Grassroots webmaster dry sharing new real estate network monthly income of over half a million

speaking of this site, but also their own boring to do, when it was done, but also did not want to income ah what, just feel that such a good domain name in my hands, do not waste it. The domain name is registered in my own website last year, also have a few years, there are hundreds of registered domain names, but not a good domain name on the hand, one day we suddenly found that the local real estate network and talent network domain names are dropped, then immediately snap down.

, two domain names placed on my hands for six months, has not been used, during the period has been asked me to buy, but the price is not ideal, I have not sold. Last month at A5, I saw the article on the operation of the real estate network, and we did not have a real estate network, so we bought the procedures and servers to build our local property network. Web site just online, the content of the site is a big problem, the content of the real estate network, but also real, but also rich. At first, I just reproduced some from 58, but we are a small place, and 58 of the information is not much, only a few months. So, I suddenly whim, home wages low, please a person dedicated to help collect the city’s major property information and resources, each month to a certain wage. Relatively good is, when people heard that we are free to help them publicity, are happy to provide us with information, so that is to make the content of the site first to do.


pictures are our brochures,

light has a local website content is not enough, as we all know, it is important to take confidence, so I will find an advertising company, to help us to design good advertising alone, a total of 3000 copies in the National Day period, this has certain skills, let the real estate developers and second-hand intermediary, after reading them, will also provide a certain amount of information for us. Then, after 2 days, go to the big supermarket doorway and the crowded square. Just during the National Day has 3 real estate opening, we will immediately inform the 3 projects to distribute leaflets, the effect is very good, some people see on our website is very interested in, so a few days, your daily traffic reached more than 300, is the IP.

about income, also did not think, on that day, I was updating the website content, suddenly received a strange phone call, asked if I was old River real estate network, I said yes, he said he wanted to talk about advertising and my things, the details will not say, I want a set of network give them a promotion plan. I will do what the plan ah, simply write 2 pages of A4 paper is sent to the customer, we mainly introduced the website traffic and real estate in the Internet release effect to the way he did a few more beautiful Flash animation picture to them, did not think second days, they put the money give me back, they said that we should provide an invoice, I this small website what invoice? An advertising company is looking for students to open up.

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