Remember to be a station master

arrived today in May 26th 09 to this end, I have been in contact with the network has lasted for two years, so did the station has 7.8, each time by the end of which to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, a long time doing the most is Zhaoqing harbor, friends can go to check this. The domain name has lasted a year and eight months, also left the station to become one of the most important master now, now the site has reached IP 3000IP, but the profit is only available to maintain the basic cost of basic can be said without too much money.

This site was not optimistic about the

, there are not too many thoughts in mind, always want to make some quick money can make their own site, there may be many sites and I have this idea, but I go now to gradually understand, do a station is to do a business, the main products the website is the enterprise, and the product can be various, but there must be a central point, or big trouble! When 07-08 at the beginning of the year I often find some mass, find some brush IP, when his IP to a certain time, feel very happy, but in fact, the flow is not full the value of this way, even if you have ten thousand what! There are many friends there are many ways to say all of a sudden can rise to the number of IP, or is that one night can reach ten thousand IP, many owners see the title You want in, this is in line with the most profitable webmaster no desire, I believe that many webmaster in the beginning of passion is many, many people standing in the beginning did not say for the money, in order to be able to achieve one of their own ideas, but not when the meal is passion eat, head of the life is very dry boring, so no more can maintain a passion for something to the webmaster, Adsense with natural time will be lost".

registered webmaster forum in August 08, up to now, the Internet every day must be a global, daily fresh thing, like a Zhaoqing people every day in the Internet can have on the Zhaoqing harbor view news, has become a habit of life, in fact, from this point can be realize that in order to retain customers to do a website, let the customer word-of-mouth marketing, not by the day, a night that how many million IP increase way, those who just put your own station is equivalent to some trash every day to eat that IP! Site lost again a, in this way, you are always a stay in the garbage station, you don’t have a successful day! I still advise you to exit the industry in early! What is that we rely on What? Is a station, the contents of the emperor! To form a living habits of users on your station, especially for some of the local industry, because the characteristics of Chinese: ten words from the bank, so in certain industries will make their own living habits caused by a these industries, you can carefully observe, in fact, slowly, the network will be more and more close to life, as long as your observation ability, you >

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