The road of construction of Suzhou workshop network

in Admin5 and have seen a lot of plant behind the net, also saw many webmaster to profit from the plant network, follow the trend of thought arise spontaneously, don’t say I believe, there are many webmaster have this idea, but they did not go out


did, but for a long time have not done and stand, also don’t want to waste time doing a garbage station to beg to let Baidu included! Then pick up the Empire, with the help of other site template, and established the first local industry site: Suzhou plant in my life!

The establishment of

railway station, there are always a lot of difficulties, from program modifications to the Baidu! Fortunately, Baidu this to me more friendly, a few days included my site promotion, then became difficult! Because never experience to promote the industry, I do not know where to start, but as usual, many find some connection


now finally know the importance of webmaster contacts! I am not good at talking, rarely make webmaster friends, looking for the chain site rebuffed everywhere, a little old qualification ignores you, your passion to connect with him, wrote a lot of polite words, can even have no reply the high quality of the chain! Is really important, but now only in this way, the link continues, connections and some new sites, common development, is also the station from the railway station, came to


is writing to the promotion, blog is a very good tool, Baidu is very diligent! So in the BSP applied for special promotion own blog, updated every day a workshop and related articles, plus their site links! This method is very effective, on the site of the rankings a great help! The Suzhou plant network from the beginning of the ranking page N has risen to fifth! Although no help the flow of the site, but the new station is a great progress, you know, the real promotion began 3 days, there is such a result for me.

has been very good!Of course,

place not less at the local forum in advertising, most of the forum are prohibited from advertising, can only rely on the signature! But there are other men, casual toil went on for a number of vest, vest each signature corresponding to a station, a little hard multiple point post, how to mix a familiar face! There is a point that is more rogue, but more effective, the webmaster don’t scold me! All for connection posts in each local forum, even if you know each other will not pass, but also sent, because friendship connection posts is also a lot of people see, will bring you good


continues, the dream (Fantasy) continues, the Suzhou plant network site plan continues! Only hope that everyone can succeed, only if we are successful, we can promote the benign development of the environment, promote each other, each other to improve



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