The five difficult problems for the nternet marketing of medical industry in 2013

the end of the world is not predictable, while the 2012 is fast away from us, 2013 approaching, for the already fierce competition in the medical industry network marketing will be a what kind of situation, do a lot of medical industry Daniel on 2013 in the form is not optimistic, so, the medical industry network marketing on 2013 what is it? Here to give you an analysis about five major difficulties facing the medical industry in 2013.

one, SEO is harder,

in 2012 after the 6.28k station and 8.25k station, the medical industry is bleak, spread to every medical industry, perhaps still spared, some medical sites are still not recovered, a lot of people swearing at Baidu after, began to reflect that SEO is not so simple, behind the SEO will be more and more difficult to do, before a a new collection may have one to two weeks, and now it may take one to two months, a number of possible keywords ranking inside and outside the chain chain need more than before, the quality and user experience and so on, will demand higher than before, all these will lead to SEO will be more and more difficult to do. This is the medical industry in 2013 must face a difficult position, but also the medical industry SEO must face a problem.

The cost of

two and SEM has increased dramatically by

K from Baidu station earlier this year, many hospitals have begun to increase search marketing is also bidding investment, but for consumption a month higher than a month but failed to enhance the transformation, which makes the cost of SEM increased sharply, is the medical industry this year in a discussion the medical industry in general transformation are very poor. On 2013, this situation will continue to appear, the mobile terminal, mobile search and mobile search has emerged, the auction will be a hotly contested spot medical industry, from the Baidu wireless on-line, and easy to search and other mobile phone search platform, will lead to future SEM more popular, so the medical profession the cost will also be a major problem must be faced with.

three, there is no new online marketing

from SEO to SMO to o2o, the new network marketing methods emerge in an endless stream, but many medical Daniel are still stuck in the SEO or a very traditional way, the background of the traffic in the society, the network marketing model will bring second spring to the enterprise, the medical industry is no exception, micro-blog, way WeChat and mobile phone station and app application model will change the original mode of network marketing, and the new way of medical industry Daniel who need to take the time to try and study, find similarities with their industry, so as to bring a new round of marketing climax to their industry.

four, the overall competitiveness of the hospital team is too weak,

the network department in many medical industries is simple, a design, a process

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