Nine days original County portal operating way nine

County portal also has four years, is the circle of old station, although the station did not do particularly cattle particularly successful, but the income is fairly good, but along the way, or to the experiences of many business County portal, of course, the most successful experience and experience across the country and the webmaster exchange portal owners get mutual learning, I think the business portal webmaster, there are still some worth learning and sharing.

many friends said, do website involves more experienced, but do not make money, a lot of people are on the website for a while hot, then cool down, I didn’t see the benefits, give very boring. In fact, any industry success is not easy, the site is the same, slow development, need out, need contacts, need to be famous, so you can get a good income, and these considerable income directly stimulate your enthusiasm, passion and confidence, let you update the indefatigable, leave no stone unturned. Edit the manuscript, innovation, will become a blockbuster, the more news of the world, caused a series of chain reaction, your site will be more and more popular, your income will continue to increase the popularity of the site will continue to expand, and you will.

I believe that many webmaster is good and smart people, they seize the city of the fastest and most valuable news and events, they work hard, often update the site all through the night, but many owners too hard, always walk down, and forget the direction. In fact, the most important core of the county portal, I think there is only one piece, that is advertising. So what advertising can make the site’s best income?. We must consider what is the most profitable industry at the moment. – yes, real estate. Then, our website advertising, it is necessary to select high value-added real estate advertising. An ad can give your website several times as much revenue as an investment. There is a website advertising is a high-end computer accessories, often because many sites are the hardcore male friends, their high-end computer accessories are very interested in this advertisement for them is the appetite, advertising sales effect is also very good, advertising businesses are also very satisfied. After three years of practice, I think the current advertising revenue of the two pieces of portals also really good, also recommended do portal website owners pay more attention to these two types of advertising, because a real estate advertisement may give you a year is the cost of tens of thousands of dollars. And the money for real estate business, it is really drizzling.

Another important function of

and the town portal is the convenience of information, including water supply, drive, lock, car rental, decoration, computer repair and so on, which gains a good, each small advertising revenue 20-40 yuan, plus links, each month will have a small income.

well, first wrote here, this is my last time to think much, thank you for this very good communication platform A5 webmaster network to provide, hope and all over the country in order to encourage owners, common >

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