Webmaster experience you can succeed when you find the problem can solve the problem

I was a thirteen year old old Internet users, is also engaged in the webmaster’s hobby and part-time for five or six years, said the high-profile thing I can say is looking at the Internet China grow up day by day, said the general point I am my own doing station back and forth and watched others success. Sometimes I keep on, why Internet bigwigs who can succeed? Every product they do seem to provide a lot of use to me, before these products do not come out I have encountered a variety of difficulties and inconvenience, now they solve the problem very much and I have been keen to use. Why, you can succeed? This is not someone smarter than you, but they have a problem, find the problem and solve the problem, and solve the problems created by the products also contributed to their success today, don’t we take a look at these examples, absolutely is a problem you have encountered without think of ways to solve, while others are successful.

1: search engines and site navigation

in 2000 after the Internet people have such experiences. Their enthusiasm with a small notebook, because once did not remember the next time you might not find it that website, that not everyone has a computer, I was on the Internet, there is no use so the use of IE favorites a collection of Internet cafes, all did not exist. Many excellent sites are all rely on word of mouth, then you are not like me think that if there is a function to collect their love website, or what you need to find what content will be able to quickly find, many people have found the problem, but few people to try to solve, slowly to Baidu and HAO123, he can well solve the problem of everyone, then overnight swept the country, the problem before remember URL will cease to exist.

2: look at the Taobao

from EBAY

long ago I remember on the first shopping site is EBAY, at that time many people’s impression is not pure shopping site, positioning more clearly is the secondary trading site, because it is the root of the EABY in foreign countries, the use of many ways of thinking and habits of different users in China, a lot of idle goods trading with EBAY who discovered one of the biggest trouble is not to communicate the products and transactions with QQ and sellers, can only wait for the reply on the product page below the message, the efficiency is poor, EBAY is strictly prohibited in the product description page in any other way of contact, thus causing the sellers of information not of course, there are other smooth, EBAY interface too many problems such as internationalization, font, art is not what is my aesthetic, then whether there are people like me What have thought of shopping sites appear don’t damn not sellers and instant conversation, don’t think how long Taobao turned out to strongly encourage buyers and sellers with QQ communication, coupled with the complete Chinese design thinking, soon defeated EBAY, which prompted "

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