A rookie Adsense filing experience

I first registered domain name is in late 2008, registered a few 1 yuan CN domain name, and then no target looking for free space, blind play. Later, the "crab" with vigour and vitality of the wind blowing, I try to record, actually chose pre-approval (that is required, fainted!) finally returned to spend some money, get prepared. Feel the record is nothing, registered a COM, decided to prepare for themselves.

submitted, the space customer service actually said that now the country’s strict grasp, the need for higher level headquarters to pass. Waiting for seven or eight days, I was in a hurry, call the past, a little fire, but still speak the truth, less than half an hour on the access business on the audit. To the Guangdong provincial administration here, and so on for 10 days, every day to see mail, every day disappointed. So I call them up, didn’t hear what I said, just tell me about what the 20 working days (presumably they accustomed to stall!), I just asked the first record, do not know if there is no wrong, they looked at the right, then hung the (I thought they would understand my Euphemism, but I was wrong!).

Guangdong administration’s telephone has not hit in, very difficult to go in, actually nobody answered, records on-line not to go. In April 11th, I had a fire and searched the Internet for Beijing. I didn’t say any complaints, that is to say, the telephone in Guangdong couldn’t be reached. I would like to know what happened. Beijing is quite polite there. I asked for the call from Guangdong, and left my phone number and said to call me back. Only later did I know that the telephone was from the Ministry of supervision, which is responsible for complaints. ) it happened that I was out of arrears after I finished the phone call, so there was nothing below.

14 when the record network can finally, and checked, and surprisingly passed, and through the date is 13, forget it, from the access operator to 13, just 20 working days, speechless.


, the first time the record before, we must find a tutorial to see if the incorrectly long unjustly. There is a good information for the record forum, you can refer to.

two, access to this business, as far as possible to review the time to shorten, the phone call the effect is obvious, better than what QQ. (regular agency filing, many are in this province time)

three, to the local authority here, if the phone can be scored, it is also called to ask, polite point, I think it is still useful.

the first time to write, bad, please forgive me. Thank you for sending me a IP, rookie computer, ABC, http://s.DianNaoABC.com.

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