Give some advice to the frustrated SEO webmaster

many webmaster feel very puzzled, why people pseudo original or collection of collected very fast, and their original content but not for a long time included. This is why? For this problem, skillfully said SEO forum for everyone to elaborate on their own ideas:

first: original article, quality is lower than the collection,

Baidu Spark Program released, indicating that search engines like original articles. I like the original article is true, but certainly the quality of the original article also has a requirement. Or your original article readability is not high, people can not read the sentence messy, you think this is what the original article on the user experience at all, this article will be included in the search engine database for users? Sometimes it is a collection of articles, but the readability, quality and user experience of the original quality than you really better, this is why the acquisition of the article was collected, and the original article was not included.

second: original article, there is quality

if their original article does have quality, then it will certainly be very much loved by the search engine, just a matter of time. Because their original article has not been included, then the weight of your site is very low, let search engine to your site credibility doubt. The first thing to do at this time is to continue to adhere to the original quality of the article, and then properly do some high-quality outside the chain. Let the search engine to your site credibility more and more high. In this way, your high-quality articles included will certainly be faster and faster!


for the first kind, you have to improve the quality of your original article first.

So how to improve the quality of

? This is easy to say easy, this should be based on different site types, because have a different site type material is not the same. But anyway, you can SEO in the optimization of the site, their experiences with their usual spoken words are expressed by text, so this article is high quality original article, because each person’s experience is not the same, you experience problems will bring others to help, if you the experience of people understanding will inevitably make yourself to avoid such a situation like this, useful to others of the article is useful article.

for the second kind, the quality is, that is, weight is not high.

then how can we enhance the weight of the site? This can be obtained by sending out the form of the chain, including the chain and the outer chain. For a site, must first do the inside chain, just to do the chain. If a competition is not very large product, usually through the chain will be able to do the site. If the competition is a little bigger, it will have to do some high quality of the chain to help their site for promotion.

next to introduce some of the chain of access,

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