Talking about how to do a good job of websites

many friends want to do a good website, make a website that has a sustainable development, and a profitable website. In these starting premise, how should we do a good job site, some of their own ideas?.

first: what kind of site should I do?

believes that this question has some ideas when we first build it. What kind of website should be made, this is a very critical question. For different customers for different markets, for you this familiar, you should try to choose a site on their own, rather than blindly follow the trend to do stand, others say that station development, you can do with others, it is not desirable, do station must be written plan.

second: how should websites develop?

website vitality lies in your website content quality, whether the user needs resources, a simple example of why people use Baidu to search something? The answer is: because Baidu to provide users with convenient and fast search. This is the demand of the user, and if your site, to provide "useful" resources to the user, so that users can find what he wants you here, your site is doing what, you give the user what.

third: how does the site advertise?

website publicity, I believe it is a headache for everyone. In fact, this problem is not difficult, the main problem is the time. We present the propaganda tactics are very common, ranking optimization, Forum promotion, QQ promotion a few samples, so we in the establishment of the process, these propaganda tactics to learn, to their own website to sell.

fourth: website user experience

website user experience is a very important issue. A website success often depends on this, as a simple example, if your site with lots of ads and popups, to provide users with the web page column is out of order, this site is to let people love. You can see Baidu’s "fantastic" website. The movie is very user-friendly. It has the features of keeping watch, movies, HD, no card, and some powerful functions. When it comes to these, it’s enough to leave the user, and that’s the main reason I’ve been looking at it for a long time.

fifth: how should websites profit?

now the site of the webmaster many are earn advertising fees, or to do some Taobao customers, there is selling something, it can be seen from here, the income source of the website is a lot of methods, not only one, to open your mind.

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