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the first turning point in life

Beijing was the most prosperous of the population belongs to Zhongguancun, there is a paradise for entrepreneurs, I took the 917 bus from Fangshan District to find a job in Haidian District went to the talent market, after the discovery of a lot of work to college degree or above, and have working experience. But what can I do in a technical secondary school? I haven’t found the right job for two weeks, and I can’t afford to stay in the hotel at night. I can only sleep in the park. A meal, two cakes, a bottle of mineral water, and later think, this is not the way to go. How to do, since people think our education is low, then I have to report to a college class, so I usually go to work and go to school on weekends.

Le bee network CEO Wang Licheng is directly given the reasons for doing its own brand, "this is very simple, cosmetics sell third party standard products do not make money, bigger private brand is our core resources."."

, "first find one of the most famous stars, then start doing research from what his fans like, and then develop, so that we can save a lot of advertising and not be so blind."." Li Jing said.

Li Jing confidently said that he is a master of things to buy, but because of funding problems, how to grow and develop? Static brand began its own "Daren" brand model.

I’m not willing to live like this, want to follow me and have the same dream of small partners out of work. At that time, I do labor output: uncle, give some advice to me: you must find and deal with people’s work. So, I was sent to Beijing, Fangshan District, Yanshan petrochemical as a security guard, while other small partners go to work in the coastal factories. Remember, in 2001, the winter in Beijing was very cold. At night, we had a lot of wind. We went to work, went out on patrol, and shivered with cold. When the security day is very monotonous, daily work is to work, eat, sleep, three shifts a day, a monthly salary of less than $500. This kind of work has been going on for two years. I think I can’t be a security guard all the time. I want to change my fate.

chatted with friends one night, and a friend inadvertently reminded me of what he said, "what are you talking about?"

Lasafo founder Li Jing recalled, first decided to do its own brand in 2008, when she founded the Oriental popular just got a first round of financing from Sequoia Capital, a board after the meeting, Shen Napeng of Sequoia Capital should do its own brand.

from Li Jing’s own "static Jia" brand, the make-up industry of small P teacher is the first developed BB cream products, because of the relationship between people, the product will be sold on the amount. This Lasafo began to reproduce this pattern, including Jean JCare, JMIXP, Ke Ji mills muscle age JLYNN, net muscle JSkin, muscle JMiracle, Qi Ming.

from this, Le bee network’s own brand "static Jia JPlus" began to create. And because Li Jing has been the host, independent television program, such resources so that it has a group of trusted their audience, the concept of talent brand to get out of the first step.

is the largest in the capital of the cost of living is the rent, the rooms are around 1500 yuan, even the basement of a month is five hundred or six hundred, the cheapest is the student apartment, I was in the student apartment rented a bed 280 yuan a month. Solve the problem of housing, the following is the issue of eating, I must find a job to support myself, I will apply for a trading company to sell the phone card and get up at 5 o’clock every morning visit some exercises of the elderly, 8:30 to open the morning, carrying 9 folding chairs, in the upscale District of Haidian District stall for long-distance services, until 11 pm closing time for the last bus to live in a half circle around the Beijing student apartment. A month tired to spit blood, income less than 3000 yuan, and later think about this life is not what I want.

Daren’s brand saving road

in Jingdong, Suning, Taobao and other ten million electricity supplier pilot, vertical electricity supplier how to survive? Own brand is a good road. And cosmetics vertical electricity supplier Le bee network original brand "static Jia", in four years, from scratch to achieve annual income of 400 million yuan scale, which became a model of the model.

at the board of directors, Li Jing first thought of the product that can be done, is essential oils, but because the street people know what is cleansing milk, and do not know what is essential oils, so the market is very large."

, my name is Ann Dongsheng, originally known as an Jiang River, is an ordinary rural people, because the family conditions are bad, secondary school did not graduate, drop out of school, thinking about leaving school early, learning skills, making money subsidies home. In 1999, I had a motorcycle repair, swing the fruit stalls and the construction site when a migrant workers, even pick up the garbage, if not illegal to make money to do things, can be found at the end of the year did not make money, then my heart cold call cold call.

from Le bee will do its own brand to take shape in the case, to do its own brand, need unique resources and doorways.

after that, Li Jing began to learn from fashion editors, friends from other businesses, and started a little bit. The instructions for the first product were written by Li Jing himself.

"in fact, this brand to do in a particularly hurry," Shen Napeng said at the time, "electricity supplier is shopping malls, and shopping malls to sell other people’s things do not earn money, to earn money, we have to do its own brand.". I know the mall buys L’OREAL and doesn’t make money, so I decide to do it." Li Jing recalls.

makes its own brand, originally suggested by Shen Napeng,

success takes time


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