Enhance brand value soft Wen let you get more than just the chain

in Webmaster circle mentioned soft Wen, first of all be thought of is the soft text of the chain promotion, the webmaster every day tireless, soft Wen creation, basically are also running here. However, the text is just outside the chain? A soft paper from the creation to be behind the crazy reproduced is the embodiment of the brand value, and not become others’ websites increase the collection of tools, by way of apology with a link. Thus, binary that the webmaster for soft writing, but also to shape brand value, brand value is the website into the hearts of the people’s favorable promotion.

1: excellent soft definition

soft Wen, as its name suggests, is to put advertising in the article in the form of advertising, and an excellent soft text not only to locate, can be reprinted, but also to locate in the transmission of value. Read useful useful, it is an excellent soft Wen, and therefore will be more people concerned about the reprint. On the contrary, a low quality soft Wen, it is not much to convey the value of innovation of the article, not to say that it does not have value, but do not have to read the value of new earnings. Thus, binary think excellent soft text can be implanted into the heart of the soft heart, crazy reproduced behind, more is the embodiment of value. In practical applications, a high quality soft text is reprinted and the number of attention can reach several times more common articles, or even more.

two: excellent soft Wen show bit

A: read newspapers skin, look at the problem, a good article is the first title win, new in order to be different. Without a good beginning, even if the content is substantial and readable, it does not lead to too much presentation. There is a good title, even if the content is common, it will also get more display rate. Thus, similar to A5 in the article, also is in the home page, and some articles just after the release of a few hours can break through thousands of visits, and some even in the home 24 hours are not even certain than to one hour visit popularity. Of course, the theme of the article also determines the level of access to reading, but there is a beautiful title is also more attractive eye.

B: the theme is novel, creative, a written by tens of millions of things, even if you write the final result of the regeneration image is only a casual reprint of feeding spiders. And even so, the effect of its reprint will not be very high. The novelty of the subject determines the value of a soft text, do not follow the trend of imitation, find their own way to write, in order to write their own value. No theme, you can look at the news of the Internet events, webmasters discuss things, in many cases can set up new themes.

C: the core of the idea through, an excellent soft language is not only gorgeous rhetoric to decorate, can be attractive, binary think soft Wen value and show is more important is the thought of perforative. Even if the language is mediocre, but can elaborate useful reasons, then it is also a good soft wen. On the other hand, there is no reason why language regeneration can be described as magnificent, but how many people are willing to attend to the article?

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