Network soft age publishing skills and writing skills are equally important

is now an Internet era, Internet is a soft advertising era, carrier soft advertising forms, text, video, images and other forms, but is used up or written form, also is the network soft. In the network soft text, more attention is the soft Wen writing skills, but I want to say is that the network soft text publishing skills and writing skills are equally important, the following from these two aspects with you discuss.

, first of all, writing techniques, how to write a focus of the soft Wen


1, soft text also has life: how to find the entry point of the subject?

write text first to choose a starting point, write text before, you must want to know what this article is what visitors transfer valuable information to determine a theme is a good starting point, a good starting point to make the text look like nature itself.

how to find the theme of the text as the starting point? We can mainly from two aspects: one is the industry trend as the breakthrough point, advanced to publicize the products; the other one is starting from the audience life, to guide readers to read stories to impress.

2, the first effect of soft text: how to be a title party?

in determining the theme, it should be around the theme to design the title of the article, the structure of the article, discuss hot spots, and control the trend of the whole article. Here, it is better to choose a strong impact title, because an article first appeared in front of the audience is always the title, so the quality of the title to a large extent determines whether the soft Wen success.

called the "title party", the title role is to be able to play to the extreme soft, "title party" to see the classification, can be divided into 5 basic types: suspense type (or question), story type, emotional type, type, type and other promotional threats.

3, soft text to change, not stereotyped,


soft text should not be stereotyped, should be based on different themes, content using different title way, so as to arouse the audience group enthusiastic response. In order to let everyone know more clearly, I give an example of such as I saw, saw before a "N" words while doing a good side play web games, on behalf of the soft type is the promotion, but the starting point is also very good, stand in the angle for the owners to owners, such this article, will not let the webmaster have psychological conflict and the webmaster after reading it can indeed receive useful information, which mentioned the related introduction of bubbles play web game platform is very natural, but is not artificial, because web games and community forum is indeed able to two products of natural combination, and bubbles play web game platform it is a web game platform industry pioneer, nature can be seamless.

secondly, in soft Wen release, how to let soft Wen coverage is more extensive?

how to make soft Wen coverage is more wide, this is >!

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