The nternet grows in reflection

I think the Internet is making a mistake, and now most of the review will be like Chinese football summary meeting…

thinks too much and causes loss without knowing it. Users create content, content to attract users, users to create more content, more content to attract more users…… Web2.0’s website is basically such a growth principle, I do not quite agree with this view.

In fact,

should not be too much about the result, I think you can get a glimpse from the process; Chen Yizhou said the first thing is to enter the Internet to learn copy, the ideal and the reality person too far, in fact, simple copy need technical content, otherwise it will close to "A World Without Thieves" in Wei Fan’s the role of.

is also copy, while others have more temperament. I like girls who are pure and fresh, and they like girls who are refined and refined. It is obvious that everyone will like it unless your aesthetic is too personal. Everyone may be looking for the most appropriate answer, during this time there may be irritability and restlessness, and talent close to normal, but I have been chasing the most abnormal rational category.

meets the girl, always feels not very suitable for oneself, injured her also not natural itself; until oneself also does not know any girl suits oneself, or is suitable for oneself what kind of girl, that only then laughable, with too withered elder brother. Milutinovic said that attitude is everything I have been very in favor of and to encourage each other, but I don’t think that’s more suitable for dating website, too, because their attitude is not the decisive factor in my understanding of these two things.

likes a girl with you, but when you don’t feel very natural, you should think about why.

well, if it’s me, I’ll ask, "what did she do? What attracted me?"…

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