How to beware of being Xinshoubikan pit in Wangzhuan Road

in recent years, the network is gold heat wave after wave, from the first day to earn tens of thousands of Witkey Internet marketing to create explosion of monthly income million, huge gains Wangzhuan is constantly attracting people, and now some bad behavior in the network and Internet fraud to Wangzhuan novice is just into a a huge risk, light is a little financial loss, huge losses will cause the property, so today to bring five beginner should pay attention to the problem.

security for personal information protection

since some time ago appeared bleeding heart vulnerability, network personal information security has become the focus of attention, and in order to pursue the new higher income is likely to ignore the problem, the leakage of personal information on the Internet is tantamount to put themselves in the days after the more detrimental to the in the teeth of the storm, the financial safety. So in the face of such a situation, beginner need to pay attention to their personal information security and protection. First of all, to update their systems and anti-virus software, do the system without loopholes, criminals do not have an opportunity, then try to choose a genuine software, so when problems can reasonably claim, then for personal information on the Internet to carefully fill in options, but do not leak about the relationship of their personal information information, protect yourself in network security.

always protects property security,

of all new if you can protect the personal information of the security, so need property safety corresponding attention in the network due to a negligence, or a loophole, resulting in tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions, the loss is very easy, so the protection of property security, is to reduce the cost from the long term.

protect the property safety from two aspects, one is the third party payment, or payment system for software using this type of third party must pay attention to system security and passwords, when using Alipay to install Alipay computer certificate, but also need to make corresponding safety measures at the same time, but also to choose the high credibility of the third party payment, in case of loss of property, you must keep evidence to reasonable claims, and the third party payment password and security is very important, must be properly kept, which is the bank’s online banking for the second class, this class will need to pay attention to the protection of the bank the U shield and other related safety items, need to take good care of your password, try not to be too much cash with online bank accounts, to prevent the economic loss of mass Lost.

be careful and prevent cyber fraud

In the case of

to protect personal information and property, you need to pay attention to the novice do not fall into the network fraud, and after the investigation has just begun Wangzhuan, some Internet fraud even in MLM, it must be you do not want to see, because of the difficulty of screening infinity and information network. Requires no experience of the beginner learn to identify, regardless of the network.

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