertising market operating path

5, the pricing of brand advertising

6, brand advertising related questions

1. Characteristics of brand advertisers and ways of advertising

in the city for the regional advertising market for each unit, the industry leader in the main group of advertising (top five industries), brand agents, large state-owned enterprises (mobile, bank), local leading enterprises or other specialty products.

The main features of

such advertising customers is a fixed advertising budget, such as the annual turnover of about 5% years, so the local advertising delivery amount and the local economy development is directly related to the sustainable development of local economy, as long as the amount of advertising, synchronous increase.

‘s way of delivering branded ads,

the first step is to determine the annual advertising budget, the larger the business or enterprise, the more rigorous the budget.

(allies often encounter customers, said we don’t have the budget this year, these businesses are usually at the beginning of the budget, once a year after the completion of the development, the advertisement promotion work is difficult to change, so for such customers to master their budget time after active contact)

second steps to determine the annual advertising methods

in this link, businesses will first assess all forms of media in the city and value, and then in accordance with the particularity of their own industry, carefully select the media way advertising.

, for example: we take the local media as a total, each media form in the eyes of the media influence division,

: TV station: 25%, outdoor 30% (outdoor advertising, car media, etc.), activity planning 30%, DM advertising 5%, network media 10% (overall 100%),

determine the impact of each media, the merchant will be based on the annual advertising budget multiplied by the corresponding proportion of each media, you can get the amount of media advertising.

third steps to determine each >

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