One of the experiences of a Dopod Mobile Forum administrator

When the

near the Spring Festival in 2008, and the name of famous gossip, said that he had a Dopod mobile phone Forum (, now every day there are still more than 100 people online, but do not want to manage, then I have nothing to do, he said, give me the management site. So, I say the name. A Dopod mobile phone forum site administrator

management of Dopod mobile phone forum to now have three months time, which had seen many webmaster articles, plus a lot of webmaster chat, publicity in the Baidu post post, made the forum official QQ group, send the advertisement in the group inside. Also happy, also lost, and also for the forum the flow of.

at a loss what to do.Although

had management forum, but was not for the forum traffic to worry about, because people have been, the elderly do not go, new has been in the forum at the time no one to worry about. But Dopod mobile phone forum is a new forum, although that is done with more than half a year. But there is no real management, to the people, and went, leaving no one.

three months, do a lot of things, there are a lot of ideas, I am very stupid, stupid wolf themselves: but not selfish, just have some ideas to share with you the next.


mobile phone forum, a website is a forum for the exchange bias field, I believe we have seen a lot of management methods of the forum, there have been a lot of forum management experience, but I was still a bit to learn.

then took over the site, only a few moderators is often online, members are mostly come and go, and go to the new, but moderators are often to see the Forum (here, thank you for all the Dopod forum moderators, the development of the forum, your credit is the largest). The first step I the first is to improve the internal information of the forum, such as message registration, message after successful registration, but also put on my QQ (I think this is a very important point, a forum, especially a new open forum, if you want to go, want to develop a long-term member of the trust a website, your webmaster information disclosure is the main, where members can find the webmaster, for the first time on the basis of trust is a member of the website), improve the internal information of the forum is also very important for members, will let this website look To formal, but also to let people know that this site is often managed in.

second, I found all the forum moderators, with their QQ (was very stupid, but did not expect to do a moderator of the group, let us together to discuss the problem. But the group finally made up), and they talk about how to go to the forum. Often communicate with you to understand the details of the forum is very helpful, but also has a larger advantage is that, let the moderator know this forum administrator or in the pipe of this forum, or a few months do not see.

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