Wo Wo Noodle Casserole

in the ancient Chinese cooking food, aoyao are casserole, so there are certain advantages, because the casserole is made of sandy pottery pot, firing at high temperatures, with ventilation, adsorption, uniform heat transfer characteristics, slow cooling etc.. Able to preserve the original taste of food. Now, after the transformation of modern technology, to create a high temperature resistant casserole, making the pot to maintain the original advantages of the case, but also to withstand the number of Baidu high temperature dry burning without crack, greatly improving the practicality of the casserole.

modern casserole it can make the food and soup in the pot for a long time to maintain a state of slightly boiling, due to the fire is small, long time, and finally make the meat rotten, delicious soup, flavor. About the many legends: historical casserole originated in the west, there was a man selling in the county Tiaodan along the street, because casserole face unique taste to win public praise, business by ordinary streets was changed into a busy street, casserole has spread.

has a passion for the chain of food and beverage business, which is undoubtedly an excellent snack chain project material, and decided to create a brand exclusive casserole. From the traditional folk craft, the use of modern high-tech casserole cooking, boil for 10 hours and eventually became the top grade soup simmering method, not only more Ruwei fishes, nutrition, nutritious, delicious and healthy in one.

followed by the force of food and beverage, the surface of the casserole project standardization, process oriented, unified, brand design and professional equipment research and development. And hand rolling based on the surface to make great efforts to improve. In the store image, the traditional style of "Museum" into the "bar" element, that is, Wo Wo face it".

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