Six questions decryption slow company watercress in the end what is it


is not always seen in mainstream media, except that it’s a natural growth company, and there’s obviously more we want to know.

watercress rely on what profit? Watercress how to choose customers? Micro-blog’s rise is the impact of watercress? Watercress mobile products how to plan? Watercress has been listed on the whole army to be prepared,


these problems are so much attention, in a little earlier, watercress announced a single day visitors billions of dollars, is expected this year’s revenue of 80 million, close to profitability, more in-depth understanding of watercress is particularly important. This advertisement to watercress team reported that will answer all of your confusion.

since 2009, Sina launched micro-blog products, China’s social network has entered a new pattern. Before the popular, happy net in the face of the impact of micro-blog also have to make strategic adjustments, the corresponding Qucuqujing, grasp their own unique products and the advantages of the platform. But with a unique positioning of the community website, the green and fresh gathered, still in accordance with the "self" route pass, on the sidelines Industry Amidst the winds of change.

Since its establishment 7 years ago,

has rarely appeared in front of the media. But this does not prevent the industry speculation on watercress, especially in today’s micro-blog, wind and water, and other SNS steady state of the scale. Many people asked watercress: you rely on what profit? How to survive? Also has a senior watercress Er author, analysis of its profit model, for the industry to understand the study. But is this true? Watercress’s Web site specializes in watercress to find the real rules of life.

watercress a corner of the office area, staff density increased significantly over a year ago,

what is watercress?


‘s office in Beijing is located in Jiuxianqiao, and departments are orderly dispersed in the two storey office area. The environment is very elegant, with bright windows and clean tables, comfortable working places. These two years, watercress low-key as usual, but the scale has not small expansion. Until now, watercress wide north staff has reached more than 250 people, the development of the ongoing business everything in good order and well arranged, new attempt and exploration.

relative to other real name system SNS, half open watercress currently has about 60000000 registered users, non registered users about 50000000, monthly coverage of independent users has more than 1 hundred million. In the use of the number of households and traffic standards for the rankings, watercress in China is the top 20, in the world is the top 100. The above data are only used by industry standards to judge the value of a Internet Co. In fact, any familiar watercress users know, watercress real value is not these figures, but the depth behind the figure. These tens of millions of active users of the corresponding groups are highly concentrated high-quality urban youth. From the very beginning, it marked the interest map. Users do not require the most, user stickiness is watercress always shut >

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