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a good site must contain 3 major support systems,

1. programmer thought


program is a framework business website system development to the site’s profit, either online or offline, the availability of web application, convenience is the early web design must be explored, when programmers more should consider itself may be the site staff such as editing, operation convenience service the convenience of the special website module is established, there is the function of the website, SEO


2. entrepreneur’s vision,

as the operation managers of the site (we usually say CEO), may require more consideration on industry situation, need long-term perspective on the industry analysis may not only limited to the IT environment, not what others say is what suit, not necessarily succeed, unless you have a full grasp or enough money! For example the automobile industry website, in the eyes of my rookie next decade will inevitably become the industry website IT website industry optimistic, moreover the medical cosmetic industry is relatively optimistic about the industry, medicine open [www.96so.com] was found because saw such a peaceful future! The grassroots webmaster should have an entrepreneur’s vision of experience, with this attitude into the Internet! Light with these is certainly not enough, after the choice of the industry, but also the need for Order effective marketing plan, grassroots Adsense do not have enough funds, it is impossible to burn the way to promote the site, can only be accumulated step to thousand miles from third point of view of the user to expand the site function more!


3. user angle

has always believed that a user needs: what we provide what! Remember Ma said: the Internet is the most expensive thing for free in the user’s point of view, they need to be free, but valuable things they would not hesitate to spend money


programmers to think the function of the website planning for entrepreneurial vision to analyze the website with the user’s point of view to the prospect of the industry to fund website articles written in a hurry, a thorough understanding of the operation of the site master may wish to add my QQ120311543, pointing to


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