Several misunderstandings of user experience effective avoidance so as to improve the conversion r

Internet has become more and more attention to the user experience today, some large sites also seem to be moving in this direction, a user experience the best way is the Internet word of mouth, let us see the infinite expanse of the display from the narrow field, also let us stay at home can become a free occupation, of course, no matter in the where to get the approval of others, or to realize the value of their own needs, and interact with other people, a webmaster, the most important one is that users to access the site, how to let the user get good experience, so as to improve the site conversion rate, we must first recognize that some misunderstanding of user experience.

what is the user experience that many webmasters are studied, in a word, is a response after the user is the site attracted by mouse click to enter the site according to their own needs for this reaction, including three, leave quickly; interest, long after browsing will come again; finally found the immediate transaction! See from here, the user experience is a kind of subjective feeling, according to the user’s age, mood, different experiences, they visit the purpose of the site is not the same, at the same time, the production behavior is also different. This kind of subjective feeling not with the image of the language summary, "one thousand readers, one thousand Hamlett, one thousand users have one thousand feelings on the website!" so, the webmaster about the first user to avoid misunderstanding is that: it must not be self imposed on the user’s body, think of yourself as the other people will love love. This example is very simple, take a star, some fans have no interest in the people, so the content and objective of the promotion, fair and comprehensive, can attract more users reside website


although each user experience is not the same, but the results of its choice is limited. That is to say, no matter what kind of user experience, the final result is only two, leave, don’t leave! Do not trade transactions in this way, we can! Will users be subdivided into several groups, what kind of user groups will be interested in the website and the conversion rate, what kind of user is. So good? This group, can we treat them separately, shorten the range of users to promote more targeted, the user is God, but not so the user is God, some low-end users have no economic sentiment is "empty ‘, the ultimate aim is to see the website of economic effect, although the flow is very important some are completely can be ignored and eliminated, and constantly improve the user experience more targeted, to be targeted. At first, many websites are Isaac network way to increase traffic, at the end of the day, in fact, you need just a few of the thousands of users, as we test, a Book of knowledge but eventually converge in a piece of paper, and this paper will be about your future, more detailed the user experience, more targeted


user experience is time sensitive. We said that user experience is subjective

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