Qijia network CEO Deng Huajin dream of building materials E commerce

in November 8th, CEO, a family planning firm, gave a speech at Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Aetna School of management in, revealing the news of a $15 million investment for a foreign fund.

for the fund, the family network said that it is not convenient to disclose.

family network, for some people in Shanghai may not be strange. Its start in Shanghai group buying network, founded in March 2005, after the expansion of business to Shanghai, unified as "family network" under the name.

regulating the family network defined as "professional Home Furnishing Jicai group purchase portal, providing building materials, furniture and other wedding, for users of group purchase service. In 2007, the company achieved a platform sales of around 400 million, and this year it is expected to sell more than 1 billion of its platform.

not long ago, Redstar group general manager of North China Shen Yaojun said Chinese the current furniture industry consumption amounted to 1 trillion, while in 2020, this number can reach 6 trillion.

he also said that even if people think that the situation at the moment in the dark, Meikailong 2008 opened 19 new stores, and this number will reach 30 next year.

this is undoubtedly the biggest affirmation of the growth of the home market. However, in addition to B&Q and other traditional hypermarkets, competition for this big cake, there are fences, e home, as well as all over the buy site and other web sites.

, these little fish’s business has just begun.

poor teacher started

, according to Deng Huajin, founder of the family planning network, says his own entrepreneurial story is more moving than the novel".

graduated from East China Normal University in 1996, and Deng Huajin was restless. He became a high school teacher and stayed in Shanghai. Monthly income of only five hundred or six hundred yuan Deng Huajin told his teacher at that time, in the future will certainly job hopping, "otherwise, can not afford to buy a house, and even see the mother-in-law’s opportunities are not."".

two years later, Deng Huajin really left the school, for which all the money can be borrowed, the whole body only a dozen yuan left the middle school. To the new company, beautiful furniture, Deng Huajin heart is still quite nervous, how long can you do? Perhaps, a month after unemployment".

Deng Huajin is on a business trip for the first time. He won’t even take a plane. The boarding pass won’t change. It was the manager who helped Deng Huajin change his boarding pass and take him on the plane. The plane landed, the manager put Deng Huajin alone in the Xi’an market, went to Chengdu.

Deng Huajin from the root in Xi’an began, carrying a bag, every day to run to senior office, until the Western business done, Xishuangbanna, Tibet, Lhasa, Xinjiang, Karamay.

because of the good business, Deng Huajin began to do their own dealers, and later opened a factory. However, due to lack of good management, resulting in poor management, coupled with the impact of SARS, sales plummeted. >

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