Share Wangzhuan process over the past year down started on SEO money

Wangzhuan has been for a whole year, through a year of toil, waddling, joy and sadness, a lot of emotion. The value of fly net station in 1st anniversary on the occasion, I will with 3 articles in words recorded a year to Wangzhuan as a narrative experience, leaving the mark for one year Wangzhuan career. To fly network has been concerned about the brothers and sisters to bring some inspiration, welcome your patience to read, I believe that the experience will give some friends, especially around the Wangzhuan marginal, through the Internet to make new friends to bring a harvest.

A review of the

Wangzhuan course of my (next)

from here, I began to do some small software, such as those used by Taobao, also very popular, although a dozen and twenty, but a day can also go out a lot. At that time, Baidu has ah shop near the beginning, Taobao YanZha not to sell this kind of software, found that Baidu has ah is a very good promotion, easy on the Baidu home page, Baidu has ah no two is not to sell the policy, no matter how the release of these mass software software they do not give you the letter shop at that time, also specifically asked about ah service boldly dare to do. So far, there are no restrictions on the shop, and Taobao does not want to check so strict.

no matter what I have to do the best, has sold omnipotent marketing experience, I began to develop a ah shop, then a variety of bulk software began to store shelves, carefully arranged, then also do have the largest and most decent mass software stores, this is about do a month of time, many people found the characteristics of ah shop can release the bulk software not closed shop, so I feel ah opened so many sell mass software or Taobao software store overnight, but the price is not a competitive advantage, so I decided to give up.

previously, I sold all marketing software, know a lot of customers, many have become friends, although the software in the actual effect is not large, not even what effect, but I do is sell software service is the first one, I promise to their permanent free upgrade problems at any time to find my promise. Until today, there are customers come to me to upgrade him, I can only say that the actual effect of this software is not, do not use it. Later in this conversation with customers coming and going, some customers asked if I could help them to promote the real professional promotion to tell the truth, I do not know, but I feel from the promotion of mass software to promote it was not so difficult to do, so I just try holding the attitude with the blog give them a promotion, then by virtue of my expertise, it is the original writing, write text, the customers take the initiative to find I have with her QQ, I told her, you can just hold on a few days you will be more QQ people. As expected, some soft or key words on Baidu home page, plus her person is indeed a lot, then gave him 20 blog, and then to some BBS or information website also send information, the effect is obvious. That’s where I started focusing on blogging

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