Secret become the five most important tips for cattle programmers


want to be the most cattle programmer? Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal.

Tip 1 requires methods, not memory,

, a programmer friend of mine, always told me how helpful it is to remember more than 200 C++ functions. "I never have to look for the definition of function, so I can program 50% faster than any other programmer." He said proudly. What can be the result? Doesn’t he know that the compiler’s code auto completion capabilities can save a lot of time in finding functions and input functions? In addition, when C# is published, his effort on memory functions is wasted. Of course, the programming of memorization is a necessary thing, but you should spend more time in learning methods work, such as creating a connection to a database, how to generate RSS source code, and then focus on how to achieve. Learning the right way to do things is much more important than rote learning.

Tip 2 creates your own repository,

we all have code sets that we have to build because of this or that. I never remember the exact code statement that connects to the database, so I always have to spend 10 minutes searching it in the code. To solve this problem, I created a Word document that records code snippets to help me remember and find. One of my colleagues built a bookmark to record links, and another colleague stored them in his mail. No matter what your method is, it’s a good habit that makes it easy for you to find files or content. When you build your knowledge base, you will find that it will greatly help you write the code better and faster.

Tip 3 knows what to do, not how to do it,

many junior programmers ask me, "how do I do this, or how do I do that?"" I always tell them, "what do you want to do?"" After hearing this, they would stare at me as if I had been dating their mother. That’s my next point. Never learn what to do before you know what you want to do. For example, a programmer wants to search for a specific word in a text file. Here’s what you do with C#:

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