Why don’t Taobao users let other people see it


on the website, there are a lot of discussions friends, sometimes show websites can get the attention of others, to exchange views, exchange Links, increased access to, but in some cases, the website will also display to bring their own drawbacks to a certain extent.

shared a real story with you.

I run Taobao customers, mainly from the media, website is the main content of the core, which is the most valuable project, every day earnestly to write, to check the information, to enhance the user experience, but in the exhibition site, has brought a certain degree of adverse effects.

at that time I was a rookie, stubborn thought, do Taobao customers, is to optimize the SEO ranking, so, add a lot of exchange of friendship link group, every day is very naive to pray for friendship links exchange.

I think now, Links, is the need for friendship, when your site is down right even K station, the other still never abandon, such Links is valuable, if your site search engine accidents, for example, after being down the right, and the other after the discovery, decisive the cancellation of Links, this is It’s only human., but, in fact, this time, you will be a chain of evacuation, one disaster after another, will let the search engine to determine, your site may be cheating.

said a bit far, because I often pray, release some friends of the chain in multiple group exchange so that my site is concerned, although most are good, but not all, but most.

if a friend run from the media, I believe will find that the article is the core, and it is the most easy to be copied, in one day, I found myself suddenly SEO website traffic is a lot less, then check the rankings, also declined a lot.

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, accidentally try to search relevant keywords, I was about to learn to view under the top-ranking website, then, I was surprised to find that these contents are actually copied from my blog! Even other sites are not established, directly copy paste to Sina, Tianya, NetEase, Lofer, little (when the search engine of the relatively high weight light blog platform, and then given), I worked hard for the original article, it was collected in Wuqing.

and then, my traffic was hijacked, ranking down, and finally down right, K station.

, this is a true story.

, of course, not all of the site, can not display, if you are using a flying man like a key acquisition program, similar to the nine, nine shipping, special offer navigation, this template station, focus on the promotion, website content of the core value, for such.

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